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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Change
Price:£12.45 - £84.95

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on 18 April 2017
Great game for enthusiasts or people curious about it, if you know nothing about this game and want a cool psychological horror buy it and don't look into it whatsoever best experience fresh amazing for a one off play with a friend riveting story, there aren't any other modes aside from repeating the story over and over, literally after the credits roll at the end of the game it straight up goes right back to the intro again and round you go... so take into account this game is more of a one off kind of experience or at least it was for me, but worth it in my opinion... very unlike the style of all the other Silent Hills so if you're in it for that kind of experience stay out but its the best one that has been released since Silent Hill 3 to give a gauge of quality
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on 11 April 2017
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VINE VOICEon 23 March 2010
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii follows our protagonist Harry Mason as he searches the deserted streets of Silent Hill, looking for his daughter, Cheryl, who has disappeared after a car accident. Sound familiar? Well think again - this is not a remake by any means, it is more of a complete reboot or re-imagining of the series, replacing the ash-covered streets with a blizzard-struck ones. The town is cut off from the rest of the world by fifteen foot high snow drifts this time.

The first thing that I thought when starting this game was how good it looked - for a Wii game, I don't think I have seen a game that looks as detailed and sharp as this one. If you look at posters on the walls, objects that are littered about and just the environment all around you, you can really see how much effort has been put into this. It is very atmospheric too, in fact is one of the most atmospheric games I can remember playing. The subtle yet haunting soundtrack by returning Akira Yamaoka adds to this perfectly too.

Next, the controls - the Nintendo Wii Controller (Wii) is mainly used as Harry's torch and also controls where you look. In the Nightmare sections, it is used to shake off the creatures and knock down obstacles to block their path. It is also used as his phone, used to look at the map, save the game, call people, take photos and receive messages. When you receive or make a voice call, the person on the other end of the line can only be heard by putting the Wii Remote up to your ear and hearing them through its speaker, making it feel like you're really on the call. The Nintendo Wii Nunchuk Controller add-on (Wii) is used to walk about and run.

The story is the best thing about this game - as well as the gripping main story, as you explore you'll come across many mini stories telling you some of the tragic tales of the town. This is where it becomes very creepy. You'll need to take photos of the static ghosts that you'll catch a glimpse of in the corner of your eye, or look very closely at certain areas when the radio-static starts crackling on your Wii Remote and then you get a text message or voicemail revealing another part of the story. Some of these (especially the voice calls) are very disturbing and this is where the game hit me as being very scary indeed, (rather than the usual shock-scares that all of the previous games went for), making everything feel even that bit more sinister and unsettling. If you're after cheap frights then you'll likely to be disappointed here.

The Nightmare scenes happen every hour or so, where the whole town turns to ice, as opposed to the usual decaying environment in all the previous games. Here you need to basically just run. You have a goal to get to to escape the Nightmare, where you'll need to dodge and shake off the creatures that chase Harry. There is no combat in the game, which may not be too everyone's taste but I personally thought that it is better than constant combat, like there was in the recent Silent Hill Homecoming (PS3).

In a summary -

- Some of the best graphics and presentation I've seen on the Wii so far.
- Very responsive and easy to use controls.
- Extremely creepy and a very unsettling story.
- Breathes fresh new life in the long-running series.
- Multiple endings.
- Makes the most out of all of the Wii's capabilities.

- It's a little too short.
- The Nightmare sequences sometimes drag on a bit too long.

I've played all of the games in this series and I personally think that Silent Hill :Shattered Memories is the best since the original Silent Hill Platinum (PS) and Silent Hill 2 (PS2). It is probably the best single player game I've played on the Wii so far and is one that I will definite play through again and again to view the various endings (which I believe are based on the therapy sessions that you get between the game). I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the series, likes survival horror or is just after a very good Wii game.
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on 21 June 2010
Played the original Silent Hill? Want to play a remake? Don't buy this game. It shares the location, character names and the initial premise that Harry Mason has lost his daughter. Beyond that it bears little resemblance.

This game stands on its own as a genre defying work of art. I would go as far as saying it barely qualifies as a game. This is more like a work of interactive fiction. You experience it rather than play it. But it's a worthwhile experience.

The town of Silent Hill has never been better realised. Detail has been lovingly lavished on every corner of every room regardless of whether you are likely to see it. Giving Silent Hill an eerie lived in feel that makes its deserted state all the more disturbing. The detail carries over into the technical aspects. The characters are detailed, animation realistic, lip sync spot on, Harry's breath creates little condensation clouds, his torch casts believable shadows and illuminates individual snowflakes as they fall. Every effort has been made to make this a completely immersive experience. Your disbelief will be suspended. You will believe Silent Hill is a real place and you will wander around in unsettled awe as the story unfolds to the sound of Akira Yamaoka's excellent subdued soundtrack.

The story as it pans is smart and adult oriented with strong sexual themes. I would not call it normal either. There's no gore to speak of but Shattered Memories is heavy in twisted psychology. Some might find it distasteful. If you have a stomach for these things you will find a simple but surprisingly human story that will surprise and move you.

In conclusion. Don't buy this as a game. Buy it if you will as a work of art and as a story that you will want to experience a few times over like you would a might a really good book.
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on 14 February 2011
For me, I am a big fan of horror based games, but I found it difficult finding very good horror games for the Wii, either because it lacks the atmosphere that the higher consoles can control or the graphics are just too appalling, but I was extremely surprised and very happy with this game.

Firstly, it is quite scary - not in a gory, grotesque way. But in a hair raising, spine chilling and downright creepy way. If it doesn't make you feel very very on edge then I commend your braveness, it is incredibly twisted and weird. And with the echoing background music and sometimes only your torch as a light you'll get the feeling of severe isolation.

Not only that, but the storyline is incredibly muddled and complicated, continuingly making you question yourself, and it makes you think. Along with fighting the nightmares, Harry's past and trying to find Cheryl, you will also come across some strange puzzles that you need to decipher.

The nightmares: yes, there is no combat - but I DO like this in a game. It's different and makes you think for defense, not attack. But the throwing controls to try and get the monsters off you are difficult, but I find it more realistic.

And when it says psychological, it really is. When I reached the end and it analysised me, it was amazing how it got my personality completely perfect, beware if those things scare you.

Yes, I do find it too short, but I find that is really the only downside.

Really, it is an amazing game that will terrify you over and over. I highly reccommend it.
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on 12 May 2010
Having waited impatiently for this to be released, I wasn't disappointed when I got it. Essentially, this is more an 'experience' than a game (I think, anyway), which is what appealed to me about it.

You control Harry Mason through the desolate streets of Silent Hill and through the nightmare realities that hinder his journey. I won't go on too much about the story as you can find that anywhere.

If you just like games where you shoot things all the time then don't waste your money; this is not for you. This is a psychological experience where you need to be prepared to immerse yourself in the story, the same as you would if you read a book or got really into a film. If you do this you will find yourself feeling part of what happens in the game and part of the mystery, trauma and wretchedness that appears to be Harry's life in Silent Hill.

As you will be aware, the game's characters change clothes and personalities based on the decisions you make during the game. This gives the game playability long after you have completed it. You interact far more with the environment in this game than in any other I've played, for example, through dialling phone numbers on Harry's phone and listening to them on the Wii remote like its a phone.

Don't be tempted to download walkthrough videos as this will ruin the storyline for you. You also need to pay attention to the messages that Harry receives; unlike other games where you don't need to bother reading notes and messages. If you read them you will understand the story more.

This is quite eerie when you get into it so would highly recommend for dark nights....!

I would agree with another reviewer that the only criticism would be that the nightmare sequences do drag on some times, but this is my only criticism. Graphics are top notch for the Wii.
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on 1 March 2010
This game has had a mixed reception but for me it is one of the best games in the series and one of the finest adventures available on the Wii.

The nightmare sequences have divided reviewers and players alike but I thought that they captured the feeling of panic and desperation perfectly. Another criticism levelled at the game is the perceived lack of variety of the monsters. To understand the nature of the monsters you have to play it all the way through. For me, being chased was scary, what was chasing me was largely immaterial!

The true emphasis in the game is on story and exploration. You can blast through the game in a matter of hours but by doing so you'll miss the immense amount of detail that has gone into this game. Go into the diner and you can read the menus. See a phone number on a bill board and you can phone it. The town feels like a town rather than a collection of locked doors. If a character offers to drive you somewhere then you actually get in the car with them and they'll talk to you. It adds to that immersive sense that you wouldn't get if it was done as a simple cutscene and then cut to location.

The game is short by modern standards but I think people are missing the point. The game length is just right to tell the story. Any more would be padding and detract from the atmosphere of the game.

What makes the game is the replay value. Contrary to what some reviewers have said your choices do matter. Your answers to the tests, how you interact with characters and even what you look at and who you phone will have an impact on your game and ending. You can only really appreciate this on a second playthrough. I've met different characters and faced different puzzles. Harry's reactions have changed and even the messages I receive have changed in character and tone.

Highly recommended for fans of atmospheric games. It's more a psychological thriller than a standard horror game. It's unsettling rather than scary but it will get under your skin far more than any set of cheap scares could.
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on 6 November 2011
I'm a massive fan of the Silent Hill franchise but having owned mainly Nintendo systems in the past I've missed out on titles. I now own an 360 and have played all the other titles on other systems, but with Nintendo getting their own title, I was excited.

It took me a while to actually getting it, but the anticipation was there, but sadly I just felt disappointed.

Firstly the game plot points are changed from the original source material (Silent Hill 1) but given the way the narrative is put across that is perfectly understandable, and I've no problem with that. The premise seems very good and the whole idea of replaying it thorough someone else's perspective is superb. Plot and writing is rarely a weakness in this franchise (maybe on SH4).

However, I couldn't get on with this game at all.

I found the controls quite fiddly and awkward to be in full control of at all times. Most of the time that's ok, as there's no danger around, but it's still a little frustrating.

The 'nightmare' sections however were a pain. They basically just felt like running randomly at blue doors/walls/etc. No time to check a map before monsters were on you, and then to fight them off I ended up having to do something approaching the Time Warp (exaggeration).

Graphically, I felt the game was mediocre, the Wii can look nicer, but considering hardware limitations it was OK. Sound wise, the music as typical for SH games was excellent and haunting!

The game's not without merit but I found it fundamentally so frustrating... I can't recommend it.
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on 6 March 2012
First of all, I didn't get this from amazon, so I won't be covering there level of service for this item, which is usually excellent, by the way.

Right, onto the game.

The first time I played this game I quite enjoyed it but found myself getting to a certain point, not very far into the game, and not returning to it. Perhaps this was because there was nothing to shoot, or I lacked the patience to explore.

Anyway, after the game gathered dust on the shelf for perhaps a couple of years, I decided to give it another go and was glad I did. I must point out that before returning to it, I searched on the internet to find out whether it was worth putting the effort into this game, and came across this site that gives tips on how to enjoy it.

I cannot link to the site but I thank the author :)

What I enjoyed most about this game is the gripping story (though I still don't understand everything!) and the atmosphere. Some parts of the game are a real experience, abeit sometimes an unsettling one. The game really draws you in.

The wii controls work really well except for rotating some objects, which can get fiddly. Most puzzles in the game are fairly straightforward, though there are some that require more thought.

The game is perhaps a little short, though I think I will return to it to play it through differently.

In summary this is an atmospheric, unsettling game, that almost feels like a film instead of a game. People who just have to shoot things will be disappointed, but others may find they enjoy this one.
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on 9 June 2012
Aside from the remake of Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the only Wii game I've played to date that has the style & atmosphere to genuinely unnerve me! The only reason I can think of that it doesn't have 5/5 across the board is that fans of the original franchise have not been treated to a different, but ultimately faithful sequel - this game is something else in every respect & probably only used the 'Silent Hill' title as a way to get people interested in this modern, adult, psychological horror.
The atmosphere is there from the outset with your character exploring dark desolate environments, from a 3rd person perspective, armed only with a flashlight. Your limited vision in darker areas, & the freedom & visual effect of using the flashlight with the Wii remote gives you the disturbing feeling that you are really 'there', exploring places you'd rather not be!
I don't want to give anything away, but when the action begins it's more a case of simply running hopefully in blind terror than fighting monsters. The game captures a feeling of helpless vunerability brilliantly, your character is no gun-toting hero:he's frightened, confused, & at the mercy of his own imagination.
I'm too scared to finish it.
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