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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 8 March 2013
I tend to lean toward the older end of the music timeline nowadays but once in a while I hear some tunes that I think deserve a few more moments of my time. I love to listen to Daft Punk, 80's electronica, some modern dance, even David Guetta has become a regular on my playlist so a friend of mine tipped me a wink toward deadmau5. Having listened I immediately bought two more albums and I can honestly say, have not looked back. Mellow, soulful tunes, some 8 bit type tunes for us indie gamers and some cracking dance tracks. Each album usually has the remixed track containing every track from the album, so you can just fire it up and listen to it as one long track. Perfectly crafted music by the big eared one, again.
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on 6 October 2009
Who needs an album title when you're music sounds like this? Over the last few months Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, has been steadily growing in demand as both a DJ and producer. He has written some of the summer's best dance tunes and in recent years has collaborated on awarding winning tracks like `All U Ever Want' with Newton-Davis and `After Hours' with Melleefresh. Last year he released his debut album called `Random Album Title' which was hailed with critical acclaim and was rewarded by a number one in the US Billboard Magazine's Hot Dance Airplay chart. In 2009 he has been heavily in demand as a live DJ performing headline slots at Oxegen, Leeds and Reading as well as Creamfields. This is Deadmau5' year and it's not over yet since he has just released his second album `For Lack of a Better Name'.

The album then starts with a lovely drum roll and echoing bass hits like cannon fire before it cracks into the majesty of `FML'. This is a taste of the dance credentials that will swell throughout the rest of the album. It has a persistent but not unoriginal beat and a nice break half way through the track, as well as moments that break the whole atmosphere down to nicely show off a lead line before building it all back to another break. `Moar Ghosts `N' Stuff' is named as though it should just be a lead in to the storming single of almost the same name. Instead Deadmau5 fills this track with some really nice moments. It is a strong bit of electro/dance in its own right. It has a useful beat and nice hook with some subtle little touches and variations that keep you guessing as to what might happen next. The previously mentioned `Ghosts `N' Stuff' featuring Pendulum's Rob Swire then kicks in and it sounds as glorious in your living room as it does in any club. The reason that it works so well in the club and at home is that in the club it has a really strong beat, brilliant use of an organ sample for the main hook and a great uplifting vocal to top it. On the other hand it works at home because it balances and follows on from the previous track beautifully as well as being a brilliant bit of production.

So three tracks down and ready for more then? `Hi Friend!' featuring MC Flipside starts off in fine electro style with cheeky little cut off guitar samples, a rising synth line and vocals which match with increasing pitch. You could probably ignore what the lyrics actually are and pay more attention to extra dimension they add to the track as a whole. It's great fun. `Bot' then exaggerates a trick that Deadmau5 uses throughout the album. He takes beat and builds it a bit before dropping you straight into a quiet moment that is lead by a single hook before sharply throwing you back into the preceding beat and building it all back up again. It's a really nice trick and strangely doesn't really get boring. `Word Problems' then opens with slow handclaps and a gradually growing beat that develops once more into something recognisably Deadmau5 with a friendly bouncing hook as accompaniment.

The last four tracks then play out in what by now has been established to be a recognisably Deadmau5 style. Zimmerman however does not allow it to get monotonous. `Soma' is filled with strange tinkling and bouncing lead line lines and has a fantastic moment of relaxation halfway through with a beautifully epic piano section. The title track is pleasantly trancey from the start and would likely work well in a darkened room of a Friday night. It's not really one to zone out from and relax at home to with your coffee though. `The 16th Floor' starts in a strangely haunting mood and swells through the fuzz into a strong electro/trance track once more. It has moments of widescreen epic wonder hinted at throughout as they swirl into view and disappear just as rapidly in Deadmau5' break/build/break style. It is an intriguing trick here since the highs are used to drive the beat on to greater and greater intensity before fading back into the background to leave it to work its magic alone. The album then closes out with `Strobe' which is a beautifully still track at the end of all the intense madness gently sweeping you home at the end of a long evening.

So ultimately Deadmau5 has succeeded in making a very unique album of consistently high standards. It is undeniably him throughout, it doesn't really get boring and there are some moments of truly epic electro/trance. Welcome to the year of the Mau5.
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Mice are, on the whole, annoying, frivolous and unnecessary creatures.
Of little use to man or beast - or Wolf come to that!
An unsatisfyingly meagre meal and notoriously difficult to digest.

Now that the nights are growing colder they arrive in their dozens
seeking warmth and sustenance in our cave. It is mostly a nuisance.
Other than Scatty and Gritz (the cubs) recruiting them as, somewhat
unwilling, playmates, they serve no useful purpose whatsoever.

Not so Deadmau5 (just loving that "5"!) - aka Joel Zimmerman when
in human form; a Canadian DJ, Producer and Composer.

His new album 'For Lack Of A Better Name' delivers some fine tunes.
In fact, there is much that it is possible to dance to here (I have
put this to the test when I thought nobody was watching but am sure
I heard Mrs Wolf giggling in the kitchen on more than one occasion!)

The beats are BIG; the bass subsonically intense; the musical
ideas, though hardly original, are none-the-less intelligent.
None moreso than opening track 'FML' which sets the bar pretty high
and then struggles elsewhere to deliver similar energy or complexity.
It is a demonically raucous percussive composition whose
interlacing sections generate visceral excitement and electricity.
Music for a house party in Hell!

'Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff' and 'Ghosts 'n' Stuff' (the latter featuring a heavily
vocoder'd Mr Swire) are both uplifting stomping and storming highlights.

'Hi Friend' would have been a whole lot better without MC Flipside's vocal
interventions - "All systems go out on the floor-this is what you came here for"
- I said...a WHOLE LOT better!

'Soma' chugs along happily in its own company. Going nowhere nicely.
So too, 'Lack Of A Better Name', a trancey groove which would doubtless
come even more alive after a few pints of strong lager and a kebab.

Closing track 'Strobe' takes more time to build its case.
The delightful ambient opening developing eventually into
a persuasive and powerfully uplifting melodic finale.

S&G came home from a craft session at school today wearing
matching-mau5 headgear. Another week - another trend.
They are the sons of their father after all....!

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on 24 November 2009
I was so disappointed with this deadmau5 album.

There is a lot more techno influence on it compared to the mainly house sound of the his first album (Random Album Title), which would be a wonderful thing if he was good at making techno, but in my opinion he isn't. I gave the whole thing a fair listen and found about 20 minutes of decent music beyond track 7.

Randon Album Title was one of the first electronic albums in ages that i've been truly excited about - i think it's one of the best ever made - so i was expecting a lot from the follow-up. But it's mostly average, sometimes silly, and only occasionally interesting.

Which is a shame!
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on 20 May 2016
I know this isn't many peoples favourite Deadmau5 album, but I found this perfect, In my opinion, this beats 4x4=12, as there are less vocals, and I like the fact that this is more minimalistic that most of his other albums, for the CD it has a nice case, and came undamaged. Overall 8/8
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on 8 November 2010
i only liked about 4 or 5 of the tracks: ghosts n stuff, hi friend!, bot (sort of), 16th hour and strobe.
probably liked the last 2 tracks the most.
everything else just builds up to nothing....except FML which i just dont like.
still someone else's review says they're just gonna listen to it in their car. perfect for that i think. unless your feeling tired. perfect for barry laps round town drinking a beer or sat in a carpark living it up lol
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on 31 October 2009
I bought this album of the back of one track 'Strobe'(Zane Lowe-Radio 1) which I thought was fantastic!! Unfortunately, its the only good track on the whole album..... 'Deadmau5' is producing the sort of music anyone could come up with if they locked themselves away in there bedroom with a Yamaha-DX5 and a drum machine for long enough! Its old, regular electronic music, that has no progression and breaks no boundaries what so ever. Every now and then an artist will stumble across something that is worth listening to.... and in the case of 'Deadmau5' 'Strobe' is it!! By all means listen to his stuff on 'YouTube', coz there are a handful of tracks that are worth your time...... but do what I SHOULD have done and only download the 3 or 4 tracks that are any good from the Amazon mp3 down loader.
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on 14 January 2011
Not quite as good as the first album 'Random Album Title' but still worth buying.

The new album '4 x 4 = 12' is amazing aswell.
That would have 5 stars but I didn't get it off Amazon.
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on 13 January 2013
Truly magnificent album. Just need a better sound system to handle the earth shaking bass!!! Just need to see Deadmau5 live now.
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on 23 November 2010
A great album for people new to the Genre or wanting to discover Deadmau5, I also recomend "Random Album Title"!!!
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