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Ninja [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 3 February 2014
If this film came out in the 80s it would have been right up there with the American Ninja series. This is not a slight on Scott Adkins, as I think he is phenomenal talent in martial arts. There was just something missing for me in this film. All the ingredients seemed to be there. They had a lead man (Adkins) who looks and makes the part. There was just something miss for me. The film just seemed a little dated for me.

Adkins is brought up in a Ninja training school in japan. Being the only westerner he has to work harder then everyone else to earn his place there. The head boy (or best student) takes and instant dislike to him. Partly seeing him as a rival, and partly because of the attraction between Adkins and the Sensei's daughter. Not being able to control his anger at Adkins get him thrown out of the school, when he is over aggressive and uses a real sword in a sparring match.

After doing thrown out this student become more high tech version of a Ninja assassin. Complete with body armour and night vision goggles. He still uses ninja stars, but replaces the more traditional bow and arrows with guns (good choice). Yet he still wants what he feels was his, the traditional Ninja amour kept in a box in the dojo. Making his intentions know to take it by force. The box is moved to America. Adkin and the sensei's daughter are sent to guard it. Now the battle spills over to America. Complete with an evil cult of evil oil barons, with their own agenda.

Huge gore factor in this film. Absolute fountains of blood, after slashes or gunshots. The martial arts are great acrobatic displays, but the filming does look dated. If it was made in 30 years ago even with a fraction of the budget it would have been a block buster. The film was just ok for me nothing special.
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on 5 April 2010
This film is totally horrendous, and far inferior to 2009's superb 'Ninja Assassin'. Okay, there are a couple of pretty good fight sequences, but they don't make up for 90 minutes of pure drivel. Only prepubescent school boys will enjoy this movie
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on 29 August 2012
It's an 80's throwback, tipping a wink to the old martial arts pictures like the Octagon, Enter the Ninja and Pray for Death. The movie has been updated though with a decent budget and ok sets. The screenplay is well worn and a little flat if im being honest, but Scott Adkins is a decent leading man and the fight choreography is second to none. The gore factor is high on this one but not as high as Ninja Assassin.
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on 28 May 2014
i am truly a massive adkins fan and again he rocks with ninja.and for me it is nearly as good as number 2.but what number 2 has over this one is better fight and stunt choreography and less cgi gore effects,i just felt they were just a bit overdone.although i see ninja shadow of a tear first it didnt make any difference to me.i was still able to follow the story.adkins is truly the british version of jackie chan although he does not do all his own stunts.but he does do all his fight choreography and you have to also take in to consideration that the film company insurance does not cover him for certain stunts because they are so dangerous.but neverless i could watch him fight in any film all day.overall this has a better story but number 2 has better fight and stunt choreography.a really awesome ninja film
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on 11 April 2015
purchasing this movie i was hoping for some modern reality instead what i got was a movie that enforces the ridicules idea that a load of silly unrealistic high kicks is all you need for self defense and to win fights, this is the second Scott Adkins movie ive seen and there will not be a third this is truly a very silly completely far fetched load of rubbish, high kicks do look great in movies but as any true martial artist knows do not work in reality,enjoy this movie for what it is a piece of silly cinema but do not take this seriously as proper ninjitsu. as ninjitsu unarmed combat uses mostly upper body strikes not the silly unrealistic and completely far fetched high kicking silliness that scott adkins seems to favor over genuine reality, i will not be wasting my money on the sequel....
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on 6 February 2011
This is ACTION PACKED from start to finish Directed with style by Isac Florentine, Its a VISUAL treat full of NINJA magic.. Scott Adkins makes a good hero & is more than capable to take the fight to the Bad guys, He must stop a disgraced NINJA from stealing the YORI BITSU an armoured chest that contains the weapons of the KOGA NINJA,,,,its BLOODY & BRUTAL from the word "GO" Full of ULTRA violence...... A bargain BLU RAY at £5.99 "GO & BUY"
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on 3 August 2010
Ninja doesn't mess around, it gets straight to business. Kind of like a...

No Down Time: The action keeps on coming, there's no massive gaps between fights scenes if that's all you were looking for. At most there's 10 minutes between fights early on. The story is simple, Small Japanese Ninja school send artifacts to America, big industrial company hire the evil former student of said school to nick it for them.

Knows what it is: You won't find anyone given big dramatic scenes or giving their acting muscles too much of a work out. The 'Ninja' aspect is purely to add in swords, caltrops and other ninja weaponery to the fights. No attempts at higher messages like animal cruelty (Warrior King). The plot is the reason to facilitate the fights. Not to say the story's half-baked but they don't get heavy and philisophical with ninjitsu background or what it means to be a warrior, etc.

No memorable lines / comedy: On the negative side there aren't any memorable lines in any sense, no one's given a brilliant character moment but really the movie doesn't need them. The movie isn't Uberserious, any laughs you find are most likely unintentional.

For those wondering about the 18 rating; there's no swearing or nudity, but a few decapitations and facial mutilations.

Also for what was surely a paltry budget they manage to keep up appearance to a high standard, barring the rather plastic looking Temple Industries set, although I've only seen Hectro Echavarria's cheap looking (Yet brilliantly campy) Never Surrender to compare Ninja to in terms of DTD 'alumini'
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on 28 April 2012
This is another cool underrated film that is certainly worth checking out if you love good martial arts movies! There are not too many cool ninja films lately so it makes this even more of a treat! The action is great, there are some pretty cool fight scenes from the good cast, there is loads of blood spraying all over the screen!! The story is simple and easy to sit back and cruise along to! Sure to entertain most action fans, worth checking out. NOT as good as the even more awesome NINJA ASSASSIN which is also available!!
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on 4 March 2012
Scott Adkins started out as a regular stunt man but finally got his break when he appeared in X-men Origins: Wolverine, Undisputed 2 and this film, Ninja. The storey of the film itself is nothing too silly or ridiculus as a school that teaches the martial art style of ninjitsu has two high ranking pupils who are both competing to be at the top, one disgraces himself and sets himself up as the bad guy of the movie while the other is the hero, years later the schools most valuable treasures are sent to America for protection from someone who may wish to steal it and our hero (Adkins) is assigned to protect it.
This movie proves that Adkins has some good acting talent and not just the skills and strength to engage 20 men at once (the scene in which he does this is very entertaining) so I would recomend a great fan of action and martial arts to get this movie as you will not be dissapointed. The films villian is very intimidating and the chemistry with the hero is very well done, however the movies heroine is far too fragile and weak even though she has been trained in the same art as the hero, so that is the only small let down.
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on 20 March 2010
I won't repeat the plot of the film, you can read the blurb for that. Basically it is a simple plotline that does not involve any pointless twists and turns and just allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride, the action and the real heart of the film.

This really goes back to the good old fashioned Martial Arts films of the 80's, except with better action, better cg, better acting and a hell of a lot more gloss! The action scenes are top notch and well worth the price of admission alone, the actors are actual martial artists and this really shows. What I enjoyed was the fact that they made a real effort to incorporate JAPANESE technique and arts into the film (apart from one scene where the star is performing a bo kata that shows he is obviously trained in Chinese arts). Most people will not notice the difference however, it is just a touch that Martial artists will appreciate.

There is only one thing to say, GET THIS FILM!!!!!!!
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