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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 June 2007
Prison Break, the best thing on tv for the past 2 years, in my opinion of course !

Put simply for those that are new to this, its about one brothers plan to break his wrongly accused brother out of Prison by getting himself locked up enabling him to set about his intricate break out plan. Oh yeah, I forgot about the tatoo...

Season 2 continues where the first left us, the prison break out. Our group of cons are now on the run across America with Officer Brad Bellick and others in tow.

British-born Wentworth Miller as in season 1 plays Michael Scofield brilliantly, he continues to carry out his plan of helping his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) escape following his ultra finely executed plan. Cool to the point of frozen, Scofield is a focused, finely detailed individual who is so driven you wonder if its all way too perfect.

On the run the brothers are aided by their motley crew of fellow cons who despite differences inside know the reward awaiting them if they are successful in escaping. One of the fellow cons and the stand out character for me in this whole programme is Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell played amazingly by Robert Knepper, at times his portrayal of this perverted, creepy letch is mesmorising. T-Bag also happens to be one of those characters granted the best one-liners in the show and Robert Knepper delivers them with aplomb !

Unfortunately this time around the escapees don't have it all their own way as in pursuit for this season is FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone played brilliantly by William Fichtner (ex-Invasion). Along with T-Bag this guy is unforgettable, not only is he battling the brilliant mind of Scofield but he is also battling his own demons which enables Fichtner to demonstrate some great acting. There are some great moments where the brilliance of both Scofield and Mahone's minds clash as they attempt to outwit one another.

This season delves a little deeper into the cons relationships both with one another and others. The brothers blood is tested as Scofield's heart is continually tugged by his feelings for Sara Tancredi and at times he must decide where his real path lies. Each of the cons have their own agendas on the outside, Sucre longs for his woman, ditto T-Bag and C-Note yearns for the day he can be reunited with his daughter and loving woman.

But with Mahone on their tail like a dog with a bone and the desperate Bellick in tow with the smell of reward money in sight Season 2 for me improves on season 1.

What makes Prison Break so great is firstly its strong characters, there are many memorable in particular T-Bag, Mahone and Bellick aswell as the brothers. Every episode rarely fails to deliver, at times the pace is frenatic - take note "Lost"..ha ha ! But it has a good mixture of action, comedy et al.

However, lets not kid ourselves, yes the plot at times is flimsy, yes its a little far fetched but hey its great entertainment. Just put your cares and worries to one side, look at the screen, relax and enjoy the ride its tv, enjoy.

Until a couple of years ago, "24" was the stand out prog for me but that has been surpassed for the last couple of years by Prison Break, this show is definitely underated and many people are missing out on an enjoyable romp of television.
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on 27 August 2007
This really is a great second series. Whilst watching series 1 (and thoroughly enjoying it), I was often thinking where they could take this show in its second season. Well, where did they take it?

Essentially, this series is all about the relentless pursuit of the escapees by a significant new character, Agent Mahone, played by the outstanding William Fichner. He is on an intellectual par with Michael and what we end up with is a real game of cat and mouse. Mahone is almost like a Terminator and his presence adds another layer of intensity to an already tense show.

Meanwhile, we see Michael attempting to locate Westmorelands $5,000,000 stash, clear both his and Lincolns names, reunite with the very pretty Sara Tancredi and flee the USA. Not only does Michael have to contend with Agent Mahone, he also has to evade, Kellermann, a now rogue Belick and the might(?) of the USA's finest law enforcement agencies.

One area in which Series 2 surpasses Series 1, is the embellishment in the secondary characters storyline's. T-Bag, Sucre and C-Note are given more screen time and, as a result, there is even more depth/emotions/humour there.

Sure the show is extremely far-fetched,but it is supreme fun and highly addictive, with lots of cliff-hangers. The finale is inspired (if a little over-the-top) and, for me, laced with genious and originality.

We are in a golden era of television, what with Sopranos, 24, Heroes, Lost, Rome, The Dead Zone etc and this is no exception!

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on 13 July 2007
Please do not listen to "Reviewer X", this show is amazing, fantastic second series, yes season 1 was better but what do you expect when they are out of prison and on the run. The only bad point about the season is how will they continue with season 3 from that ending, but the writers and directors are very skilled at there jobs and im sure they will carry on writing a fantastic show, Cant wait to get this on DVD.
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on 19 August 2007
Series 2 is fantastic, carrying on all of the hype of the first season. Maybe a little predictable but its still a great watch. The only thing I will say is WHY RIP US OFF?? Us British have to pay £45 to get this, yet, in America its $39 or about £19.50, and its the same company. This is absolutely rediculous. I dont no what it is about Britain that seems to say - RIP US OFF - its time it ended.
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on 27 August 2007
The full series 2 here on the programme made for the DVD format. After Series 1, I wondered if the second series could possibly live up to the first. WELL IT DOES! The plots and sub-plots are complex, so I can understand anyone who has not viewed either the whole series and/or series 1 struggling - but the bottom line is that this is the VERY BEST series on TV, and is easily worth buying the first series too - and Series 3 starts soon.
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on 22 March 2015
Love Prison Break but this has to be for me the best season of the 4, but i have to say what really is great about this season is the acting from all the cast it is fantastic, Rockmond Dunbar who plays Benjamin Miles Franklin really is a terrific actor and there is a part of this season where you see his emotional side when his daughter becomes sick where you see just how talented he is, the other cast such as T-Bag, Scofield, Burrows, Sara there all on point with there acting. That aside this is action packed and every episode is a winner getting out of prison was just the beginning now the action really kicks in i am watching this box set on blu-ray and if you havent yet got it or seen it then this is definitly one i recommend.
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on 29 June 2007
The second series of Prison Break exceeded all my expectations and was an excellent follow up to series 1! I was yet again totally enthralled and every episode left me a nervous wreck! The cast are fantastic and you really do start to care about what happens to the characters - even T-Bag, on the odd occasion!! The plot is completely thrilling and for the duration of the 22 episodes, the pace is unrelenting! Every episode leaves you hanging and wondering how on earth Michael and co will escape the clutches of FBI agent Mahone, who was a welcome addition to the cast. Fans of the first series are sure to be anything but disappointed! I've recommended this show to many friends who are now in the process of catching up with the 1st series, and as such, are desperate to see the 2nd series! By far, one of the best shows to have aired in recent times.
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on 21 August 2007
Ok, I watched Prison Break from the start and yes, it was mindblowing and always had you on the edge of you seat...
This is as you could predict harder to get to the same point of intense action when the characters are out in the wide open world rather than one location....which is the main point of the second series...
I did find it harder to keep with it than the first series but you have to give it time and nearer the end it does get very twisted and brilliant. It is an ingenious storyline which as people say is going to be hard if possible to continue...
I have faith for the third series but in the meantime...WATCH PRISON BREAK!!
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on 14 September 2007
I really don't know how some people can say ''This show should have ended after Season 1''; breaking out of prison is far more than just getting over the wall. The suitably titled first episode of Season 2 ''Manhunt'' proves exactly this. The escapees are out and now on the run.
The introduction of the new FBI agent (Agent Mahone) assigned to tracking down the escapees is an excellent addition to the cast. Michael Schofield and Mahone in this season are almost locked in a battle betwwen the criminal mind, one that plays out very well on screen. Furthermore the conspiracy theory begins to unravel with interesting consequences.
The acting and direction is still superb with some great scenes from T-Bag.
Prison Break in its second season is still as addictive as the last, even more so that we see characters go their separate ways and the possibilities with regards to their actions are limited to the outside world, not to the confines of the prison where we always knew the outcome would be them breaking out.
From the looks of this, the third season is going to be an absolute corker.
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on 26 August 2007
Prison Break Season 2 is a notch lower than its predecessor despite the addictive viewing factor and strong characterization;
Every character has a driving force - something that makes them act in abnormal situations so as to experience the normal lives they crave for.
However, there are so many twists in this second offing and some of them really defy logic - I can understand that audiences do no constantly want to be fed the same fodder but there are times when some situations border on the necessity of stupendous human strength, and buckets full of luck.
I would recommend that this highly priced DVD be rented rather than bought. Because of the strong suspense factor, Prison Break has a difficult repeat value watchability however good the show maybe. A bit like '24' in that sense.
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