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on 15 November 2011
I said goodbye to my 12 year old Breville Blender, that had been a stalwart in the kitchen, because parts were no longer available and was attracted by the Warranty on this Philips Robust.
Philips provide a long warranty with this blender, which after reading some of the reviews that express dissatisfaction with their customer service, I sincerely hope proves to be an honourable one. Other than the warranty there is not a great deal that makes this blender stand out from others, in fact when comparing performance with cheaper blenders this one is very overpriced. I bought it at it's reduced price which was a saving grace.
It appears to be well built although there are some surprising areas where Philips have used plastic, for example the cogging system that engages the jug with the motor, however, and this is the most important feature all blender users are concerned with, IT DOES NOT REDUCE FRUIT SUCH AS STRAWBERRIES OR RASPBERRIES TO A SMOOTH PULP. The blender performs, in this respect, no different to any other blender. Maybe some users have discovered 'Super Berries' but mine, irrespective of state of ripeness 'DO NOT BLITZ INTO A SMOOTH LIQUID'
I have had to accept, for over 30 years, bits from berries in my homemade shakes and smoothies and this Philips Robust is no different to any other. It's only plus point in performance is its slow startup, which reduces initially the spray up the jug effect.
A final point for all potential buyers to note, and also for the 'Philips Design Team' is that the pouring lip profile is far too small and therefore causes drips. Wake up Philips, sometimes you must not sacrifice function for form.
Would I recommend this blender as a potential value item, NO, save at least £100 and buy any.
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on 29 January 2013
I have had this blender for a while now, think that it is very expensive blender but at first seemed to be worth the price.. however after using it for some time I have noticed a few problems with the machines, for example it is very difficult to clean, the bottom parts of my machine, which have only been stuck on by glue have started to fall off and the glass jar that is very heavy, even though this is very good, is very expensive to replace if anything happens to this...

it is great that phillips offer such a long warranty on this blender however there do seem to be some hiccups with the machine and all in all I think it is a very expensive product for what it is...

my machine has stopped and started itself on a few occasions as well

all in all I have not a problem with blending things such as cashew cheese or anything like this in the machine .. however I have noticed that sometimes you need to add some extra water to the product you are blending to get the mixture to blend well

I do wish that they would provide a spare jug with this blender.. all in all this is not a bad blender, but I think there are better blenders out theres
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on 31 January 2014
after 1 year of daily usage still running strong!! the blades are sharp the blender going strong.. all i can say is that i am extremely happy with the purchase...!!! thank you
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on 21 April 2012
My previous 1100W Krups Expert KB7207 broke down 3 times. Then I got the money back.
The Philips blender is simply fantastic. Just put ALL the ingredients in the blender an select "Auto". Then the blender does the rest.
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on 24 June 2010
Couldn't wait for Amazon to get their stock in, bought from Harts of Stur (excellent service BTW).

This time, the item works perfectly and has already seen solid use. The motor does smell a bit during use, but the manual says that this is normal and will go away with time.
Auto mode is a genius insight - it's a real drag when you hit the power switch on a blender and the contents shoot up the walls and cling to the lid - Auto mode solves that problem, starting slowly and building speed. With the 2 blades chopping away, you get good results in a few seconds. For example, zero to perfectly blended breakfast berry and muesli smoothie in about 15 seconds.
There will be lots of work for this item to do in the near future, and I'm looking forward to it.

I have high expectations for a lifetime of service from this appliance - given the solid build and long guarantee period (and the price premium).

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Bought this item and the juicer Philips HR1881/00 Robust Collection Juicer 1200Wfrom the Robust Collection for my wife's birthday present. Un-boxed both of them yesterday, and they seem like real quality items - but.

While the juicer is working perfectly - the blender worked once and then quit permanently. No obvious incident that caused it - like gears grinding or motor smoking - it just wouldn't turn on again.

Called Philips and they advised "return to Amazon" which is currently happening. Amazon is now out of stock, and there is no indication of when there will be more.
It would be nice to know something about this - I'm not asking for down to the minute promises, but something that indicates a rough amount of time would be nice and is probably easily possible - are we waiting for 3 days, 3 weeks or a year? If it's any longer than a week, I'd like to be able to get one at another vendor - being a birthday gift and all makes it time sensitive. Circumstantial problems I know, but still...
I am hoping for a happy ending with this product, it certainly worked well for the 30 seconds it did work!
Will update when there is something to update.
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on 23 September 2011
I bought this - till yesterday - wonderful blender 3 months ago and have used it almost every morning for our blue-berry shakes. I loved and adored this expensive-but-seemed-worth-it blender. It has/had a most magnificent slow start button and I recommended it to everyone. I even bought a spare jar - also rather expensive at £100 - as I was worried I would drop the (glass) jar and have a wonderful, useless blender. Now instead I have 2 lovely glass jars and a still new blender that doesn't work. Yesterday it just stopped, without a warning!! I have tried EVERYTHING, but not a spark of life. We have used it so carefully; hand-washing the jar only, very few ice-cubes at a time, never over-filling it etc.. I have by now sent 5 e mails to Philips Consumer Care and haven't heard a beep back. I am ashamed of having recommended it to friends. Another reviewer seems to have had the same problem and I would like to hear how the problem was solved. I have so far used £350 on a dead blender (this is now outside my Amazon return-time-limit - by the way, Amazon responded within minutes with all Philips' contacts).
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on 2 June 2013
I bought this blender (for 250) because I love smoothies and was willing to pay extra for one that can make them well. This blender seemed to work well at first, but after less than a year of infrequent use, it broke making an uncomplicated smoothie. After several emails to Philips and several trips to the service provider (what a pain!) it was finally repaired. After less than 8 months of again, infrequent use, it just broke again, again making a simple smoothie. The pieces connecting the blades to the motor are made of plastic and just don't seem to be up to the job. I had an <$30 Osterizer blender for about 10 YEARS that I used constantly to make the same type of smoothies, and it never broke -- I only had to replace the o-rings and the blades when they got dull (all cheap parts). This was a major disappointment. I have contacted Philips for a refund. I hope they will act in good faith.
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on 19 June 2013
I bought this blender and was super excited, until after two weeks when I turned it on and there was a pop and smoke coming out from the motor. We returned it to the store and then waited over two months for the repairs to be done. When we finally got it back, I was very happy, until of course one of the blades stopped turning blending bananas and juice?! So we took it back to the store, which then sent us to a separate repair shop which told us it wasn't covered by the warranty and it would be 100 Euro to fix the thing! So I decided to make due with one blade. Wouldn't you know, now that blade doesn't turn either. And that broke blending cut up lemons and water??!!! What a horrible blender. I will never ever ever purchase a Philips product again, especially when they can't even live up to their warranty.
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on 2 December 2011
Recent purchase of Philips Robust Blender. Great motor (could probably power a truck). Very solid build as name suggests. Bought primarily for use as 'smoothie' maker. Use also to blend curry ingredients. Twin blades handle every thing we use. Really easy to clean. As a result use every day without hesitation. Two simple, large controls, speed and pulse. Again easy to clean with nowhere for sticky gunge to hide or bung up the mechanics of machine. Lid does not clip on but the action of the twin blades seems to keep the liquid well within the jug; therefore no explosions. All in all we have only praise for this piece of craftsmanship. Highly recommended.
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on 6 August 2015
I cannot recommend this blender at all !
It is effective but there is a mechanical problem in the blender glass. I have replaced the blender glass twice. It starts to leak around the knives after a fairly short while. I even do not use it very much. The leak probably causes hygienic problems ?
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