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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
Dying Breed [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
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on 1 November 2009
Once every while a movie comes along that leaves such a punch in its final moments that its final message outweighs any other aspect of the film.

New Aussie horror The Dying Breed opens in a rather lengthy way, delivering an insight into four characters without really giving you a shred of information. Geared firmly at the character of Nina who has lots of meaningful moments, flashbacks and visions of events that occurred to her sister in a rural location sometime earlier. The movies characters all have headed to a strange backwater in search of the site of the mysterious Tasmanian Tiger, something that is as great a myth as Bigfoot. While Nina acts all weird and deep, the others all seem to share a mutual dislike for each other forming two parties. But as they feud, they all miss completely the tensions that surround them.

My opening paragraph may seem a little confused, but to be honest with you it all is pretty much, there are little explanations given as to why people are how they are, or why they behave the way they do; its all done in that way where the movies creators have tried to be on a higher intellectual plain than us mere mortals. The truth of the matter is, despite their best efforts its not very deep at all.

Now saying this, The Dying Breed is not a bad film, because what it does do is gather a couple of menacing factors and sticks them together. First up you have the issue of the Tasmanian Tiger, a creature that lives in isolation and is only rumored to exist, rumour suggests that the only reason its never been seen is because those that see it are eaten, and logic would tell you that such an illusive animal would be a little on the protective side to protect its lifestyle. The second and far more troubling is that back in the days of Australia being a prison one of the convicts known as Alexander The Pieman escaped and somehow managed to survive for a rather long time, well long enough to create some descendants, clue to his habits revolve around his nickname.

What you have in The Dying Breed is a good old-fashioned tale of Deliverance style locals and the wonder of cannibalism. The result of which, despite the producers best efforts to make the characters rather unlikeable; is quite a gross out movie offering filled with blood, gore and sometimes worse. Its all actually quite disturbing territory that harks back to the 1980's video nasty era.

The punches are the basis of the movies success, because from the moment you enter the second half of the movie your transported into a variety of horrifically unpleasant circumstances, and disturbing visuals. Punch, punch, punch! Once the movie gets going its fairly relentless, characters are dispatched in continuously worse methods as it becomes apparent that the locals are clearly the descendants of The Pieman, and that Nina's sister undoubtedly had some sort of nasty encounter with these locals.

The clear difference with this movie is that it packs two very big final punches one of which leads you to a false ending. And if that were not enough the text that appears onscreen just before the credits roll lead you on a wild and furious search online, because the story ends in such a way to make you wonder if the film could in fact be based on some true facts. And quite disturbingly, potentially it is.

Its grubby looking, broody, its empty on the character building front, but its actually pretty good entertaining viewing. And the sort of thing that keeps you thinking long after the credits roll. If nothing else it will give you some visuals to haunt your mind.
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on 20 December 2011
I preferred it the first time; I certainly remembered it being better

Four people go to isolated location where they meet odd local people, things get dangerous etc. You've seen similar films probably, this one's nothing memorable.

Locals are sufficiently weird but aside from a guy called Jack our protagonists are very bland.

Not exactly bad, just formulaic.
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on 3 January 2012
Imagine the lovechild of Sweeney Todd, Deliverance and just about every film with cannibals/inbred hicks etc etc. The only difference is, this is set in Tasmania and questions the extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger. Predictable. Not bad, just nothing really new here.

Why did they keep focusing on the trap in the tunnel? Nothing happened with it!
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on 2 February 2015
this film was so dissapointing
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on 24 April 2012
If you love horror and thrills and scares and a fantastic and original story than look no further. The cast is great and they all give good performances, there is plenty of bloody gore and creepy redneck freaks! The ending is pretty messed up too! Overall fantastic film worth every penny "horror gem"
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on 3 December 2014
This dvd did hit my expectations and was as advertised, was easy to open arrived on time, and was in good condition through-out.
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on 29 August 2015
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on 2 February 2015
loved it. well worth a butchers in all senses of the word.
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on 25 March 2013
A young woman hears about sightings of an ancient tiger that may or may not exist and goes with some friends to find out more.
They come to a little place full of strange folk including a little girl who likes to bite and chant a disturbing rhyme about the pieman,an escaped convict from years ago who is rumoured to have left a human-fleshing eating beatly brood behind to carry on his legacy.
Whilst the group are out,one of them goes missing and becomes lunch for one of said brood,the rest go on looking for her and soon find themselves running for their lives and trying to escape all sorts of bloody madness.
Okay,so it's nothing original,but it's done well and the little girl is quite disturbing,certainly near the end. I very much enjoyed this as much as i understand it would be too disturbing for some,what with murders and implications of rape and such,but as i say,it's very well done and didn't leave me disappointed. Oh,those that like gore shouldn't be disappointed,there's quite a bit of it amongst this great story.
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on 3 December 2016
very good
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