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on 23 October 2010
An excellent weather station and excellent value for money. Very easy to put together and provides accurate data with very simple set up. Having bought many weather stations over the years, some costing many hundreds of pounds, this is the best value for money and efficient one I bought!

Please note that when you put the weather station together, the anemometer (wind speed/direction device) should ideally be placed at least 15 feet hight so it's worth buying a length of tubing to attach to the fitting in order to attain the required height. You can of course either fix it to the top of a building, making sure the anemometer has an unobstructed flow of wind from all directions or do what I have done and buy a length of copper pipe and simply fix it into the ground away from trees/bushes etc to get the most accurate readings.

The temperature sensor should be fixed on either the same pole or another one nearby at a height of approx 4 feet from the ground. This is the standard height where thermometers should be placed to give the air temperature which is usually around 3 degrees higher than that of ground level.

The rain gauge should be fitted at ground level and can be secured to the ground by using one of the small lengths of tubing supplied or something similar.

Please don't fit your rain gauge and temperature gauge all at the same height as the wind speed device as some people seem to do!!! The seperate devices all have long lengths of wire attaching them to the 'sender' and this is so that you can fit them at the suggested heights and not all together on the top of your roof as some people seem to think!!!! Remember the wind speed/direction goes up high, thermometer/sender about 4 feet off the ground and the rain gauge on the ground and you will then get accurate readings!

I downloaded the 'Cumulus' weather station programme which is free on the net and you can then get all your data on your pc in a good format. You can also use the Easy Weather programme which comes free with the weather station if you prefer!

My advice, don't bother with all the more expensive weather stations, this is top class!

I ordered mine with the free delivery option at about 10pm Wednesday night and it was delivered mid day Friday,excellent service, thank you Amazon!
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on 8 April 2011
This is my second weather station and without a doubt it knocks my more expensive first one into touch by a long way. Half an hour to set it up using my old pole for the external equipment and within a short space of time the display was functioning well. Reading previous negatives on this weather station it appears the manual was poor but I managed OK with it, maybe its been upgraded. The software that comes with it is very easy to use and gives plenty of detail about the weather for the average user; also being able to download the data sets allows you to keep your own local log. Hooking up the station to your PC enables you to make adjustments to the display functions on the station, which is much easier than pressing buttons on the unit itself. The atomic clock works well and synchronized the time in a very short space of time. All in all a cracking piece of kit and I would recommend it to any amateur weather watcher.
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on 18 January 2011
Got this for Christmas and have enjoyed every minute since. Mounted the wind sensors on top of a length of copper pipe. got it aligned 180 degrees out to start with but now sorted. I downloaded the free Cumulus software and now have my own live weather web page. I now look forward to "bad" weather. "Bring it on" I say. Just had another record flash up: 3.0mm hourly rainfall.. I hadn't realised what fun weather could be.
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on 9 October 2009
This is an amazing weather station, great features like wind speed and rainfall meter. Then as time goes on even more functions come into use. Hook it up to your PC and you can review all the historical data, it's like being you own met office.

Great product worth every penny. I'll be definitely be buying another for my dad's christmas present.
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on 2 August 2010
Makes weather watching all the more fascinating. Only problem - atomic clock does not work as no signal received. Probably because we live on a west coast hebridean island!! Time therefore has to be set manually. Apart from this very satisfied with the product.
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on 16 December 2010
There are very few weather stations in shops where you can see and examine a potential purchase and thus it was with a degree of trepidation that I ordered this item. It arrived dead on time. I found the construction and setting up very easy and have attached it to a redundant TV aerial pole on a flat roof. My only quibble is that the wind readings are only made at intervals which appear to range from 30 seconds to something over a minute. I suppose this is to reduce transmission times and thus save batteries; additionally, to check gusts the menu key has to be clicked all the way through the various readings. I found the manual fairly easy to read. Overall, I am pleased with the system.
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on 3 February 2013
Bought this weather station for Birthday as it initially had some good reviews and seemed robust enough to deal with Guernsey's unpredictable weather. The setup was simple and I rigged it up in an exposed spot to get accurate stats. Worked wonderfully until the weather started to pick up about 4 days later. The wind was 20mph gusting to 30-35mph overnight and the rain was about 1mm an hour. Noticed the rain guage was strange as if you place it on 24hour updates it doesn't reset after 24hours and total amount just keeps rising.
I woke up next morning in anticipation of the max wind speed only to find it was reading 0.00 and the wind direction was static on heading of West. I decided to take it down and have a look. I noticed that the mechanism (cogs) or bearings used to allow Wind Speed Device and The Wind Direction Device spin was now jamming/grinding. They would spin so far and then lock up and then they would free up and lock up again. The Engineer in me was very tempted to open it up, but friend advised me just to send it back. I read that there was a batch of these devices sold with faulty bearings, so I decided to take his advice and sent the unit back for a refund. I will look at buying a weather satellite made by Davis, which I have been told are very accurate. Very disappointed as I have to say it seemed so promising for a fairly cheap price.
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on 31 October 2010
Pro Wireless Weather Station with PC interface
This is a very good system and very easy to set up. It is worth 5 stars but I took away one for the terrible manual which is almost unreadable in parts.
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on 8 June 2012
MANUAL=This station seems simple to construct,the manual IS ok for setting it up,just read and it does help unlike some reviewers who have gotten a rubbish manual,the manual I got with it is fine,couldn`t see any printing dates though so no idea if its updated or not.

ERRATIC RAIN MEASURE= this may be caused by wind or vibrations tipping the water out prematurely which will result in erratic readings,place this somewhere where wind/vibrations cannot affect it in any way,I suggest not on the pole but mounted to a strong and still immovable object which is also sheltered from the wind,this is only for the rain box.

think a little more waterproofing is needed on the transmitter,where the batteries go,I would NOT rely on the cover design to keep water out,be careful not to cover any holes with duck tape or whatever you use these are meant for reading the temperature.

I will amend anything I am wrong on or can improve on,PLEASE feel free to ask ANY questions, if you think its a silly question to ask please still ask as all this will help others too,and if anything I have said here that is wrong please let me know,THIS IS NOT A TOUCH SCREEN as some think although there is a touch screen model here Watson W8681 Professional Wireless Touch Screen Weather Center with PC Interface.

please remember there is a north, south, east and west to this machine,under the wind speed or direction sensor there is N,S,E,W make sure the N corresponds to the actual north on a compass or at least the general direction.

MAINTENENCE=I personally think this should be checked frequently to make sure there is no dirt build up corrosion or any insects setting up home inside as this would stop moving parts resulting in errors.

RANGE= the manual says 100 meters or 300ft, i have mine set up in my back garden and have no problems getting a signal in any part of the house,even in my room on the front of the house with several brick walls in its path.

As I have tried ALL functions and confirmed everything is working i have given it 5 stars
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on 21 February 2013
Delivered before christmas as a present. Once it was assembled it worked a treat and was simple to use and hook up to the computer. After 3 days though the anemometer stopped turning, as it wasn't windy though nothing of it till about a week later when looking at the history It was noted there was no recorded wind at all. I took the unit down and had a look at it to find the anemometer had seized and the wind direction unit was stiff to turn. On investigation I found that the little bearings had rusted on both units. I know I live in the west of Scotland but its a weather station, it even has a rain gauge, so should be able to be out in the rain without seizing. Otherwise would have been one of the best, would have rated it slightly higher if you were able to replace the bearings but these are plastic welded in place.

Update. Having freed the bearings and sprayed them with WD40 once it has continued to work for over a year. Give it 4 stars now
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