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on 26 February 2010
The light is great, just what is needed early on in the mornings. Shame the radio doesn't tune at all, just hisses all the time. I wake up to the light, gentle birds and my Sony radio alarm for the news headlines! If you want a wake up light it is fine but if you want a radio forget it. iPod sounds ok but not perfect; a bit distorted.
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on 28 July 2010
Philips brought wakeup light concept to mass market even though their rivals may have more robust tools still the Ipod integration is definitely a plus compared to other brands pros against Philips. This model has additonal Ipod connectivity option with one speaker in the back of the lamp, also the device can play a song which was left at pause. The package contains Ipod holder plastics for all types of Ipod and Iphone. The light has to be placed within 30 cm of the person's eyesight to give the wake up effect. But I liked the most the wakeup buzzers which very are high quality sampled sounds. I would recommend this product if you would like to use your Ipod's music as a wake up sound.
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on 26 October 2011
I am a huge fan of sunrise alarm clocks and have had one for over a decade - it's the only way to start cold dark mornings! Having decided to upgrade to a swanky new one...

This item is rubbish. It was disappointing straight from the box - cheap white plastic that certainly didn't look the part for an item at this price. The instruction manual is adequate but no more. The cheap plastic antenaae makes for exceedingly poor reception on the radio (and I do not live in an area with poor reception). And the unit malfunctioned within days of setting it up so that the light would never go off. Overall a cheap and tacky item that is surprisingly poor quality from a big name company. It was back in the box and returned for a refund within days.
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on 13 February 2011
I never normally post reviews on this site, but felt that this product deserved one.

I purchased this in February last year, and for the first few months it worked absolutely fine. I loved the sunrise simulation - it certainly made getting up for work at stupid o'clock in the morning infinitely more bearable.

The radio quality was generally okay, occasionally poor - though I suspect that was more down to reception in my area than the product itself.

One major annoyance - it will automatically start playing music whenever you plug an iPhone into the dock, requiring you to go into the iPod menu in the phone to manually turn it off. Became very grating when I was plugging my phone in to charge every night!

Within six months electrical gremlins started to appear. The radio would turn itself off and on at random, often playing music loudly - and unexpectedly - in the middle of the night! Not ideal for a good night's sleep. Sometimes it would go into the time setting menu by itself, the hours would start flashing, then the minutes, but nothing would change - then it would stop for a while before doing it all again. Bizarre.

Product was returned to Amazon with no fuss, and an identical replacement sent out.

Within another six months, the same electrical gremlins reared their heads again. Product has now been returned to Amazon for a full refund, and I've decided to order a Pure Twilight Digital and FM Radio with Mood and Wake Up Light instead. Hoping for a better experience this time!

Amazon have been amazingly helpful through all of this, top marks to them for customer service. Unfortunately zero marks to Philips for this product - it's completely unreliable. Avoid at all costs!
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on 12 August 2011
Let me start by saying that I really like this product when it works but there are some definite flaws.

The first unit didn't work when received from Amazon, a cursory check of all the functionality revealed the radio was completely dead. Amazon sent a replacement unit which had worked find for 11 months but now seems to have developed the flaw described by others on here where the radio just keeps switching itself on and off rendering the unit completely useless.

When you charge your ipod / iphone it also starts the music playing, which you have to manually turn off, this is by design apparently but a rather poor choice of default behaviour in my opinion.

Finally the warranty information on the Amazon page states that there is a 2 year warranty, and for the first year of the warranty a consumer should return the item to the retailer for a replacement. Have just contacted Amazon to see how to do this as we're out of the normal return time period, will update with the results.
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on 31 January 2011
A bit sceptical when I first received it but it works. The light really does wake you up and you can set many degrees of brightness. It also come with the option of an alarm sound or ipod music so there is that back up too. Very happy with it. Nicer to wake up to but still have to get up for work unfortunately.
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on 15 November 2011
I was bought this as a birthday present, and within a few months the bulb failed. We paid £15 to send it back to be fixed, and it was repaired and returned. Then a few months later the bulb failed again. This time we got them to pay for it to be posted back and repaired. A few months later and now the lamp works intermittently, and the radio keeps coming on randomly, it appears there's an electrical problem. It's so bad that I've unplugged it, and am currently doing without. While it worked, it was a great product, but for such an expensive item the quality and aftercare is poor. Don't buy it!!
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on 13 January 2011
I had read the numerous bad reviews about how the light bulb always breaks....and should have listened. Indeed, after only 6 weeks the bulb broke. Obviously this is not, as I had thought, a rare occurrence. It is pathetic that Phillips does not publish reviews on their website or at least read some of the reviews on Amazon. I would recommend this product if it were not for the extremely poor quality. A shame Siemens doesn't make lights like these, I'm sure the German quality standards would not allow such a faulty product to be sold on the market.
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on 28 August 2014
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I have had two of these and as soon as they are out of warranty they both developed the same fault - the dials on the side of the light malfunction and randomly switch themselves on and off, meaning that your radio might start blaring at full volume at 2am, or the light will turn on at full brightness at 4am regardless of when your alarm is set to - it also means that the alarm becomes impossible to set.

I cannot stress enough what a disappointment these have been - avoid at all cost!
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on 3 June 2016
it worked well for 4 years but now the buttons don't respond reliably anymore which means the light and music can't be switched on/off when they are wanted. Very sad.
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