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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 February 2006
I'm not quite sure I understand the criticisms of the copy protection on this CD. I put the CD into my computer, a screen popped up giving me the option of ripping the album to my computer, I selected this and bingo, within seconds the ripped album was on Windows Media Player (no hanging about for it to convert files to the right format as I believe they are already on the disc converted). I can't see where the other reviewers' problems have arisen!
As for the review - not DMB's best studio effort, I grant you. I preferred Busted Stuff as it had a bit more of a relaxed, free-form feel to it, acoustic jazz-folky and more akin to Crash. Stand Up is a bit too clinical and, dare I say, hip-hop-ish in it's production. Boyd Tinsley's violin also doesn't get enough of a look in, there's more of a jazz-funk feel to this album. Dave's songwriting is not as inspiring as on Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash and Before These Crowded Streets (he has started re-hashing a lot of lyrical themes which is getting a bit annoying) and there is a general blandness to the overall feel of the album when viewed in context with its predecessors. However, this is only when compared to other DMB releases - I still like the more sparse, uncomplicated and funky feel to the drumming (Carter Beauford is a drumming genius but it's good to hear him show a little restraint) and some of the grooves and song hooks are superb, esp. American Baby and the title track.
To sum up - not a great DMB release, if you are a newcomer to the group get Under The Table, Crash, Crowded Streets and a couple of live releases in that order. However, as a generally good CD with some cool sounds and a summery feel it's one to get.
It's also the classiest album cover design I've ever seen
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on 20 December 2005
I was worried about this one.. The Dave Matthews Band have continuously bettered themselves with each album. I was beginning to think they couldn't really get any better. Well they have. This is a masterpiece by any standards. No band delivers such consistent musical genius.
This album is perhaps a little more chilled, laid back and lovely than other Dave Matthews Band albums that have a tendancy for intensity. I don't mean to say that the passions gone. It's not left a single note of the genius which is the Dave Matthews Band.
When I first listened to this album, I thought 'it's a little bit boring'. It wasn't at all what I expected. But then I got stuck into American Baby.. and then I got stuck into Smooth Rider when I forgot to press the trackback button.. and then I got stuck into the whole album.
With Stand Up, The Dave Matthews band have explored styles we haven't heard before. They've moved on to blues, jazz and a touch of classical (a very very small but perfect touch).
If this is the first Dave Matthews Band album you ever buy, then you are in for a treat. You'll be hooked in seconds.
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on 13 December 2006
I bought this from Amazon and had no problems with protection.

It strikes me that the great thing with DMB is that you dont just get the same thing repackaged as a new album every time. Therefore the possibility of some hit and miss efforts increases.I have all of their albums and find that this one shows that they have the creative genius to just keep coming up with fantastic, original stuff. Overall, this is another gem and it is clear to me that the reason they are not huge over here. Embarrassingly, it seems is that the Great British public prefer the synthesised rubbish trotted out by Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell's talentless robots. A genius like Dave Matthews sadly stands no chance. Says a lot about us really.
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on 30 May 2005
Anyone that saw the Dave Matthews Band last summer (2004) and heard them getting to grips with the new material must have been looking forward to "Stand Up". Now it's here and rather like "Everyday" the album offers (almost) none of the songs we'd enjoyed live so much the summer before. Hopefully,as happened with "Busted Stuff",the material will re-surface on the next album.

It's worth watching the making-of DVD for "Stand Up" because I think it offers an insight in to this record. As I suspected, this is an album that has been as much hindered by (ProTools) technology as it was helped. R&B Producer Mark Batson got the individual DMB musicians to play some riffs separately and he got the band to build songs from these snapshot ideas. It's a cut-and-paste approach to music that,in my opinion,a band as talented as DMB don't need. They have a track record of great songwriting,and the Rap approach of staying on 1 or 2 chords for ever and ever is dull in comparison.

Very few tracks here are allowed to progress,harmonically or otherwise,and I can't hide my disappointment.One track that was written before these sessions is "Hello Again" and it almost doesn't belong on this album because it's the DMB that you've grown to love.

That said,it's not all bad news. I can already tell that aspects of this album will grow on me...the opener "Dream Girl" is a beautiful track."American Baby" is ok,but on any other DMB album perhaps wouldn't get a mention. It's also an example of really poor ProTools editing - about 3mins 50sec into the track we get the outro section where the band starts to stretch out and Carter's snare effect disappears and suddenly his whole kit sounds different.

"Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd" would have been so much better without Batson's crude hip-hop-esque groove. It's exactly what I resent about the whole R&B / Hip Hop scene: it's music for a machine age and seems to hold the human condition in contempt.

I'm sure the Dave Matthews Band is still alive and well,but unfortunately this is another album that's as much about the Producer as the Artist.
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on 1 June 2005
Don't expect a rock album from this the latest offering from DMB but a rather subtle collection of ballad(ish) like soft tunes, some with a harder edge than others. But hang in there, if there is anything to learn from listening to Dave Matthews and DMB patience is a virtue, and you will be rewarded by repeat listening to this recording. Can't wait to see them for the first time in July in Tampa, Fla.
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on 22 May 2005
this is a gorgeous album! similar in feel to 'some devil' in that it's more ballady & mellow than their more rocky music. dave's voice does it for me every time. beautiful!
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on 1 June 2005
I really like this new direction DMB have taken. Once again they don't disappoint and Dave's lyric writing is superb. Nobody said it was going to be a Crash or a Under The Table and Dreaming.Why do we want another one of them(don't get me wrong they are great albums, they all are)I think this album they really trying to tell us something within the lyrics, telling us to enjoy life and whats happening around us. I love America Baby Intro just wish that could have been a longer jam. Out OF My Hands is also a brilliant piece of song writing as well as You Might Try Dying. Can't wait to see how the songs pan out over the current tour.
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on 21 September 2006
I must concur with another reviewer that I did not experience any copyright protection instruments on this CD. I'm actually playing it on my MP3 player right now.

This album was amazing. Even though it is not as adventurous as some of their previous albums, it's a good listen. Some tracks are very political (Everybody Wake Up and Out of My Hands) while others are nostalgic of youth (Dreamgirl and Old Dirt Hill).

The sound is distinctly DMB, and all the songs are strong on their own merits. Louisiana Bayou, Hello Again, American Baby are all classic DMB songs. When I first heard Old Dirt Hill, I didn't realize it was DMB but it made sense that it was their song afterwards.

For one DMB, I'm glad to see they're branching out from Crash and Before These Crowded Streets to an album that is democratic yet their own. It's a good set of tracks, and makes me look forward to their next release.
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on 8 March 2006
When I first heard the Dave MAtthews Band, I thought, what's this....? I listened again, and again, and they have not ceased to be my favourtie band for 10 years. So, I know nobody likes change, but calm down and take a good lsiten to this album, it's good, very good. I would not give it 6 out of 5 like most of their other albums, but 5 out of 5 is not bad. I saw Dave Matthews perform some of theses songs solo and they are again, remarkably impressive. So, don;t listen to anyway, just buy it and acquire the sound. But, if you buy this album, you have to buy the rest to see what you're missing out on, because, it is likely to be a lot!!!
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on 4 November 2005
Note this is not a review of the album.
I did purchase this from Amazon but sent it back due to the Copy Protection not allowing you to copy to your PC for use on an MP3 player.
Please Amazon tell us when a CD is Copy Protected. I won't need to keep sending them back to you!
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