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on 2 January 2010
Got this for my 12 year old son, despite the age 16 tag, as he had played it with friends and assured me it was suitable. It was. There is no gore in the games I played except for a red haze which indicates you have been shot and the camera falling to the ground if you have been killed. It isn't a doddle to play either, but with a bit of thought and practice you can get past the stages.

One big drawback, you cannot play this as multiplayer unless the other players have the game too, unlike Modern Warfare 4, which downloads to other DS's for multiplay.
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on 17 April 2017
Good game and price offered worth buying
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on 22 July 2010
I got this with my dsi and was exicted to play it. I didnt care about the graphics (even though good for ds) nor short campaign.But i couldn't stand the controls! And the diffulcty doesnt help! It took me a while to get a little bit used to them and even then the controls through me off the call of duty experiance. I never got round to the multiplayer so im not sure what thats like. The campaign is good, story decent but i just couldn't get into it.
Good graphics.
variety in campaign.
Nice choice of weapons.

Awful controls.
Short campaign.
OVERALL: fun but frustrating controls may ruin the experiance for some, get past the controls though and you get a callofduty game downsized for ds.
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on 15 July 2010
Call of Duty can easily be argued to be the biggest game of the last 10 years, but with it having such a big place on the next-gen consoles could it really make an impact on the DS.

For those of you who have never played a CoD title , it is a first person shooting game and set in an alternate war environment. The game sees you do many missions through the SAS and other organisations , relying on high octane action and multiplayer.

The game is a different story to MW2 , set 5 years after the events of the origional MW. To pull the story down to a few lines , Prince Farhad has left the country due to the rising and angry ultranationalists, he wants revenge and has set about to use a nuclear device. The SAS and USMC are called in to stop Farhad, retrieve the nuclear weapon and stop world war 3, so just a walk in the park for these lads.
This story was well written, much more than I expected and wouldn't have been out of place on the console version. Their is action galore, as well as intresting characters (none of which have appeared before) with many twists and turns. It shows that a lot of care has gone into making a worthy portable version of the shooter.
The story lasted about 5 hours and this is on par with the console version of MW2, this is acceptable for a portable version but the console version needs to go and have a good long think.

The gameplay reflects well off of the dual screen , with the game playing on the top screen and your weapons,grenades and heartbeat sensor showing on the bottom, this really helps keep you informed with whats going on and the best course of action.
Weapons and vehicles have also been re-worked over the previous games, these are all responsive and have their own style. All the weapons will be instantly recognisable from anyone who has played a CoD title before and the transistion is pretty seamless.
Mini games have also been used to make the game feel more like its home console counterpart, these include controlling UAV's , Drones , AC130 gunships as well as more mundane things like hacking computers.
You also have 2 AI companions who are quite useful and will pitch in with a few kills every now and again, the problem is they are too british and will generally keep the "no , I insist , after you" attitude to taking down enemies.

But it's no good doing all this without enemies, these have also seen a review and so the AI is a lot better than the previous games as well as their actions.
When you move into a room the enemy soldiers will take cover or move back, enemies with shotguns will charge and those with heavy machine guns will stick back. When you manage to shoot one down they roll on the ground in agony which is a good detail to the game.

The thing that really caught me by surprise though was the online multiplayer mode. Up to 6 players can play in a variety of modes, such as Team deathmatch and free for all , but also a few new objective modes like Sabotage where you must disarm a bomb.
The multiplayer is exactly the same as the console, where you gain XP to level up. Along the way you unlock weapons , perks and customizing options for their character, this is nice as it doesn't feel like your losing out on any of the experience.
It should be said that there are only a small amount of players who are online so it is often difficult to play the game, this is a shame as its not the games fault and they have put so much effort into it. When I did play online there was no lag and it was a joy to play.
There were a handful of maps , all individual to the DS version. The maps have some good spots but are notably smaller than what I am used to so there is a lot more action and less camping.

Along with campaign and multiplayer, there are also 2 others modes called survival and arcade. Survival mode is facing wave upon wave of enemies and trying to survive, this is really thrilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Arcade mode is just the campaign on time trial, complete the games levels in certain time limits to get secret unlockables and achievements. This does little in adding to the game but is a nice option to have after everything else.

Graphically I guess the game is as good as you would expect considering the size of the task. The graphics highly resemble the pixel graphics of DOOM, but once your used to it it's not as bad as it may seem as you will be too busy dodging bullets.
Weapons are recognisable and looking down the sights feels good, some of the environments are also destructible which I didn't expect.
Level designs are varied and take you through different cultural areas all with an individual look, this helps immerse you in the pace and action of the game, generally showing off the attention of the game.
Explosions dont look as powerful as they could do , but still suitably terrifying when your covering in a gap in the wall.

The sounds of war are good , explosions and gunshots all feel suitably big and really immerse you into the world. Voice acting is also done well and the characters are easy to recognise, however the game only has one noise that the enemies use when they are shot so this is a little annoying and lets it down a little.

The controls do take a little bit of getting used to, especially when the console game relies on sticks to control movement. The D-pad does as well as it good but it still doesn't give you as much freedom or ease as the sticks do , however you cant expect the console to change design for a game.
The bumpers throw out your grenades or let you shoot, this are extremely responsive due to their small size and means you can get your shots off quick.
Everything else is the bottom screen and simply tapping, this includes changing weapons or grenades, activating switches or moving the camera around. All these feel good except the camera movement , which took getting used too and you feel a little pulled out from the action.

If you are a big fan of the series then you will be pleased with this portable outing to keep your fix on the go, in total you can expect around 15 hours of gameplay due to the lack of online players.

The game has some issues but it deserves the highest acolade for its representation of such a well known game, it tries not to miss out anything that appears on the main game and on the DS that is a brilliant achievement.
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on 28 May 2014
The first thing i'll say is the delivery was remarkable. I received it within a week of ordering it. It was quite something to come home from college and find a new game there waiting for me.

Gameplay: Similarly to the first Modern Warfare, you play as both British and American soldiers. Each mission is different and adds to the storyline. I have completed the campaign on every difficulty mode and I am still playing missions in quick play. Although Hardened difficulty takes away the enjoyment of playing campaign, you can play this difficulty level to unlock more ways to play. Recommended levels to play are: Wrecking Crew, Hostile Territory, Informant Extraction (badass ending where player is pinned down in a building under mortar fire), Oil Rig Confrontation, and Last Chance.

Graphics/Features: The graphics on this game differ slightly to the previous DS CoD. Here they have brought in the use of a knife when attacking close-range (I can't recall if this also happens in World At War). You can't however use the knife as a separate weapon. Others have said the controls are bad but I think they're rad! They are no problem at all. The battles are bloody, not the most violent game for DS but still rad. The weapons are articulated very well. Props to the graphic designers for this game, it must be very hard to get things to be real-life.

Sound: The sound and recording for Mobilized is monumental. A little better than even World At War and Modern Warfare. The soundtrack has good atmosphere, but I preferred WaW's a little more.

Multiplayer: I have not had a chance at multiplayer. No WiFi and no people to play it with in my local area. The maps are awesome, however. They should have placed BOTs in the multiplayer. Not everyone has WiFi/Friends you know :')

Other: By completing each difficulty on campaign, you unlock different modes. Challenge mode, where you're given specific challenges to complete on a campaign level (usually with a 3-minute time limit), with objectives like 50% accuracy, 10 headshots, 15 kills. Arcade Mode, where you get a different number of lives and points for each kill, while trying to complete the level within 20 minutes, mini-game mode where you can play mini-games from the campaign, and finally Survival mode across 4 maps fighting endless waves of enemies while surviving as long as possible (similar to Black Ops DS Zombies)

I give this game 9.5/10. I have played every other Call of Duty game on DS, except Modern Warfare 3 Defiance.
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on 8 November 2010
ill make this short call of duty world at war (number 5) is the best one on the ds so far it is easy to get used to and the gameplay moves well almost seamless you don't find yourself getting stuck and having to check youtube on how to get past the next level

once you have got used to 5 call of duty 4 plays well but it is harder to get used to from the off

call of duty 6 is not refined you get stuck not seeing doors because the viewing angle is poor or dyeing cus you left the area because you just cant work out what to do id give it miss unless its cheap
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on 23 August 2010
Yes the control system takes some getting used to and the first few hours of play can result in quite severe hand cramp, but battling on through the difficult early stages pays huge dividends.

MWM is as frantic and exciting as any COD title out there. The game play is varied, utilising a plethora of military vehicles and offering up literally hundreds of enemies to gun down.

The graphics and sound are extremely impressive for the DS.

10/10 - utterly brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2009
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Mobilised won't win any prizes for the pithiness of its name, but it is a fun game to play. It follows the CoD model of a series of linked, first person missions. You either play a member of the SAS or the US Marines, and the story is some nonsense about a stolen nuclear device.

The graphics are amazing given it's on the DS, the gameplay is entertaining. The lifespan isn't great though - you'll finish it in a few hours. There is a fair bit of replay value, with various awards and sub tasks, but it'll not last you forever.

If you enjoy the full blown CoD games on the PC, and want something portable, this will do nicely.

The one thing you should do though is try it on someone else's. The controls take a lot of getting used to (move with the D pad, look with the stylus). Took me a while to adjust, and I can imagine some people wouldn't get on with it at all.

All in all, a good effort though
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on 11 August 2010
this game is the worlds best selling game for a reason because it is so addictive .i have been waiting ages for the price to go down because when it first had come out it was £35 and i have bought it for £12.99 which was bargain for such a game . to be honest gaming graphics is very good considering it is on the ds . the training is very interactive campaign is great but the bonus game is very difficult but i was surprised that it didn't contain special ops which this game ha on the xbox game that i have . if your a hard core gamer get it on an xbox . the reason why i got this game on ds is because i gate motion sickness on the xbox .

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Mobilized (Nintendo DS)
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on 7 December 2013
This game is great but its hasn't got enough content I love modern warfare mobilised the story is fun but has no aaa moments
I love how the story shifts between British and American unlike the console titles the story is slightly bland your trying to retrieve a stolen nuclear weapon that has been stolen its fun while it lasts the controls in this game are also excellent buy the game you wont regret it.
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