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on 6 March 2017
the strap is the size that is only really suitable if you are skiing with a helmet on so if you plan to go helmetless and don't have a large head, maybe not BUT they are great. Look good and we had every condition possible and the glasses worked well in all of them!
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on 30 September 2017
Poor visibility, but I still use on occasion , get what you pay for.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 January 2014
I used this for about a week of skiing back home in the winter of 2013-2014. The temperature range was decent between -10 to +5.

The pluses:
+ though initially they seemed quite expensive, now after trying them out I can say they are worth their price.
+ they don't get fogged up. I think this is one of the most important attributed. Along with this pair I bought a much cheaper pair of Ski glasses (in the range of £4!) which even though were good for the price, I was unable to use them for more than 10 minutes because of condensation. These ones on the other hand were fine even with my over-perspiration due to the physical effort.
+ they come in a nice soft bag
+ they also come with a cleaning cloth which I believe was a nice touch
+ quite comfortable. They are much larger than you would think. Though initially I was worried, I now see the point of their size. They can also be used by someone which wears glasses - providing the fact that they don't have a very very large frame.
+ the glass finish - mirror effect - is suitable for day light skiing with a lot of sun.
+ the design is quite fashionable though I'm quite bad at judging this kind of things.

The minuses:
- be careful not to scratch the glass
- they could be a little bit more comfortable I guess

If you didn't find my review sufficiently clear and informative or if you have any questions about the item, please comment on this review and I'll make sure I answer all your questions. Thank you very much :)

Kind Regards
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on 30 November 2009
The picture of these goggles do not do them justice. (By the way fantastic delivery time - came the next day) I ordered a pair of goggles of another website at £50 not knowing there were these on amazon at this amazing price, so I sent my other ones back and got these and could not have been happier they are amazing, the feel the look and the price. I can say being a seasoner during the winter you will not get a better pair of goggles. I bought the ones with the blue tint and people cannot see your eyes which is always cool but its like looking through clear glass, except they block out the sun so your not blinded. Obviously you need different goggles for different weather conditions ie orange lenses for heavy fog and light snow. But I would imagine the other coloured lenses would do as just an amazing job as these.
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on 16 April 2010
I knew I was going to need some anti-glare goggs for a late season snowboard trip to Austria but had very little cash to spare. Bought these on the strength of some of the reviews & was really stoked to find they were top notch. Excellent value, did the job, never steamed up despite filling them with snow on a bail.
What more can I say except save yourself a fortune, these work.
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on 9 March 2010
These goggles arrived almost before I had logged off the computer! Our first skiing holiday and we really didn't know what we were buying with regard to 'equipment' it turns out that we made a very wise choice here - they were good looking (very important for our teenaged children) and they performed an excellent job we had every type of weather on our trip and these performed excellently. Exceptional value for money. Would definately buy again.
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on 21 March 2010
These goggles have just been tried and tested for the past week in Austria and I have to admit worked very well in all conditions. Not once did I fog up, even in spring like conditions after a few face plants! They look cool, feel comfortable and were great value. A couple of small gripes that may not not affect all of you.

1. The reason they dont fog up is because of an excellent ventillation system, but at high speed I found this quite annoying as my eyes were watering from all the air forced inside the lenses.

2. Visability is a little limited on the sides, this is not too bad or noticeable except I compared to another pair of expensive Oakleys that had excellent visabilty.

Overall for the money these are very good and highly reccomended. The first pair I received had a slight mark on the lense but with just a quick email and some friendly banta these were replaced with no hassle.
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on 13 April 2013
As a seasoned skier I am reviewing these goggles to help inform your choice of why eyewear is important. I will compare these to my last pair of goggles that cost me £89 and lasted 8 years of adventurous skiing.

The Negatives:

- Build Quality could be better
- They have very little cushioning/padding around the eyes making them less comfortable than more expensive models
- The lens is less scratch resistant than better models
- There is no foam over the air holes meaning a draft at higher speeds and snow in your face for those more adventurous crashes!
- the strap does not have a clip so if wearing with a helmet you are best to leave the goggles on the helmet or you are forever tugging them over from the back rather than simply clipping them on. This excess movement on the lack of foam will cause very quick wearing and eventual failure of the parts.

The positives:

- they look nice and are pleasing to the eye
- the price is very competitive
- the delivery time
- did the job, kept out glare and didn't steam up

Context: I bought these as my old pair finaly failed me and I had forgotten until checking my kit for this year. Not wanting to spend a lot of money online (I like to see what I'm buying and try them on) I thought that this pair would get me by on short notice for a week. Unfortunately due to the negatives listed above, after just one and a half days I reverted to buying and wearing some glasses to get me through a sunny week (I always wear goggles in poor weather as I believe £ for £ they provide superior vision than glasses).

Summary; they are priced accordingly for what they offer. You wouldn't expect to buy a new Ferrari at the same price as a Ford Ka because of the major differences in materials, design etc etc. that said they both do the job of getting you from A to B, one just looks and feels better so it really depends on personal preference and price restrictions. Don't however expect to have stumbled on a top of the range pair of ski goggles at this price thinking that you have somehow robbed the seller of his prize Ferrari. If you are looking for a pair of goggles to do the job for which they are designed at a low price then these will suit.

I would recommend that you purchase these goggles in an emergency, maybe as a spare pair or are price restricted. Remember you don't have to pay top dollar for your kit but you will appreciate spending a little more if the bank balance allows as the difference in quality is noticeable.
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on 19 December 2010
I just came back from my skiing holiday and the goggles were very very helpful. The sun was very bright but the goggles did their job and it was not irritating on the eyes at all.
It also snowed a lot on the holiday but wearing the Goggles really helped and I was able to see clearly event in a white out. I would definetly recommend these to anyone as they really helped me. xx
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on 26 January 2010
I was intigued by the previous review for this product and as a proffessionaly qualified instructor I was keen to check out this product. In short, for everday use over a full season I dont know how they will stand up to the rigours of skiing. The materials used do not appear to be as durable as other makes. Compared to my other premium brand goggles, in my opinion the materials are a poor comparison. However, if you are only skiing for the odd week or two per year these goggles would be adequate for the recreational skier who wanted to enjoy the experience of the sport at a very reasonable cost. On this basis I would reccomend them for beginners who are unsure if they want the high outlay for better known brands until they are sure they will take up the sport on a more regular basis. When I test drove these goggles light was so poor that it would be unfair to comment on terrain definition but what i did notice was the amount of light visible to the naked eye under the foam when worn with a helmet. This could be an issue for reflected light off the snow in bright conditions. All in all, they are cheap to buy and better than some entry level goggles. Enjoy.
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