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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 March 2010
Like Adam, I have Asperger's, and I want to review this film from that basis. It is essentially a romantic comedy: Adam, who having lost his father, lies alone with the typical regimented lifestyle of someone with Asperger's. This is thrown into disarray with the arrival of Beth, his upstairs neighbour, to whom he feels attraction and wants to get to know better. The awkwardness of their interactions (and Adam's painful emergence into the world of restaurants, theatres, and parties) is gentle, amusing, and extremely realistic. Whilst everyone with Asperger's is an individual, I recognised Adam's behaviours and attitudes from my own. The indictment of Beth's father on charges of dishonesty make her rethink the qualities of honesty and integrity that Asperger's brings to Adam and strengthens their bond. However, when things get difficult for Beth, she turns on Adam and his Asperger behaviour and curses both him and his condition. For me, this was painful as people with Asperger's are governed by the condition - Asperger's is not something that can be switched on and off as events determine. What might, on occasions, seem sweet or cute can, at other times, seem disrespectful and unfeeling. Whilst I found the mirror held to my condition painful, the film was very honest in this regard. (For the record, I saw the situation from Adam's viewpoint - which I think might differ from others watching the film without Asperger's?) Ultimately, the film works and, even if you know nothing of the condition, you'll take something from it. For those that want to understand Asperger's better - perhaps because, like Beth, you have met someone with the condition - it will show you what we are like, for good and bad. Just don't expect us to have the same understanding of what constitutes good and bad as you.
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on 12 July 2010
Haveing Aspergers my slef i think this film shows a really good pretral of what aspertges is. And the acivemnts that a person with aspergers really can creat for them selves.
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VINE VOICEon 25 October 2009
This is the sort of romantic comedy which has reviewers looking up the thesaurus for synonyms of gentle and whimsical. However these are the perfect words to describe the film.

Adam has Asperger's syndrome and the film is essentially the story of his relationship with a neighbour Beth. I can't say, as I simply do not have the experience, whether this is an accurate portrayal of the condition. All I can say is that Hugh Dancy plays the part very well. The character generally comes across as charming, if a bit odd, rather than the space ball type portrayed by Hoffmann in Rain Man.

The gap between Adam's way of looking at the world and Beth's provides quite a lot of gentle humour, without this being a hugely hilarious film.

This is not a masterpiece, nor unlike similar movies does it have any such pretensions. It is simply quite a pleasant little film that entertains without leaving a profound effect on the viewer.
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on 27 October 2009
Not going to set the world alight, but if like me you have Aspergers, then it is a real insight into how you can 'look' to the outside world and the difficulties it can create.
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on 9 December 2010
Adam is a 29 year old man with Aspergers Syndrome, a high functioning form of Autism. What this means becomes clear in the film itself. The film follows a developing relationship between Adam and a new neighbour Beth through hardships of life.

Having watched several films concerning differently abled individuals or individuals with additional needs I was a little hesistant about watching this film. However it is so very much better than you can expect.

The film is an emotional and enjoyable watch throughout; however I must admit, I am perhaps more emotionally connected than most, myself closely knowing an adult with Aspergers. However this means I can also tell you, if you are not just looking for a moving film but also to be more informed about the condition, the portrayal in this film, both through the fantastic acting and the scripting, is shockingly realistic and faultess.

Hope this helps.
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on 23 August 2010
Remember Petula Clark singing this song way back in the 60's? Adam might not be colouring his world with sunshine everyday, but he definetely pictured his own reality. Many puns and over/understatements passed him by or he took them literally. Him taking life at face-value provided for a hidden-agenda-free existence. Hugh Dancy did a brilliant job portraying a lad suffering from asperger syndrome. He let me be drawn into Adam's world and made me aware, physically (tears, pit in my stomach) as well as mentally, of the sheer loneliness and dispair Adam must have encountered when interacting with other people. Due to Hugh's stunning performance I somehow got close to Adam. I consider him to be a fine young man, free from that blatant desire to want to have one over on the other, which has become more or less commonplace in our society. The Adam I got to know is a downright honest man, a kind man and a man who treats his fellowman with respect. Pity his 'antennas' are tuned differently from most humans. I reckon there are many Adams about. Thanks to this film I'd advice anyone - and here speaks the voice of experience - to listen to an Adam close by. Really listen, that is. You may be surprised by the wonderful colours of his - or her - world. For this, your Adam will feel understood and less lonely and you'll feel better in the process. Back to Adam as picture; Hugh Dancy outshone the rest of the cast. As for the plot; thirteen to the dozen. Still 5 stars due to the emotions 'Adam' provoked in me.
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on 3 November 2009
The greatest achievement for individuals like Adam is to learn how to live in this world. A lesson we all have to go through but in this story we see a young man who is genuinely different, almost painfully different and we are moved through out the whole film by Adams journey to find a place in life, till he finally knows how to stand on his own.

The story of Adam strikes a cord in us and evokes only happy feelings and thoughts for the finer things in life, largely ones spiritual place in the world and how we can make a difference.
Adams world is still touched by wonder, magic and a childlikeness which has a wisdom most adults can't help but loose. That is the gift for those who have a slightly off centre perception of the world, they are closer to the truth of things and that is the story of Adam, one of growth, the search for acceptance, of love, a place in the world and for those of us lucky enough to know and befriended characters like Adam our lives have only been enriched as we can now see what we hadn't before and we are better people for it as well.

The film makers treated the story of Adam with obvious respect, and this film was not only a romantic film but a reflection of a little known narrative about those who can't help but be different and though that narrative may seem overly cute and simplistic, I can tell you, it is very close to the reality but most don't identify with it because most run the race and then there are those who can't help but run their own race and they are the ones to listen out for, in many ways their story carries a genuinely wonderful and refreshing message which is truly liberating.

This title will come out on BLUE RAY DVD eventually in this country and I for one would prefer it in this format as some of the photography was stunning.
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on 2 May 2014
This film is a bit of a non-event really, and despite the fact that I didn't think Rose Byrne was the right choice of actress to play her character, it wasn't really the choice of actors that failed this film. Hugh Dancy was great but there was no real story in this movie. If this was a book, it would be something like this: he said, she said, then he did this and she did that. The end. Very disappointing.
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on 5 October 2015
Great film, arrived perfect condition and no scratches.

When I say lifechanging, I mean it and not in the cheesy sense. This helped me gain the strength to go to university. It has also helped 'neurotypicals' empathise with autistics and lets them understand their day to day toil. It is great an effective in portraying autism in a sensitive and accurate way.

The acting is incredibly strong. Hugh Dancy shines, making many people ask me if he really is autistic! I don't know about that, but I've seen him in other roles and know how he can be the complete opposite in films.

Boy meets girl has been done before, but when you add autism it becomes something more. This becomes a realistic exploration in forming friendships with someone who doesn't quite understand what it all means for him.
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on 28 December 2013
It's an entertaining film which tries to depict Assperger life in a Hollywood format. Should probably be avoided by those who live with Aspergers . I found it simplified the difficulties I experience (I married an adult Aspie man, I didn't leave him) and left me feeling that it trivialized the problems that we face everyday with Aspergers syndrome in general. Whilst it did make me smile at times...I was left feeling rather tearful as I wish our life and the lives of all Aspies 'suffers' was that simple.
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