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on 22 February 2011
The noise cancelling works but is not as effective as I had expected and the headphone cushions let in some background noise. Using the headphones (as normal headphones) with the noise cancelling turned off seems to deaden the sound by removing a lot of the high frequency notes, with the noise cancelling turned on the sound is reasonable but at low volume a slight hiss can be heard, presumably from the electronics. The lead is very short to be of practical use when watching TV so an extension is required. The headphones are quite light and very comfortable to wear and considering the price, are a reasonable buy.
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on 31 March 2012
I bought these headphones purely for an 8 hour flight I was embarking on. I didn't want to spend more than £50, as they won't ever be used again. Alot of headphone I found in this price range weren't 'Noise Cancelling'. I found a pair of JVC ones, but they weren't over ear headphones, they didnt look very comfortable. So when I saw these ones, I read a few reviews and they seemed ok. I was a little dubious because they were so cheap, but they were actually brilliant for the price.

They take 2 AAA Batteries, and these lasted for the return flight aswell. I took 3 sets of spares just in case, but only needed the 2 batteries I put in them when I bought them.

The Noise Cancelling function doesnt completely block out all the noise, but the difference using it was massive. It really helped to cut out the engine & air con noise. Even without playing any music through them, just having silence with the noise cancelling on was brill.

They are a big bulky, but that didn't bother me too much. I just chucked them in my hand luggage, it wasn't a problem.
I have to say, they were really comfortable. I had them on and off for the outward flight, but on the return I kept them on pretty much for the whole time without a problem - and I don't exactly have pixie ears lol.

I would totally recommend these for a budget set of headphones to use for the occasional flight. If you're a frequent flyer I'd go for something a bit less cumbersome and stylish, Bose seems to be a popular choice. But for me, they were perfect.

I've given 5 stars for the value.
I know you can get headphone with more effective noise cancellation, but they are 10 times the price of these!
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on 15 April 2011
For the money you can't really go wrong - the noise cancelling really blocks out aircon and general office noise, but you can still hear the phone ring! If you want *complete* silence, you may want to look at something much more expensive, but for me these are just right
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on 30 June 2010
I find these headphones most comfortable to wear. They fit perfectly and do not slip. The noise cancelling is great when using on the PC and the TV is on in the same room. Great item...
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on 19 March 2013
I bought these for a transatlantic flight in the hope they would reduce the background noise on the plane. Having read a number of reviews these seemed to be the best very budget option available. The results, particularly given the cost, were spectacular. I was travelling with someone using Bose QC3 headphones which were clearly far superior in terms of build and sound quality and more effective at noise cancelling but for around £200 more I would have expected as much. The Lencos were still, however, extremely effective at reducing engine noise and the sound quality was perfectly acceptable. For the money they were excellent. The review would have been 5 stars but as I sat in the departure lounge coming home one of the ear pads fell off and required a slightly ''jury rigged" repair for the return flight so if you're looking for a longer term solution these probably aren't for you but for one trip they were very good.
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on 25 December 2011
I bought this for mostly use during a flight purpose. Previous one was broken at the point of folding mechanism! Therefore this time I have tried much solid one. It is indeed very confortable to fit head and ears nicely with a long adjuster. When you at the gate, just put it on your neck!! Noise has been cancelled perfectly during a flight! A plane jack plug in cluded.
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on 3 January 2011
I purchased these for my husband who likes to listen to his Ipod before bed. These are excellent.

I cannot hear anything that he is listening too and they are comfortable for him to wear whilst lying down.

Definitely a product we would purchase again and definitely worth the money. Better quality than anything I have seen from Argos or other suppliers.
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As some of the other reviews here indicate these are not the last word in hi-fi, nor are they very sturdy. But for the money you can't really beat them if you need a degree of external noise reduction. The lead is too short, which is a ridiculous design fault on any headphone, and I wouldn't use them with the noise cancelling switched off since the sound stage seems to shrink and the high frequencies weaken. But when my Wife is watching "Midsummer Murders" and I have the noise cancellation turned on, these are better than the three pairs of in-ear phones I have, and marginally better than a huge old pair of Phillips cans which I normally use and which have more presence, top-end, and width of sound stage - but are not at all sound-proof either way and won't cut out the TV blather going on ten feet away - while these do quite a good job of that. Oh, and they're pretty comfortable, too.
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on 10 November 2012
I've wandered around my local apple shop, or store as i they prefer to be known, trying on very expensive Noise Cancelling headphones. The Bose in particular stand out, but they are 10 times the price of these, and actually feel like horrible cheap plastic.

These headphones are ridiculously comfortable, and not a bad build either. They're big, like the one's you would have found attached to a separates system in the late 1970's.

The Noise cancellation works, but it produces the same amount of hiss that you would get turning off Dolby Noise Reduction on the previously mentioned 1970's separates system. If you're listening to quiet music, then this may be a problem, but as other reviewers have mentioned, turning the noise cancellation on does add a certain punch to your music. Listening with the Noise Cancellation turned off sounds great too.

These are not bass heavy headphones, they sound very honest, well balanced. They are not that loud either, but certainly loud enough. I would guess that they leak sound too, so maybe not the best choice for the bus.

I like them, not sure how i feel about walking around in public wearing them, but they are definitely worth a punt.

They require 2 x AAA batteries (not included). I cannot comment on the battery life, as the rechargable AAA's i'm using are a bit old and i'm currently waiting delivery on new ones.
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on 16 January 2015
I used this particular headphones for a couple of months and they were great. With some flaws which I'll explain later on.

Firstly, what you get for the price is amazing. That said, if you have never had noise cancelling headphones before don't expect to have absolute silence, but they do reduce the noise significantly. The reason why I purchased these headphones was due to constant road works adjacent to my office. These headphones reduced the "banging" noise dramatically.

The downside to this product is that it's completely made out of plastic. What happened to mine is that when I put the headphones down on the desk the headphones snapped, (I've attached a photo). I did return the item, but unfortunately the seller had ran out or stock. I would of been more than happy with another set of these headphones. The result of making the entire headphones out of plastic does mean that the flexibility with ear pieces is very limited.

When comparing these headphones to standard set of headphones there is a massive difference. There is limited background noise and you can immerse yourself into what ever you're listening to.
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