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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 14 March 2015
No need to preach to the converted if you're already a fan of the Series with it's wonderful throw away quirky dialogue from it's two great leads. Some will say the series has dated, but has Alice In Wonderland dated? Has Charles Dickens? Likewise The Avengers provides a wonderful slice on the very surreal and very British 1960's. Of course having had HD for some time, I've grown used to the picture definition, but harking back to my old DVD Contender copies, you're soon reminded of the difference. For instance when it came to the brilliant 'The Hour That Never Was' episode - in HD I became aware of two distant moving vehicles and a guy in white moving about in a window reflection when of course the airfield was supposed to convey an eerie and spooky Marie Celeste kind of atmosphere. Yes----on the whole the picture quality is great, but there are some scenes with grain and a change in sound quality where the voices sound a bit more up front and studio bound. But these are short bursts that quickly pass by. Perhaps the most annoying thing is the split second side shifting of the picture from left to right during some changes of scene amongst some of the episodes. So obviously this is a transfer issue. There are sub-titles, but they can only be activated on Set-up, rather than switch them on and off while the episode is running - so another slight demerit mark. It would've been nice if some of the Extras were also digitally re-mastered. And the colourization test footage on a couple episodes are taken from VHS copies. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Series 4 was re-issued in full colour sometime in the future. Over all, the like's of Network would've done more of a fan's job on The Avengers, but Studio Canal still deliver a fair amount of goods on this release. I just hope though that this time around, they also Digitally re-master and release a Blu-Ray box set of The New Avengers. A series that's always been shamefully overlooked when it's Production Team came from the same Avengers canon.
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on 3 November 2015
The 1960s produced some truly superb TV series and The Avengers is still regularly shown on terrestrial television channels and has never lost its 'cult status' as some call it. It is one of my favourite 1960s series and series 4 is my favourite Avengers series featuring Diana Rigg as Emma (Mrs) Peel and of course Patrick MacNee as John Steed. My favourite episodes among the 26 are: The Cybernauts, The House That Jack Built, Quick-Quick Slow Death, Dial a Deadly Number, The Hour That Never Was, A Surfeit of H2O, Death at Bargain Prices and the Grave Diggers; but all the episodes are excellent. I prefer to buy the Avengers in this format since the complete boxed sets are not digitally remastered, the quality of this one is so good.
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on 27 June 2010
Contrary to the negative reviews, this series of re-issues of The Avengers has two major advantages over previous versions -

The episodes have been digitally restored. Find a comparison of the blurry old versions (there are several online) and the crisp new versions and you'll see the difference.

There are lots of extras. Interviews, parts of other programs featuring the cast, scripts, and much more.

If you're a fan who's paid for the episodes before I can understand that it's galling to be asked to pay for them again. But these are GREATLY improved versions with better extras.
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on 1 December 2010
Giving this a 3 star due to my discs getting damaged due to the cheap and nasty slimline cases. These ones that Optimum use only have three prongs and snap causing the DVDs to become damaged because of it. These are the sort of cheap cases one would expect to find in a pound shop! These sets aren't cheap so why do Optimum use these cheap cases instead of using quality double slimline cases?

The episodes and extras can't be faulted, brilliant quailty except for the packaging!
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on 14 July 2010
This Avengers / Mrs Emma Peel/John Steed b/w series 4 1965/66 ... 7 DVD disc box-set is the definitive release of this sublime series. Superb HD/Blu-Ray picture/audio quality, the immensely impressive and informative list of extras and the neat slimline packaging. The digital HD restoration of pictures and sound is absolutely sensational... picture/audio clarity superb. See Diana Rigg's kinky Mrs Peel in tight leather catsuits, semi-naked and whipped as the 'Queen of Sin' in absolutely breathtaking high quality.

Mrs Peel, We're Needed: The Technicolor world of Emma Peel: 2 (The Avengers on film)

Bright Horizons: The Monochrome World of Emma Peel: 1 (The Avengers on Film)
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on 5 April 2017
Had a look through the first disc yesterday. Superb sharp picture, but it doesn't fill the screen, it has the black pillar boxes either side of the picture. Bit of a bugger seeing that i'd just got a wider telly. Other than that the picture will be far better than anyone saw it as in the 1960s on the small fuzzy old tvs
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on 4 August 2013
I compared one of the episodes to the A&E counterpart I had on DVD from the early 2000s and the picture quality was amazingly superior. I have since replaced my Emma Peel and Tara King A&E (region 1) seasons with the Studio Canal versions (region 2). These look better than they ever did in the 1960's when first broadcast on television in the US. It is worth the investment to have a multi-regional DVD player just to appreciate these series. One of the classics of my youth!
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on 14 August 2013
The Avengers: the Complete Series 4 [DVD]
Great box set & extras too! Brilliant sound & picture quality!
I was worried about buying this box set as it has had problems it seems from other reviews with the sound & freeze picture too!
Thankfully my set is perfect! Nice to watch Diana Rigg again as I had a crush on her back in the 60s! ;-)
Very satisfied with my Avengers Set! :-)
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on 10 September 2010
For anyone who hasn't yet found the "hidden extras" on this superb restored Optimum Series 4 set, they're both in the Special Features menus of Discs 2 and 7. Keep pressing the up/down arrows until you see Steed's hat and then select it to see a June 1967 on-set report from Return Of The Cybernauts with a brief interview with Patrick (Disc 2), and a restored 1966 film made in Germany starring Diana called "The Diadem" (colour and B&W) (Disc 7).

There are also "hidden extras" on the previous sets too:-

Set 2 - disc 8 (Leonard White reads a letter from Patrick Macnee).
Set 3 - disc 1 (details not known).

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on 28 February 2015
An amazing package for the fourth series of 'The Avengers'. The HD is quite remarkable to the point you can see the felt of the bowler and the creaks in a leather catsuit. The sound is fine , occasionally it can change and become slightly tinny but this isn't constant fluctuation nor does it hinder - only pedants need to be warned of it. I listened on my Toshiba sound bar which spreads the sound and it's dynamic enough for my ears so very happy. The episodes on the disc are in a 4:3 ratio but anyone with a set that can alter to smart in terms of picture ratio will fill their screen up without losing anything and this is my preferred way to watch it. Either smart or 4:3 would suffice as you still find yourself mesmerised by the crisp, clear HD transfer which has ultimately changed a 50 year old tv episode into a mini-movie. The extras too are of a pretty high calibre with a running time of over 6 hours in total. As well as the commentaries there are some treats I was unaware of ; for example the colour footage of 'Death at Bargain Prices' which was a surprising revelation and in a way makes you wish Series 4 was the beginning of the colour era. This is most certainly when the series went into sci-fi/fantasy mode and got more quirky than ever right until the end of it's 'classic' run. One could argue the tale end of season 3 was when the series finally shook off it's 'underworld-only' stance with only a few episodes of series 2 and 1 providing a taste of things to come from a more 'fantastical' slant . Series 4 is pivotal in representing when the show firmly got into it's stride and is all the better for it. The episodes , all presented in breathtaking HD quality, vary in enjoyment and have only a very few clunkers and these aren't really that bad overall they mereley have oodles of style but are a bit on the snoozey side (Dial a Deadly Number for example which just seems to be 50 minutes of Steed and Emma drinking their way to the end credits with a bit of crime added for good measure). Another thing the HD does is make you re-appreciate the direction and camerawork involved, if you look for them there are some lovely touches that may not as been trimuphed as much in a standard definition format (the blacksmith sequence in the Town of No Return for example) The price is a little bit steep admittedly but taking everything into consideration is justified on the whole. Highly recommended and setting the benchmark for what I hope will be a blu-ray release for season 5 (heard the USA one is cheaper but with several episodes squished onto fewer discs therefore the compression has, by all accounts , marred the quality) when the series burst into L.S.D infused colour. A must buy for the ardent viewer and fan and a premium quality introduction to the uninitiated - quite frankly the series has never looked or sounded as good.
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