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on 12 February 2013
These are great quality goggles if the conditions are good and it's fairly warm - however, they are not good in bad conditions and if you, like myself, like to wear a balaclava or neoprene mask when you ski to keep your face warm, you can't wear these goggles because they will steam up in seconds. My advice - these are great for great conditions, but if you want to keep your face warm too, get a pair of face goggles.

Update - I tried these over a second ski holiday, and have concluded that these are actually quite poor. They do not fit well over a helmet, and are uncomfortable to wear underneath as well. The lenses did not fit my eyes well, and did badly in poor conditions. They also let a lot of wind into my eyes, so it was almost not worth wearing them. Finally, after a relatively routine fall, the plastic sides for the lenses fell off and could not be reattached. I would not buy these again.
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on 21 November 2014
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on 16 May 2012
These goggles have a slide-on padding which is supposed to make them more snow-tight and more like goggles. The goggles have arms so really they are more like a pair of sunglasses and the strap is not that useful unless you remove the arms, or unless you have a real danger of losing the goggles. They stay on very well anyway and I found the arms a little bit tight and bulky against my not very large head. The goggles were the wrong shape for my face so they were more snow tight without the padding, which slides around so it's best to take it out anyway. Leaving you with a standard pair of sunglasses. Mine broke within a week of wearing but my sister broke them so I am not sure if it was a problem with the manufacturing or her downright clumsiness. These semi- goggles are ok, but I would now go for sunglasses and a separate pair of goggles.
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on 21 January 2010
I bought these glasses on impulse last year. From the outset I was impressed by the quality and feel of them (the slip case could be better though). I have used these for 4 weeks for snow sports; one week skiing for myself and three as an instructor and they have been faultless, even in bad weather they have performed well. I really like the removable inner rubber 'goggle' surround as this allowed me to ski tour without the goggles steaming up too much and easily replace it for Alpine or powder. I have not used the elastic headband as they fit nicely under my lid without it. Overall: Comfortable, effective, stylish and excellent for the price.
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on 26 July 2013
I bought these as a spair pair of goggles the last time i went snowboarding, luckily i also bought a pair of Annon goggles because these Rayzor goggles really shouldn't be used for winter sports, around town they were amazing but as soon as i hit the slopes, they fogged up within seconds, they also arn't the comfiest of goggles, so i wrote them off and used my Annon's from then on which were amazing. So they just sat there a while not being used, until this summer when i decided to wear them under my helmet on my motorbike, this was the best choice i've made all summer, they are amazing for driving, the clarity is immense, they really make things pop and stand out, almost like your wearing a HD filter, they also block a ton of light, to the point i can actually look at the sun (although i don't recomend it!). The sun is no longer at war with my eyes and i can now drive my motorbike at riculous speeds towards the sun. Yeah the plastic is cheap and the lenses have popped out a few times, but you whack em back in and your in business again, these are awsome sun glasses they just need to be used for the right thing, unfortunatly winter sports isn't the right thing. Im actually considering buying another pair of black ones to match my helmet.
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on 6 March 2010
Glasses are versatile, comfortable and provide anti glare in sunshine. Unfortunately they fogged up at the end of every ski run I did.
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on 20 April 2012
I bought these originally to use as cycling glasses. to be fair, they are a little bit too much for cycling as the position of my head (I ride a racing bike) is not brilliant for the glasses. they slip off a little as I get a bit sweaty. However, I took them to use skiing (3 times in total now) and they really come into their own on the slopes. they fit snugly under my helmet, they don't get fogged up and they are really comfortable in sunny skiing times. Definitely great value for money and if you are looking for some glasses for winter sports, you could do a lot worse than these
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on 13 May 2016
I got these glasses to take with me on my first trip skiing. I wanted something that was a bit less than goggles but more than sunglasses and these were what I ended up settling on. The quality of the actual lense is good and they are easy to see through, taking the intense brightness away. The strap as shown in image is detachable and there are arms like on sunglasses. It's not comfortable to try and wear the arms and the strap at the same time, but you can't not have the arms on - there's no way of detaching them without breaking it.

I ended up letting the strap come off and just relied on the arms, thankfully there is a small pressure pad around the frames of the glasses that pushes it to your face a little more, and they didn't fall off.. But it didn't feel quite right even with just the arms and I ended up borrowing a pair of goggles from my friend.

They are a good purchase and it's nice to have them wondering around, but for actual skiing they are not the best option
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on 8 January 2013
Bought these for myself and my husband for skiing. Just got back and have to say the visibility in all weather conditions was brilliant. I really loved them. Comfortable to wear all day. We had bright sun, overcast, snow and a bit of rain and I found I could see the snow in all conditions. As a bit of a beginner I get nervous about the big lumps of snow and have in the past worn goggles and not been able to make out the shapes of lumps and jumps in the snow which didn't help my confidence. Would really recommend these. My husband refused to wear them at the beginning of the week due to the blue colour, wasn't his cup of tea, but by the end of the week he wore his all day too. I had a bit of a problem with steaming up but it soon cleared, just dropped them down my nose a bit.
The bad points......I could not work out how to put the goggle strap on and in the process damaged one of the legs before realising the goggle strap hooks into a hole at front of leg. Used the strap a few times but it kept pinging out and became a bit of a pain so I removed it. if anyone knows what I am doing wrong please let me know as this was my only gripe.
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on 10 July 2012
I took a chance and bought these for use with an open face crash helmet on my motorbike and was really pleased I did.
They fit comfortable under the helmet and sit well against my face stopping drafts into my eyes even above the speed limit. They also brighten everything up making for really clear vision.

Not that it affects me as I won't be using the elasticaed band but I had read people saying about steaming up which had concerned me and the only time they did was when I tried them with an overly tight head band attached. Slackened it off and problem went away while still being secure.

Will be buying a clear pair shortly for use at night, at this price I'd be mad not too.
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