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on 3 March 2010
After bying a new Samsung slimline TV and prefering to route TV sound via my Denon amp and Mission speakers I was dismayed to find that my new TV had only optical/digital audio output with my amp having analogue audio input. Added to this was the fact that in order for the Samsung designers to fit speakers into such a slim chassis they had to compromise on audio quality with the inbuilt speakers sounding tinny and totally lacking in bass. Then I stumbled across this little gem of a product. No bigger than a matchbox this little DAC takes the output from the TV and converts it to analogue for input to an audio amp. Just the job and on top of that the sound quality is brilliant. Highly recommended.
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on 22 November 2009
Just to echo D Preston's superb account of this device. I too bought a 42" lcd tv which I wanted to connect to my PS3 and through my stereo amplifier. After alot of head scratching I came across this little device and the above review which fitted my problem perfectly. Now wired up PS3 to tv via hdmi, from tv via optical cable to CYP DCT-3 and then phono to amp. Well worth the money.
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on 11 November 2009
Now, this little joker may just be the answer to your problem! Have you just invested £££s in a nice, new lcd/led television - like one of the superb Samsung models currently available? Perhaps you find the sound a bit lacking and 'thin' due to the style of the cabinet. And maybe you don't want to splash more money out on a 'Home Cinema' audio set-up. Or perhaps, like me, you prefer stereo sound instead of being surrounded by your audio. You may already own a fine stereo amplifier - like a Quad, Teac or one of the many others available - but alas, you find these are equipped only with RCA ('phono') sockets or even DIN sockets and your lovely new tele only has an 'optical' audio output. This little box is just what you want! Complete with its own mains-to-5volt power supply you can plug in your optical lead and convert this to phono outputs which will interface with your hi-fi amplifier. And the results are good. Very good. The device is built (well) into a small box which has a small, sub-miniature coaxial power socket into which you plug the 5-volt output from a 'wall-wart' type power supply. If you are a skilled electronics engineer I guess you could build a power supply into either your amplifier or even the tv using a voltage regulator and dispense with the external power supply. DON'T ATTEMPT THIS, THOUGH UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING! ASIDE FROM DAMAGING YOUR TV OR AMPLIFIER THERE IS A REAL DANGER OF PERSONAL INJURY OR EVEN DEATH!

******MARCH2012******* and just a little note to add that this adapter is still going strong, has never given a moment's trouble and carries on doing what it is supposed to do! Altogether a most satisfactory purchase from 2009.
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on 6 June 2010
Bought this to give me a clean signal from the optical output of my Macbook Pro as it's analogue output is pretty awful. Plugged it in and away we went. Lovely clean, rich sound (and I've been a professional sound designer for 22 years so I'm picky). Would recommend wholeheartedly.
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on 29 May 2012
Recently bought an LG led cinema tv and was shocked there was no standard audio out to plug in normal phono leads, L and R cable. I did not wish to invest more money on a surround sound system when I have a perfect working order Technics hi- fi. I tried connecting SCART to phono leads, headphone output to phono leads with no output to the hi-fi at all. SCART from sky box to hi- fi worked but that meant I could only source sound from Sky.

Bought this converter with Toslink digital cable, connect this to converter, phono leads from converter to hi-fi and it works a dream with any device used on the tv. Problem solved and only took 5 minutes to set up. I do have to turn the amp to a much higher volume to obtain usual level of output but otherwise fine. If you face a similar issue buy this.
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on 3 June 2010
My new tv only outputs audio for whatever is on screen on it's optical output, and my amplifier only has analogue inputs. This little digital to analogue converter is the perfect solution. No set up required, just plug in the audio connections and power adaptor and you're away.

Sound quality is great and it's so small it just tucks away behind all the other gubbins.

One thing to beware of, there is a slight delay using digital to analogue converters so lip synch will be very fractionally out if you're watching telly (unless you find a way to tweak this on your set top box or telly) but it's very slight.

Great product, great price and speedy delivery.
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on 11 August 2010
Well,what to say about this small kit,it's just flawless,easy to set up,but be warned,the adapter to switch it to 5V is a direct adapter connector,so,I had to buy a so called travel-plug to get it work !
My only suggestion to Cablesson is,make this with two optical inputs and four analog outputs,then it would be even better!
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on 2 February 2012
I bought this to hook my Apple TV (optical audio output) up to my old hifi (analogue rca input) for when I wanted to listen to music without having the TV on. This little box fits the bill perfectly, plug and play. The only real problem I had was the power LED was a tad bright for the bedroom, soon fixed with a little black insulation tape though and doesn't deserve a demerit.

Overall I'm delighted with the purchase.
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on 12 March 2012
This neat little box was a life saver.....so to speak! I'd just bought a new TV, which I'd intended to link up to my 12 year old, but still great sounding Sony AV amp/receiver. The Curry's staff (Amazon didn't stock the TV I wanted unfortunately)assured me that amongst the myriad connections on the back of the TV, I'd be able to connect it to my Sony amp. Wrong!! The TV had EVERY output EXCEPT the one I needed which was the pair of stereo left/right RCA's. I wasn't pleased, as everything else had hooked up OK until that final bit. Anyway, a quick search on Amazon for a possible 'digital to analogue RCA converter' (hoping there was such a thing) turned up several suitable boxes including this one. I also sourced a digital/optical cable from them as well, crossed my fingers & sent off the order. Due to Amazon's generous, free Prime trial offer, they were both with me the next morning. Fantastic! Few minutes later, had everything connected and thankfully my TV's sound was coming through my Sony amp. Phew, what a relief! This is a tiny, well-made box of tricks that does exactly what it says on the tin (well leaflet, anyway!). If you happen to have an older-type AV amp that still delivers the goods sound-wise, but lacks the latest type of digital connectivity, one of these converters will do the job and save you paying out for a new amp if you don't really need one. Would have been nice if Currys had advised me correctly regarding this, rather than just concentrating on trying to sell me a Wi-Fi dongle, expensive HDMi cable, extended replacement warranty (because "often these latest TV's cannot be repaired"....! What!!) and a bigger TV stand......none of which I needed. Never mind....all was OK in the end. Thanks Amazon.
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on 2 March 2012
This is an excellent little product. What the picture doesn't show you is that it comes in a professional-looking box (including magnetic catches), and that the casing of the product itself is matt-finished metal. So it's sturdy and solid.

The all-in-one power supply sticks out at the bottom rather like a mobile phone charger, so if you have low-set sockets you may find it tricky to plug in.

I bought this to run Neet® - 1m - TOSlink Digital Optical Audio Cable - LightWave DT4 pro FLX lead - SPDIF - Precision Digital Audio from my New Apple TV to an NAD amplifier. Set-up was easy: Toslink cable from ATV to the box, standard RCA red/white leads to the amp, power supply to the box.

Initially I thought it was a dud - the sound was badly distorted, with hisses and crackles at peak volumes. Then I had a look at the ATV sound settings and switched sound output and Dolby Digital both to Auto. Bingo - clear, crisp, well-rounded sound without the horrible imbalances I was previously getting playing Airtunes via HDMI into the TV.

Very impressed - I've only had it for half an hour or so and already I've been inspired to write this review!
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