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on 30 May 2017
Yes super ! my fav band ! good CD s
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on 5 October 2009
I've been a huge Sprout fan since I first heard "When Love Breaks Down", & have everyone of Prefabs albums to date & was really excited to see the release of this album.
My first thoughts were that Paddy's vocals sounded great (back to the raw energy & emotion of the Swoon/Steve McQueen early albums) and, as Prefab Fans have come to expect,great songwriting with sublime chord changes original melodies & deep, thought provoking lyrics.Sadly as I listened to the songs, one after the other,I got a bit saddened, as it was clear that the instrumental arrangements for each song were all computerised & arranged on sequencing technology,giving the music a synthetic & artificial sound. As a musician myself, I find it really difficult to connect with an album, if there is no musical human input (i.e lack of real instruments being played)Hence the title of my review.
This album could have been so much more, if the original Sprouts had been involved to give the music that "real" vibe, as opposed to the synthetic computerised "cold" vibe.
But, having said all of that, I may sound like I'm contradicting myself by saying I still really like the Album & I'm sure Paddy had his reasons for not invloving Wendy,Neil & brother Martin to re-record the album.
So Four stars it is then (as I cannot bear to take off more than one star from one of my favourite bands..!!!)
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on 2 January 2010
As a massive, long-term Prefab Sprout fan I bought this on the day it was released. I played it a dozen times before shelving it for a few months, allowing the melodies to slowly percolate in my brain, prior to forming a judgement on where it sits amidst the Sprout's body of work.

I've played it again twice today and, as I suspected it would, it's grown in stature over the past five months or so since its release. Prefab Sprout inspire complete devotion; everything is so complex and subtle that as a listener I find myself constantly revising my opinion on tracks, and even after all these years, when I play, say `Steve McQueen' I still spot nuances I hadn't heard before.

The group's moniker is on this long-buried collection of songs, but as Martin, Neil and Wendy don't actually appear on the album at all, it is essentially the second Paddy McAloon solo album, after the haunting `I Trawl the Megahertz'

We all know the story behind the genesis of this album so I don't need to comment further on that. But the tunes, ah, the tunes! - they are an absolute revelation.

Highlights are numerous: the most overtly religious song (certainly in terms of its title) `God Watch Over You' is simply sublime and it finds Paddy singing at the lowest point of his range before he moves into his upper register. He is an underrated and often overlooked vocalist.

`Music is a Princess' is similarly gorgeous, a tune that makes you swoon, with Paddy holding a glorious long note at the song's end, that sends a shiver down the spine.

`Ride' travels along at a wonderful canter, `Angel of Love' is beautiful - as are four or five other songs on this superb collection - and the marvellous first single 'Let There Be Music' is full of Paddy's trademark hooks.

For me, it misfires only twice; on `Earth: The Story so Far' which, to be blunt is awful, and `The Last of the Great Romantics' which is as twee as Paddy's detractors often (wrongly) accuse him of being.

Other criticisms? As a devout atheist (ha!) I could do without the frequent references to Jesus, God, angels and divine inspiration, but hell, these are small considerations when the music swoops, shimmers and stuns like this.

There's a timelessness to a lot of the material here; it's as though the songs were minted in the fusion of the Big Bang, but only now are they being heard for the first time.

Paddy McAloon is a genius: literally no-one is out there making music like this. And he has tons of other great songs (apparently) in his locker, but is prevented from working on them/releasing them because of his own fastidiousness, record company indifference/interference and his ailing health. What I wouldn't give for the pleasure of a new Prefab Sprout album every two or three years.
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on 26 August 2009
Having already written a positive review of this glowing album on its mp3 page here on Amazon, of course I need to review the actual CD album! Mp3s are okay, but nothing beats the real McCoy of a proper CD with music in high resolution!

Prefab Sprout's legendary album "Let's Change the World With Music" was first written and recorded in demo form back in 1992-93, but only now released and tweaked with modern technology which enhances the original demos. But fear not: this album is a real winner. It delivers everything you come to expect from a Prefab Sprout album: beautiful melodies, intricate lyrics, honest and deviously simple pop songs, that only Paddy McAloon can offer. Songs like "Let There Be Music", "Ride", "Music Is A Princess", "Earth: The Story So Far" and "Sweet Gospel Music" will eat your heart out. Indeed, it's a shame that this gem has been kept hidden from the public for 17 years!

This is simply pure pop in its finest incarnation. Paddy McAloon is one of the best writers in his chosen field - if not the best. Michael Jackson may have called himself the "king of pop"; but Paddy McAloon is the uncrowned Master of Pop. Let's hope that this release will mark the beginning of many a fine new album from the prolific writer in Newcastle, who has hundreds of unreleased and unrecorded songs in his studio!

The CD album includes poignant liner notes by Paddy McAloon himself, detailing the history of the record.
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on 9 September 2009
So much over the years has been written and said about this long-lost album, the fact that it was recorded and rejected by the record company back in 1993, and chronologically belongs between `Jordan The Comeback' and `Andromeda Heights'. So what if it is nearly 20 years old, music never grows old.
On the opening number `Let There Be Music' it begins with a robotic voice quoting words from the first book of genesis, "in the beginning was a mighty bang" but within 15 seconds you hear the beautiful tones of Paddy's vocals that we all fell in love with all those years ago and immediately your hooked. A radio friendly song that shows its age, courtesy of a typically 90s backing track.
`Ride' (previously recorded by Australian singer Wendy Matthews) is a foot-tapper and continues the religious theme "walking in the footsteps of our lord", but before you begin to think this is a concept album, paddy sings "I've no time for religion" at the beginning of the beautiful piano ballad `God Watch Over You', a song some may be familiar with from the 90s when Frances Ruffelle (ex-UK Eurovision entrant) covered it admirably.
`I Love Music' tells us what we've known about Paddy all along. "Love is the reason I'm playing this game" and he goes on to tell us his heroes are Irving Berlin while also name-checking Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards (Chic). There's a full sounding orchestra on this one, kind of Sinatra swing.
`Earth - The Story So Far' is one of the masterpieces on the album, while `Last of the Great Romantics' will put you to sleep for all the right reasons. A lullaby sang so sweetly, with, again some fantastic piano throughout, while Paddy sings "come on Gatsby stand aside". These two are already Sprouts classics.
It's ballads all the way including `Music is a Princess' and the tale of Romeo and Juliet in `Angel of Love', but `Meet the New Mozart' is excellent also. "I'll form a band and play some dates" he sings, but sadly for us, those words are long written, but there is optimism when he continues "all I write may not last, it may be manure / but I'll endure, not burn out fast".
On the sleeve notes Paddy writes a lovely piece about his fascination with Brian Wilson's long-lost `Smile' album and apologies for no `Good Vibrations' on this record. He goes on to admit that "one day in May '93 we made a poor move", but heartwarmingly he dedicates this album to the ex-Sprouts members and producer Thomas Dolby.
Whether the album is a concept one of Music, Love or Religion, it still sounds fantastic, and long before the release of this album Paddy McAloon had changed the world with music, and those of us that acknowledge this are the privileged ones. Meet The New Mozart? We already have!
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on 21 August 2009
...and I do not use these words lightly.

Paddy Mcaloon doesn't do things the simple way, and I think thats part of the reason why we love him. This album is now 17 years old and was originally intended to be the follow up to Jordan:The Comeback (quite possibly the finest record ever made)unfortunatly for Sprout fans it ended up in one of Paddy's legendary cardboard boxes for reasons too complicated to go into just now....

I have had the fortune to hear the album all the way through and can categorically state it is outstanding. If you love wonderful intelligent pop, with arrangements and chord sequences to die for, then this is an essential purchase for you.

"Genius" is a description often bestowed all too readily upon undeserved recipients. In this case it is totally merited..PADDY YOU'RE A GENIUS!!...if we shout it loud enough he might just start opening up the other boxes.
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on 21 August 2009
The album has now been played in full once on German Radio Bremen, and having listened to that radio show, I'm relieved and exhilarated at the same time. Because:

This album the missing link between Jordan: The Comeback and Andromeda Heights, it's the perfect combination of heartfelt simplicity and exuberant intelligence in song-writing. The full album doesn't sound very demo-ish, the sound is lush and brilliant, the arrangements are intricate and big at the same time.

If you loved Steve McQueen and Jordan, but had your problems with or weren't interested in Andromeda Heights and The Gunman, this album will make you fall in love with Prefab Sprout all over again. I cannot wait for my pre-ordered copy.
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on 7 September 2009
I can only echo the comments of the first reviewer. As a long time Sprout fan, news of this release excited me so much. On my first (and now second) listen today, it is everything I hoped it would be. A collection of wonderful melodies and you really do need to read Paddy's sleeve notes to really appreciate what he was trying to achieve with this record. It may be over sentimental of me to say it, but hearing Paddy sing for me is a spiritual experience. He sings of simple things but with such emotion and clarity. Seeing them live about 5 years ago was one of my gigging highlights. I urge you to buy this album and enjoy the rich experience it will bring to your life.
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on 29 November 2009
Its funny cos I remember Paddy saying back in 1992 he had loads of songs ready for a new album, he must have been referring to this one, shame it took so long to actually do the deed. Having said that, the album does have an aura of the 90's about it, so its not just hype.

The highlight of the album has to be Ride. Its just so dreamy, it flows, it's positive, and its such a feel good song. Let There Be Music wouldn't sound out of place on Langley Park to Memphis, but its good all the same. I Love Music has some clever lyrics ("someone from heaven put you through hell..."). God Watch Over You is classic Prefab, and unlike other reviews of this album, the God lyrics don't bother me, its all good music. Earth, the Story so Far almost sounds like a theme to a TV series, or even the background muzak when your sitting on an aeroplane waiting for the take-off or after the landing (a bit ironic...!). Sweet Gospel Music is another one of those retro-Prefab Sprout songs evoking memories of the early 90's.

Overall, its a welcome return to Prefab Sprout, and you can rely on Paddy & Co to come up the goods everytime without fail.
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on 15 September 2009
The thing with having favourite bands is, they can let you down in so many many ways. But that's only because we expect so much from them. Will they still produce the sound you like ?. Why are they taking so long to release another album ?. Why don't we know everything that's going on in their lives ?. There are many questions that a fan needs answered....and it usually a waiting game and a world full of endless speculation.
And then, one day, if you're lucky, the day comes. You know, the one you thought probably wouldn't happen, but have spent years hoping would. Well for Prefab Sprout fans, that day has arrived. There are still questions, but for now the music is here.
This album, because of it's history, forces you to look at it in a different way. Can you go around telling your friends you've bought the " new " Prefab Sprout album, without also adding that it's a lost unreleased classic from 1993 ??. It's tricky. A bit like saying you've bought a new car, only to turn up in an L Reg Sierra !!!.
But, at the end of the day it comes down to music...and that looks after itself. There is no disappointment and there is nothing to worry about. It's fantastic. We're not " rocking out " or dancing here, this is an album about feeling and love. The feeling you get from music in your life and the love of music and life. That's it really. It makes you think and takes you to a different place...is it Heaven ??.
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