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on 21 June 2017
Liberty city that's the city where I spent the summer of 2009
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on 3 May 2017
very good product - quick delivery
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on 28 August 2012
To make it clear from the start I am a GTA fan and have played all of the games in the franchise on every possible platform.

GTA IV was great whilst the story lasted and some of the extra activities are fun. With this in mind buy it, you will get a good 30 hours of playing time. If you want to play it more than that it become repetitive and boring. I personally love the racing in the game especially because car bonnet camera is so good and fell very realistic, yet after finishing all the races once (10 in total) I started being bored by it. The nasty part is that after you finish(win) the all the available races once you have to do it all over again for the Racing Trophy.

The other activity I enjoyed were the delivery missions, although a bit challenging they weren't too over the top.

I loathed the dating aspect of the game and friends activities and I can't say I used much of the perks of getting all friend to like you.

All in all it's great fun, but I wouldn't really play it again.

Hope you enjoy it.
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on 17 May 2010
When I first started playing this game, I admit I couldn't really get into it. It's an entirely new direction I'm used to with the GTA series. I felt this one took itself way too seriously and although good, I didn't feel it was great. However, after playing a good couple of hours and getting off the first island, everything really started picking up. Now it's completed, I'm left with thinking it's up there with the best in the series if not higher.

Plot: You play an immigrant getting off a boat to start life in America. You then work your way up from the lowest of the low to working with the big boys in the crime world. Pretty much the same as every other GTA game in the series then but with the twists and turns provided throughout the game, it never gets old.

Graphics: Just wow. From the rain hammering down while the leaves are blowing around in the wind to the bullet holes and blood stains on your car, it was like watching a movie sometimes (even more so when you switched to cinematic view while driving around the streets).

Sound: Everyone has a different voice. I know most people take it for granted nowadays and it's definitely becoming more common place but you still get the odd game that just has the same guy doing all the voicing for each character. Ruins the experience in my opinion and does nothing for the plot.

All the sounds are very realistic too. Sometimes in games you hear something and you know what it's supposed to be but yet it doesn't really sound like it at all. That's not the case with this game. It's the little touches like people chatting on the streets as you drive by in your car immerses you that entire bit more. There's a world living and breathing that will carry on if you're there to see it or not.

Controls: They are quite a bit different to the usual GTA controls and to begin with I couldn't get to grips with them. However, once you stick with it, hopefully you'll end up like me and prefer these controls to the old layout. Everything feels more streamlined and it make's the entire experience a lot easier to play. For example, the shooting focuses mainly on the right and left bumpers which leaves your other fingers free to utilize the buttons facing you.

Another thing that's worth mentioning is the cars have some weight to them this time round. Before it was very much in an arcade style but this time they really moved like a car with each make of car feeling completely different to drive to another one. Speed, braking, turning, you need to find the car that matches the kind of driver you are. Didn't really bother me in the previous games but now they've added it, I would hate to play the game any other way.

Lifespan: GTA IV game took me just under 40 hours doing the main mission alone. You could probably knock off up to 15 hours from that time as I took my time immersing myself within my surroundings but if you add the extra side missions to it, I reckon you could get a game of 60 hours if not more.

Not much replayability to be found though. You can play online with it and join other players but I haven't done so to comment on the experience. Other then that there are the achievements you could aim for but as far as playing through the game again, it's going to be pretty much the same each time.

Overall: GTA IV has a couple of problems for example the complete restart of a mission if you mess up no matter how close you are to the end but it does have some great qualities too. The addition of the cover shooting was a great idea and made the game feel more realistic then the others. So all in all it's a great addition to the GTA family and I shall look forward to playing the Episodes from Liberty City.
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on 19 October 2015
i think its better than v
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on 30 December 2009
so overall i was very happy with this game, although i found it disapointing that they removed many futures that they had previously in sanandreas . like planes and diving and parachuting out of a plane.
also the game story ends really fast, and the map is much smaller than it used to be in sanandreas, back then i used to play for 5 days all day long and still there was a big part of the map that i havnt even explored yet.
but the multiplayer playing would make you forget about all of that and enjoy the fun of the game .
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on 24 March 2010
GTA is the best game i have played on ps3, cool visuals varied characters and a storyline full of twists and turns. I found the game to be very immersive you play as Niko new to america who is thrust into a world of crime. Extra moves can now be performed such as ducking behind car doors to sheild from enemies using environments as cover. Injuries that you can inflict are also alot more varied and realistic than in previous gta games. The in game
music is cool and chat show radio stations such as WKTT are funny and also have the trademark dark humour style of the gta games. The sat nav system in cars makes getting your way around the huge in game map easier and more fun. You can also go on nights out with in game characters bowling, snooker, bars gameplay is fun and immersive combat and targeting vastly improved and i reccomend this game to ps3 owners.
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on 13 April 2010
I've been a gamer for while. I've also played GTA since it's first appearance.
There is only one thing to say about this game: It is one of the best games I've ever played. The graphic and game engine are fabulous, the liberty that your character have is wonderful. It's a little world inside a Blu-Ray DVD.
I cannot imagine what would be a GTA V!

I can honestly recommend you this game, since it's a digital masterpiece.
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on 9 August 2012
i bought this game for my brother, he loves playing it and is really happy about the condition and that it does not skip or freeze.
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on 10 November 2012
Well this game was extremely fun. Pure fun.
Lots of stuff to do, having to decide what to do first.
loads of fun.
points in the story line where you made decisions that affected the rest...

the problem was, when the story ended. that was (on my case) at 68% of the game. and then, most of the objectives vanished: no more side jobs, no more assassinations, lot's of partners went away, side missions.
it is tough knowing where to go.
after the end of the story, the game died a little for me.

but, until that point, NON STOP FUN! :)
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