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on 19 April 2011
I bought this headset in the summer mainly for playing FPS games on my xbox.
Initially it was easy to set up and seemed to function well.
It wears down batteries at a reasonable rate, but there have been times where it's cut out halfway through a game, even though the batteries weren't very old.

This is a wireless headset in that it does not connect to the TV, but it does have a wire leading from the controller to it for the microphone.
This is not a huge deal, but can be surprising for some people.
My wire didn't work to start with, so I had to swap the ends round and then it did work, but the sensitivity on the microphone is really poor.
When you have the mic plugged in, you can adjust the volume of the voices of you friends or teammates who you are listening to, but the sensitivity on my wire is very poor; it is either too quiet to be heard or far too loud.
I don't know if this is universal, or just that my wire is faulty, but it is very annoying; if you have this problem try changing the settings on your console.

This is a fair bit of money to spend on a gaming accessory, but it does give you a huge advantage in online multiplayer games; I noticed my performance going up immediately.
The sound quality is fairly good, sometimes there is noticeable static if you have the volume quite low, but usually this is not noticeable.
It is also useful to watch films late at night if you don't want to wake anybody up.

To those who are thinking of buying this; there are several other gaming headsets which I would prefer, but for this price, this is probably the best you can get and if you're considering whether to get a headset at all, definitely get one, they are really very useful.

Overall I'm really glad I bought these, they haven't broken and apart from the microphone sensitivity, they've really worked well.
I hope this review was helpful to you.
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on 15 March 2012
Got this for the other half and to say he was over the moon is an understatement, he had been after some of these for ages so for xmas i treayed him, he even wore them home he was that chuffed lol! H e said the only downside was the soud is that good, it not only enhanced the game completely but at first distracted him from game he was playing! Once he got used to them though this passed but he never plays without them on now and has reccomended to all his fellow gaming mates, top marks for value and quality, and deffo girlfriend brownie points for me hehe!
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on 29 March 2017
Does as it should, Recommended.
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on 20 August 2014
Great price fast delivery
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on 2 November 2009
When you want to play without disturbing family or neighbours these are the headphones to have. With no wires lying across the floor and excellent range. The sound quality is excellent and hearing yourself speak is great so your not shouting. Batteries last for a long time with these as well.
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on 28 December 2009
I was very positively impressed by the sound quality of X31 - Absolutely clear and with no granularity at all. This is a light and confortable headset to use confortably for long periods, also due to the soft and high quality fabrics that make the ear pads. I was afraid but had no problem at all with any kind of radio interference with my wireless router (N) which is about 1 meter distance from the headset transmiter.

The only thing I wish it could be better is the fact that when the batteries are nearly exhausted, disturbing sounds may occur in the headset but I would not rate this as a drawback since this is not the normal operation. Definitively recommended.
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on 10 November 2010
This is a very good headset can hear soooo much more compared to TV speakers (on COD you can hear things from other side of the map) the sound tracking on this is excellent, if there are noises to the left of you, you'll hear them through the left speaker and get louder/quieter depending on distance. the mic is really good just don't have it too close to ur mouth as it'll be too loud for the people your talking to, also being able to hear yourself is excellent i thought it'd be stupid but works really well! Takes about 2 minutes to setup, annoying thing is if you have a wireless adapter in the rear usb you have to plug the reciever in the front usb. Also these headphones are extremely comfy hardly notice wearing them for hours. now the downsides... batteries dont last very long if you play your xbox as much as me (9+ hours a day) they last about a day then noise becomes crackly and very annoying, so would suggest getting rechargeable batteries so you don't spend loads on normal batteries (AAA) last downside is the price, but the quality of the product in my opinion it is worth the price, I can just put these headphones on and just zone out for hours on end without being disturbed, if you play games a lot then buy them you won't regret it, if youre casual gamer don't buy them in my opinion. Yet to see how they do in the long run but they are very good quality and can see them lasting for years.
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on 18 November 2010
The headphones sound great and since getting them I have hardly played without them. You hear things you don't when playing the sound through the TV. The sound effects are not that necessary, the wide stereo mode tends to lower speech and the bass boost loses clarity in the lower frequencies.
I had some issues with popping/clicking sounds and the sound dropping for a split second. After a bit of a search online I found out the problem was my router. So I tried it without the router turned on and the problems stopped; obviously this is no good for online gaming. There are two types of router Type R and Type G. I was able to revert to an old wireless G router. I have since found out that you can switch your router settings from 'Wireless N' mode to 'Wireless G' modeTurtle Beach Wireless Headset Ear Force X31 (Xbox 360)
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on 30 January 2010
I started looking for slight upgrade for the standard 360 headset, and eventually managed to convince myself this was a justified purchase!

In short, if you are serious about your games then this is a great accessory to own. It was easy to setup and is a pleasure to use.

The headset is light and comfortable.

Bass range is good, although I found lower settings were better.

Chat function is far superior to original unit.

Overall this is a great product, it is just the price which gives it a 4* rating rather than a 5*. If you can affort this product then I would definitely recommend it.
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on 4 January 2011
I purchased this head set as a gift for my fiancé for Christmas and he was more than thrilled with this product - as am I.

I did purchase this headset in the knowledge that my fiancé is really into his gaming - and I had read alot of reviews that said wearing these really improves your game - which my fiancé did agree with.

Firsty - we had this headset up and running in a few minutes. They are very quick and easy to set up. You get two cables and a tiny modem - one cable plugs into the back of the tv and the other is a USB connection into the xbox. The modem is powered by the xbox and the headset is powered by two AAA batteries ( which are included - but I suggest you change straight away as they are only demo batteries)

This headset is incredibly easy to use and one of the great things about it is that you can even watch tv etc with them on - they pick up whatever station you are watching which is handy - since I'm a full time student and constantly having to get my fiancé to turn the tv down when I am studying (another plus in purchasing this headset - they cancel out sound from tv - so you get crisp high quality sound of both your game/tv and your friends in chat in the headset) The left earpiece of the headset has all of the controls, the power on/off button , an effects booster button and of course your volume control. Your mic is also attached to this side. The headset comes with another connection wire for connecting the headset to your xbox controller for the purposes of using the chat function - but it is not necessary to have this plugged in at all times unless you are chatting - the headset works independantly without the need to be plugged into the controller.

The sound quality from the headset is incredible - although on the second day of use we were having some wireless issues and we were getting nothing but static in the headset - however this was quickly rectified by a change of battery and check on the connections - and we have not had the same problem since.

* Cancels out sound of tv so I can study and he can game in true 360 fashion - gaming as it should be :)
* Can be used while watching tv
* Easy to set up and operate
* Comfortable to wear

* Battery operated - so probably a good idea to invest in a rechargable battery pack. In saying that we have been using this headset for over a week and the batteries are not low yet despite reading a bunch of reviews that said the pretty much eat up batteries.
* Power on / off button. The headset does not switch off automatically when the xbox / tv is powered off - so it is easy to forget to switch them off - this could be the reason that people are finding their batteries are running out so quickly - but as long as you remember to switch off the headset - you should have very little problems.


I am delighted I purchased this headset from Amazon. Not only did I save at least 20 purchasing through Amazon - but the product arrived very quickly and packaged safely. The Turtle Beach x31's have definatley exceeded my expectations - they are easy to use, comfortable to wear and definatley worth the money for the quality of sound and functionality.
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