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on 23 March 2014
Done my research before I purchased this tree and was not disappointed. By far the best value for money there is out there. Although it is shipped from Germany it arrived in 4 days. Make sure you copy the image to aid you in building the tree as the instructions could be better. But as soon as you complete the first box you begin to work it out. It is large so make your you have done your measurements. Great value if you compare with the ones in pet super stores. You get a good robust tree that my very large Brittish shot hair silver tabby can climb all over without any fear of falling. If you are looking for a large tree look no further.
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on 22 December 2014
Didn't think it would get delivered this quickly.Took me about 2.5 hours to put it up, wasn't over complicated. Slightly shaky but in general quite robust for its height!

I have a clingy cat who does go on it when we are busy with housework. She started scratching it the next day we put it up. It made me laugh when I saw her chase her toy mouse to the top platform and the surprise on her little face because of the height! A great place for cat to run up and down.
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on 3 February 2013
I bought this tree as it was tall, and cheaper than a lot of the others on the market. It arrived earlier than the delivery estimates, and although the assembly instructions were useless, it wasn't too difficult to put together. My two Bengal cat absolutely love the tree - it's tall enough for them to have to put in a bit of effort to climb, and the boxes are large enough for them to sleep in. It's sturdy and hasn't required bracketing to the wall. I would definitely recommend this product.
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on 30 April 2015
This is absolutely wonderful and I can confirm it is still in beautiful working order 2 years after purchase (despite a lot of use from a couple of boisterous kitties). I'm just delighted with it and highly recommend it!! It provides hours of climbing, jumping, resting and 'hide and seek' possibilities.
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on 20 March 2014
Not only a high quality cat tree, that serves its purpose well, but this seller is highly customer focused, efficient, and sets a great example for other sellers to follow.

The cat tree is great fun to build; if you follow the instructions, it's not difficult - it just requires concentration. It's well worth the effort though!

Word of warning - make sure you build it in the room you want to use it in! It might be too tall to move from one location to another, once it's built ;-)
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on 5 January 2014
Cat scratchers are often low-quality, insubstantial devices; a one-shot option to part the cat lover from their money at the checkout and then clutter up the house with a disinterested feline looking on or playing in the box.

This one was different. On arrival the 30Kg box hints at something quite solid, and assembly was easy thanks to clear instructions and labeled components. Some variations may be possible during construction, so it's worth bearing in mind your cats' needs - if you have two, they may both want to be on the same level so the offered layout of two cat baskets at different positions may not work.

Once assembled, the structure is solid enough for two adult bengals to fight over who gets to go in the top cave. That's impressive - and the upper support is not vital to this stability, though it is recommended if your ceilings are low enough. Everything is well designed, the screws recessed and rounded, the rope and sisal well attached. After several months and one house move it is still as solid as the day it was assembled.

The cats did, of course, play in the box, but once we'd stopped messing with the cat tree and left it completed, they were instantly all over it - scratching on the long post, sleeping in the soft basket, hiding in the middle and generally arguing over who got the best, warmest spots. Despite a flat appearance the soft cat baskets are extremely robust, coping with the two cats sharing a basket on rare occasions.

For the money this makes a mockery of the things found in garden centres and pet stores in the UK where the screws pull out, the sisal unravels and the whole setup is unstable, Don't hesitate - if you have cats and want an activity centre for them, this is better than trying out several 'slightly cheaper' ones and looks like it will last years.
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on 27 December 2013
We have 2 kittens aged 8 months with great personalities who love this cat scratcher!!!! It is an ideal product if you have more than one cat. The 2 of them interact with each other on this product all day & cause all sorts of mayhem. Its very sturdy & very tall & built to last & is great value for money considering the smaller yet more expensive items they sell in places like Pets At Home. I wouldnt buy this item if I had one cat & if you do then dont expect your lazy cat to suddenly transform into a lively one, people seem to write unfair negative reviews on Amazon all because you buy products then discover your cat isnt interested in cat tunnels, toys, scratchers etc etc etc.........

This item would get 5 stars if the instructions were a bit better, they are terribly illustrated but if you are half decent at DIY then it shouldnt be too difficult to assemble. There was also a screw missing & the small bag the screws/nuts were inside was already bust open when we opened up the box, we also found an item inside the box which has absolutely nothing to do with the product?!?!?!?! All in all I would recommend this product highly & if it wasnt for the couple of small discrepencies then it would have got 5 stars no problem. Hope this review helps.....
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on 4 March 2011
Ordered last weekend, its now Friday and the tree is here and fully assembled!
All components present and correct, assembly was easy with no issues.
Scratcher is very large, exactly what we wanted for two lively cats, it is well made and exceptionally sturdy.
Can see them getting many years vigorous use out of this, and the beige material means despite its size it is quite unobtrusive in our modern lounge.

Amazed at the price, seeing as small tatty, basic scratching posts go for 30 quid in pet stores, this is just astonishing value.

Rarely leave feedback - had to for this, seriously impressed.
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on 12 July 2013
This is a lovely cat tree. Nice and sturdy. I recommend that you carefully check the measurements including height before you buy, it's very large. Excellent value for money when you compare to the cost of the little cat trees in the pet shops. My kittens are fascinated, now that they have worn themselves out climbing, scratching and chewing they have gone fast to sleep in one of the little fluffy baskets. I thought the colour might look plain when I unpacked it, but actually it makes the cat tree blend in with the living room nicely. In retrospect I'm quite pleased I didn't buy a big red one, or one covered in paw print patterns!
Only negative, as so many others have stated, are the terrible instructions. The columns are labelled, take care not to wipe the little stickers off as you unpack. Best bet is to get a picture off Amazon as that will help. It does go together you just have to get the right columns in the right places. Beautiful tree once you've figured it out, your cat is sure to love it. Ideal for multi cat household (lots of levels and little houses). Highly recommended!
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on 1 April 2014

Its tall! Really tall! but doesn't take much space. Instructions are quite hard at the beginning but I really enjoyed putting it together actually. Just make sure you build it where it's going to live otherwise good luck moving it.

Great product for the money only issue is you may have to drill and pin the rope attachment came out of its holder instantly. That and the hammock is a bit of a disaster if you don't bend the s clips closed.
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