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I had previously had the 80GB Classic iPod, but had filled it with music, so was looking for something larger. However, I was put off by all the comments about the lack of volume. And I know a bit about volume, as I have seen The Who, Deep Purple and Motörhead, all holders of the 'loudest band' record in their time! Having looked around and found very little with a similar capacity (and nothing in a similar price range), I decided to take a chance - I mostly use the iPod in the car, through the cars stereo, so reasoned I could just crank that volume up to compensate.

Well, I don't know what the comments on volume (or lack of it) have been made in comparison to - but I can detect no difference between this and my old iPod (or indeed a Nano). OK, through the headphones it is not quite as loud as the bass bins at Motörhead, but still loud enough for me.

On other matters, the screen is certainly clearer than the previous 80GB one, for both text (song titles) and video. The only problem that I have, which is just the same as the previous iPod, is that when I drag and drop all my music into it somewhere in the process some of the song titles (within an album) get mixed up - the album will play in the correct order, but some of the song titles shown will be wrong. Not a major problem (but would be good if anyone knows a fix - and please don't say load the songs one at a time, I have WAY too many for that option!!) as it does not detract from the listening.

So, overall, I would thoroughly recommend this product as a portable music device. If, however, you want neighbour annoying volumes I suggest that you buy some hifi separates .......
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on 31 December 2009
I bought this to replace my 5 year old 60GB black 5th generation iPod as it was full up. At the time 60GB was big enough as I was ripping at 128kbps but since then iTunes Plus has doubled the quality rate (and the size required) plus I'm also using my iTunes library for streaming around the house and the extra quality is noticeable.

160GB should be enough to keep me going for a few more years. This generation iPod is a little over half of the thickness of my previous 'pod. Other small improvements are Genius mixes and a slightly better screen with the 'cover flow' function scrolling random album covers across the screen. Finally the screen is now split with the menu on the left and graphics on the right.

Unless you need the greater capacity of the 160GB drive, I would say there is no compelling reason to upgrade. For new buyers, if you have a lot of music and want it all with you wherever you go this is the best option. Less music and the Nano or Touch may suit you better.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 November 2015
For a music lover this is the perfect iPod and the best one ever. The huge hard drive means you don't need to pick and choose what's songs you want, just bulk load it and let your mood choose your tunes. There really isn't anything clever about it, an mp3 player that you just want to play music, no apps, no internet, just music.

The click wheel is a fantastic bit of design and works amazingly every time. Easy to navigate menus with and it has a great unique look. The battery life is impressive too, with what I'd say is heavy use of 8 hours a day I'm able to get a few days out of it with no problems. Exactly what I want and a fantastic product
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on 4 October 2011
Having had several MP3 players in the past from the past ranging from Phillips to Creative, I decided to upgrade to the latest I-Pod for the appeal of the large storage size since my last 60 gb player was starting to run out of space. The 160gb model seemed like a natural choice to go for, and I am so glad I did.

I use I-Tunes for my music library, and the first thing of note is the simplicity and ease of use when you first get the I-Pod out of the box. You literally just plug it in to your computer, and I-Tunes automatically synchronizes the tracks and puts them on to the I-Pod. The charge time is quick, around four hours for a complete charge, and the duration of the battery life is fantastic. I didn't quite manage the 36 hours of battery life that it is claimed to have before a recharge is required - I managed just over 32 hours and was perfectly happy with that

The main thing, and perhaps the most surprising thing about the I-Pod that I love is the exceptionally crisp sound quality, and it is noticeably better in comparison to previous MP3 players I have owned in the past, even when headphones have been kept constant. I know that the I-Pod has been a market leader for some time and now I can hear why.

There have been several claims that he volume setting on the I-Pod is too low - something that I didn't notice at all. I listen to a lot of film scores/classical music which is often recorded at lower levels in comparison to other types of music meaning that the volume should need to be higher to be able to hear it properly. I found on the highest volume setting I was wanting to turn the volume down, and so I would imagine in other genres of music that the max volume level would be more than sufficient for a great listening experience.

Of course, it can also be used for photos, videos and a limited number of games, all of which look great and play well, although I was less bothered about these functions.

Overall, I wish I had upgraded to the 6th gen classic I-Pod sooner. Whilst I originally upgraded because of the additional storage space, the increase in sound quality was a really pleasant surprise. There have been issues regarding volume limits on the I-Pod, but I found that playing music at the loudest volume setting was more than I needed. The quick recharge time and ease of synchronization with the music on my computer is a bonus, and having owned several MP3 players before this, I can easily say this I-Pod Classic the best.
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on 8 April 2010
This was my fourth ipod and I wanted one with a bigger capacity, my 5G (80gb) ipod video finally having expired but I've returned it after just 3 days.

The reason ? the sound and the volume. As I say, I am an experienced ipod user and have been a big fan of previous versions. I was also aware of the EU volume cap and have a higher specification set of headphones which have definitely helped with other ipod versions to provide a louder sound.

But the ipod classic is much, much too quiet even with the sound full up. I also have an iphone which has an ipod on it and the difference in volume and quality is enormous. I also found the sound quality to be much flatter and tinnier than previous ipods. Yes, the classic has a big memory and has lots of new features but at the end of the day you want a ipod that which plays your music to a good quality and at a reasonable volume (especially if you use it on the tube/ near traffic etc). So I'd suggest people either choose a different version or buy one from outside of the European Union.
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on 3 December 2014
I bought this as a replacement for my partner's old iPod classic, which she lost whilst on holiday! Being a sixth generation model, I was hoping things would have improved. Essentially, the iPod is exactly the same as previous models - there's certainly no discernible differences between this and the 5th generation model. The tremendous storage option is (currently) way ahead of all other makes and models, which forces buyers to go with Apple if they want more than the standard mp3 player 64GB of storage.

Unfortunately, after a mere couple of months, the internal hard drive has knackered. It randomly stopped playing an audiobook last night after a frantic whirring and clunking session, and now displays the red "X" screen of death. Research on the internet suggests other people have had similar problems after dropping their iPods, but my partner has looked after this as though it were a baby. It's been given a cosy, protective case and has never been dropped, mishandled or exposed to the elements - the failure has been entirely technical and mechanical. An attempt at restoring it through iTunes failed, as iTunes simply refused to restore it, with no explanation whatsoever! Computer says no, quite literally.

Paying £166.99 for the iPod wasn't cheap, and despite the fact it *should* be covered under a manufacturer's warranty, we're now engaging in a battle with Apple, who (apparently) aren't going to be happy about fixing it. Before you can use the Apple technical support options, their website asks for your product serial number. The system responded "unfortunately you don't appear to be entitled to complimentary support" - this is DESPITE the iPod being only 6 months old and being purchased brand-spanking new, directly from Amazon - NOT a third party reseller! Apple claim the purchase date of our iPod doesn't match their records... I don't quite know how, as it arrived in an unopened, sealed box. My partner *did* have an option to correct the purchase date, but this involved a round-the-houses approach before uploading a screen capture of the Amazon receipt, and we now have to wait 2 days for someone to verify this before proceeding. The suggestion we are somehow liars, after giving Apple our hard-earned money, is ludicrous and insulting.

Ultimately, Apple have turned into a soulless, greedy company and this is apparent from the latest onslaught of floppy, featureless iPhone models, each with varying new, "essential" features that the previous phone models don't incorporate, and each newer model seemingly being made of flimsier material than it's predecessors. They've taken a distinctly "money-money-money" approach to their products, and they seem to expect consumers to simply drop another few hundred pounds on another product when the previous one stops working. Sorry Apple, you're going to have a fight on your hands with this one.

As the iPod Classic has now been discontinued and prices have sky-rocketed to over £280, I'd steer clear of buying one of the newer models, as this (and other reviews, if you look around) suggest they certainly aren't made to last. If you drive a brand new company BMW, own your own house and have the money to risk - go right ahead. But if you're a sensible and coy consumer, I'd probably make do with something else until Sony or another company step up to fill the void left by this once-mighty beast.
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on 5 July 2016
The iPod classic is still, in my opinion, the best MP3 device that is out there to purchase. It’s a bold statement I know. Positive 1- No other device holds this much: music, videos and photos, I currently have close to 2, 500 songs on the device and I've barely made a mark in the devices storage. Positive 2- For being an old and discontinued device it still runs and works perfectly and has most of the features you know and keeping it updated (very easy, just connect it on to iTunes) Positive 3 - It just feels right. The size is perfect it fits neatly in to the hand and you can move you finger over the wheel and go 360° one handed. In comparison to the big touch screen smartphones that you need both hands to navigate. This is perfect when you need to just keep on scrolling to find that artist or movie you love. Next the screen is big and clear exactly what you want, you don't need to put it closer to your face to read as the writing is the right size to see from an arms-length away.
I bought the iPod for purely storing music as my old iPod touch 36GB wouldn't store all my music on it. Apple made it and we love it. It's the classic.
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on 13 December 2009
Ok i recieved my ipod classic 160Gb a few days back. Great product (honestly this isn't sarcastic) but if you intend to have it regularly synced with your PC or Mac WATCH OUT as it constantly hangs. Do a google search on 160gb Classic ipod freezes. One such freeze caused the ipod itself to malfunction requiring a hard reset. Well the ipod is now now full and sitting wrapped under the christmas tree, i guess time will tell if it's a dud. Also the drive spin up and read sounds awful...i have hardrives over 10yrs old that make less god knows how long before BAD SECTORS and eventual loss of all data ? Oh and to top it 160Gb ERRR NO 148Gb ... iknow were all used to losing some hardrive space due to OS and formating BUT 12Gb windows XP takes up less space and she's no skinny bird !
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on 24 December 2011
I have no idea why Amazon keep selling these. They must know that there is a fundamental problem with the 160Gb version. They are simply too fragile and as soon as you get towards filling them up they fall over. I recently sent back 3 different machines before giving up and settling for a refund.
Amazon were fully responsive as usual and never flinched from their responsibilities but surely it is time to recognise that there is a problem here and until Apple sort it out stop flogging these to unsuspecting buyers.
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on 5 June 2013
This is the only item I would even consider buying an extended warranty for but I won't be buying another. I've bought two for my husband - one lasted 14 months, the second 19 months. Apple answer - buy another. And spend another £180. The hard drives fail and if you read the reviews on here, you'll see many people complain that they fail just after the 1 year warranty expires. I'm sure this makes the item not fit for purpose. We'll see how far I get with that...
Apple constantly updates itunes and each time seem to include more bugs, more problems and more work for their customers. Every week, without fail, I have to try and work out what's gone wrong with the latest sync. Information is hard to find and it's terrible customer service. What kind of company tells you to ask other users in forums instead of offering to help themselves?
After the latest failure, I'm off to do some homework and buy another, probably cheaper, more reliable brand. Any recommendations?!
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