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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2010
* I've edited this review but I'll just chuck a comment in at the top to make it easier for anybody still remotely interested in buying the game. In brief - Konami have basically given the game a very poorly engineered learning curve. Once you get past Regular game setting (which becomes far too easy far too quickly) you have a gane that is virtually unplayable and not much fun - simply becasue the CPU speed and on-the-ball skill is ridiculous. You have limited opportunity to use judgement and skill and end up spending most of the game chasing back to try and win the ball. Which is almost impossible unless te CPU hits an errant pass. At the other end - having 7 opposing players gang tackle you from behind at every single position near their penalty box becomes supremely annoying. It's turned the one player game into a farce.

So you can have all the good parts of this game as described below - but only at a level that becomes too easy and uninspiring. As soon as you push that skill level up one notch - the game gets quite unplayable. I have to admit I'm now contemplating FIFA10. Sorry Konami - but this has been poorly thought out.


The current incarnation of PES on the 360 has some welcome enhancements which improve on previous versions, however there are some niggles and some downright annoyingly persistent traits to the game which kind of spoil it a bit in terms of overall fun.

Overall the layout of menus is much better than the last lot - pink might not be everybody's favourite colour but it generally flows together quite well. Also the menu music isn't *too* bad. I hated the last one - but this time around, at least for me, the music is a plus.

On to the game environment - I have to say the lighting of the pitch and the crowd looks fantastic - it's real progress and definitely catches up with FIFA in terms of cinematic environments. In winter especially it looks great. The shadows are long, the low sun is bright and the contrast between shadowed and sunlit sections of the pitch/player/ball/crowd are a joy to behold. On a dull rainy day everything takes a hit on the colour and the contrast and you do have a sense that the weather is a bit on the wet side!

The players themselves do look good - and the extra animation is evident when any action button is pressed - with headers, shots and dribbling given a few more flourishes than previously. The only bugbear I have (this is an official niggle) is that when running - the players still look a bit wooden - Konami don't seem to have changed anything for the running styles in a good few years - definitely one to enhance soon.

Master League - the Master League has always been a favourite feature of mine and we now have a couple of new twists. Progression is slower with a larger expanded D2 league to start in - and you also have cup games to play that include the "big boys" from the division above. Money can be set in sterling which is nice - and agents and scouts can take care of the player hunting and contract signing for the most part (though most of us will want to manage it ourselves yeah?). The best parts of the upgraded Master League are that players do not sit on the bench and stay happy for 5 years while their stats crawl up - they get unhappy, fall out of love with the club and ultimately lose morale. (I actually sent a young developing player on loan and was rather miffed that he then refused to sign a new contract with me - given that I was trying to further his skills in order to break into my first team!!). On top of that the purchasing of players is given a new twist in that you can't see their stats, or easily predict their development. It takes the scout a few weeks to suss them out and there's no quick way of asking to search for somebody with speed of 85 or higher (i.e. much more realistic). The only major bug bear I have the the ML is (again) that you can't perform any live action training in between weeks. Sometimes it's good to practise set pieces with your own guys in the ML environment becasue that's where it counts!

Now of course the crux of the review - the gameplay. This is where Konami can be brilliant, and simultaneously frustrating.
The game is played (like everybody before this review has said) at a slower pace than 2009. However the speed of the game is great - you have time to react and think one step ahead whilst play develops around you. It feels more natural and the relative speed of the players (in the main) feels good. As does the ball movement. Slow shots and passes are noticeably slower than hard hot shots and passes. The tactics have also been changed a bit which means some of the attacking options have been removed (no bad thing as a few were practically useless anyway). You get to adjust some more organic settings such as pressurising the opposition, sticking rigidly to formation shape, aggresive attacking (overlapping) etc. All in all it's quite nice and it does give you the option to change things for the better mid-match (again like all the previous versions you have the four button tactical system - simple - but deadly effective when used properly - I love it!).
The range of passing and shooting is more varied than ever - quite simply players will perform with a bir more realism when shooting from distance or froma funny angle. Unlike previous - the ball woin't just go screaming into row z - but you will be hard pushed to be succesful unless playing with a good quality striker. Simmilarly - good strikers won't just hammer the ball a nile over just becasue they are 6 feet out from the bye-line - the shot might get on target - and it might even be hot well - but the keeper well be difficult to beat.

Now some downsides - and these are a real frustration for me.

1) Pressing/tackling the CPU. A long standing bone of contention between every PES player and their host machine! It seems far too difficult to win the ball off the opposition. Pressing does virtually nothing (as the CPU tends to get a step on you at all times and you're chasing from behind). Any attempt to press from in front of the attacker only leads to them either skipping out of the road (regardless of skill) or making a successful pass. The objective of pressurising the opposition means they are more prone to missing the resulting pass - but this very rarely happens in PES. Very annoying. But to make matters teeth grindingly worse - when you DO manage to successfully win the ball back without fouling - then either a) in the middle of the pitch the ball bobbles immediately back to an opposing player (grrrrr) or b) at the side if the pitch the ball flies out of play as if it's been fired out of a cannon (grrrrrr again). And to make matters a bit worse still - with a complete man v. machine kick-in-the-teeth - when the CPU arrives to gang tackle you with 4 players - they simply run up - absorb the ball like magic - and dance off merrily. Arrrgh!!

2) Player collisions. Quite simply these are *usually* biased frighteningly toward the CPU players - regardles of size, weight, skill etc - you will just bounce off them and twirl around dizzily whilst again the CPU player dances away with the ball. It's like the really annoying collisions in PES 2 and 3 and so it sets the game back a good 8 years.

3) Speed of control, movement, passing. Again - just like above - the CPU will control and pass the ball as if each player is blessed with world class skill. And the player speed is ridiculous at times. The chances of getting to a 50/50 ball are more like 90/10 in the CPUs favour - again regardless of stats. I don't mind losing to a better opponent but I'd rather lose because of well taken goals and good stratagem - not because every opposing player on the pitch is faster than Ronaldo. There are times when I get so frustrated that I actually leave the controller beside me and watch as the CPU runs up the pitch and wins (inevitably) a corner. It seems that the more you try and win the ball - the less successful you are!

Overall though - the game is still the best there is in terms of look and feel - we can whine about licences - you can froth at the mouth for not adapting to the new dribbling technique (it works well - keep practising - it's all to do with the timing of you squeezing that right trigger button!!) and I can lament the unrealistic nature of the CPU at times - but the game still works well - especially in the Master League with all the trappings that go with it. 2 Player games are often more about bottle and concentration but you know you've been in a match when your fingers are numb and your heart is running at 180 bpm.

XBox Live - well my connectivity isn't spectacular but the game environment is "fine" and the playing experience is "better than before".

So another year passes and again we say thank you to Konami for making some genuinely pleasing improvements to the best game in the world - but we are still left scratching our heads wondering about these areas of improvement (that you would think at the start of a new decade would be well ironed out by now). The cynical voice tells me it's becasue you wouldn't buy next years - and the point in case is that I did not buy PES 2007 or 2008 becasue PES6 was a fine effort - maybe that's Konami's master plan.

My fingers are sore now - but I'm still going off to check the scout report on a promising young striker.....!!
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on 24 October 2009
EDIT FOLLOWING EXTENSIVE PLAY - Unfortunately PES 2010 has a massive glitch, and it's where fouls are concerned. You can be brought down in atrocious ways with no fouls given, and yes, that also means that when in the box you can be practically murdered and play just carries on!!
To add insult to the many injuries, you only have to nudge a computerised player and fouls are given no problem.
Once I realised this was happening on a regular basis it has become a huge annoyance and detracts from the enjoyment of the game. How Konami managed to release the game in this form I don't know, but when coupled with the other classic PES annoyances, I can only see me finally making the switch to FIFA next year. Sad, but inevitable I think........

(Original review:)
Pes 2010 has taken a lot of harsh criticism in magazines and online, but even with FIFA seemingly basking in glory this year, I still couldn't bring myself to make the switch.
I've been loyal to PES since the original Playstation days, it's simply always had a better feel for control and the game of football itself.
I think many people are knocking PES this time around just because it's become the done thing over the last couple of years. The demo felt really promising to me and I noticed various enhancements immediately. Control is sharper and more responsive, with the horribly frustrating occasional delay in passing pretty much ironed out.
The physics are really spot on this time creating many more random events like loose balls, players stumbling, deflections and most importantly - many more ways to score.
Players seem capable of attempting shots from all sorts of angles and with realistic execution, instead of in previous games where they would often just hammer a shot, usually with their wrong foot, to find it saved by an over agile keeper or blasting wide.
This really is satisfying and adds to the authenticity of the experience for 2010.
I'm no Master League player, preferring to play the League/Cup/Champions League sections of the game, and I understand their are issues with Master League this time, so if you're the type to plunge straight into ML it's worth considering the annoyances claimed.
Speaking of annoyances, I've encountered some ref's of questionably talent when playing on Professional level and above. I've had goals disallowed for offside that were massively onside, fouls not given, penalties not given, and red cards where yellow would have been harsh. These factors seem unbalanced with previous years' games, but maybe I've just been unlucky. Some would call bad decisions more realistic I guess!
Online things seem much slicker with less lag and easier match making. Again this is an area I don't spend much time on.
Presentation is great, with a graphic overhaul providing the most likelike players to date and stadiums that look fantastic.
There's nothing revolutionary about PES 2010, and it can't be long until people will want to be seeing new ideas for it to keep up with Fifa's increasing popularity, but what there is here is the most playable PES to date, and if you're a loyal fan that makes it a must buy.
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on 3 November 2009
First of all, I need to start by telling you that I have never played the 2008 or 2009 installments of PES as I read such awful reviews of them! (although i am a long term PES fan). So I cannot compare it to either. Also, I haven't had the chance to play FIFA 10 so I cannot compare it to that either. However, last year I did make the PES - FIFA switch and overall, I was pleased with the game, but felt it just wasn't anywhere near as fun as the old PES games and eventually got very bored of it even though it's a solid game. So there I was, eagerly anticipating this years PES in the hope I'd finally have another year of being able to sit on my Xbox playing PES till ridiculous times in the morning (sad, i know!). Well, I can safely say I'm not disappointed in the slightest.

At first, the game was very frustrating, as the gameplay is very different to PES 6 and FIFA 09 (the last installment I played). However, once I got the feel of the gameplay and found some rhythm it started to become fun and very addictive, typical of the old PES gameplay. The game has a very free flowing feel to it. Computer AI is believable although you do witness some silly moments. Passing and shotting feels good as well as tackling and looking out for teammates making piercing runs through your opponents back line is a nice touch. There are downsides to the gameplay though. It's almost impossible to win a penalty and free kicks are hard to come by. Time after time my player has clearly been hacked or tripped in the box yet i've only ever won one single penalty after playing it every day for well over a week, and the penalties are awful! you don't feel like you're in charge of the player as there is no power bar and the camera angle doesn't feel right. The only way the referee will blow for a foul is if he decides to book you for simulation (diving) which is just comical!
Players often just stand still as if they've been frozen in time which can be rather frustrating. But on the whole, job well done in terms of gameplay.

The graphics are top quality. One of the first things I noticed was the players actually looking just like the real ones! Rooney looks very much like the real Rooney, Torres looks very much like the real Torres and so on. Much better than FIFA's nasty plastic looking faces. Colouring is rich and viberant, also better than FIFA's somewhat dull colouring.
The atmosphere in the stadiums is good, with the home crowd always applauding their players when winning the ball back and dropping silent when the away team scores. You can definitely feel the buzz in the arenas.

Edit mode is as good as ever, which can keep you occupied for a very long time if you want to create your own team or change player skills and attributes (why can you not do that on FIFA?!) The player creator is also fairly easy to use and you can create so many different types of faces. It will certainly come in handy if you buy the game in the expectation of being able to play as Hamburg SV or Bayern Munich...

Manager mode, which is what I really wanted the game for (as I don't go online on my Xbox), is ten times better than when I last played it on PES 6. I also definitely prefer it to the FIFA 09 edition which is far too easy and totally unealistic once your players start developing at an alarmingly quick rate and you see Ronaldinho as a free agent being signed by Aberdeen F.C. The structure and layout is good, new editions such as the youth team and the sponsor list are great, and the overall realism is brilliant. For example, players now get injured in team training and sidelined for a few weeks and you need to make sure you keep your players happy else they will want to leave the club. Negotiations are now a lot harder, yet much better as they are more realistic. Players only go to your club if they are unhappy with their current club by not being played enough or you have a high level scout. No longer can you acquire the top players just by having loads of cash and you cannot see player stats from other teams unless you add them to your scout list and wait for the scout to assess them. All this makes it a lot more satisfying when successfully signing the player you want. I could go on but I think by now you get the general idea. Manager Mode is addictive and realistic. Superb.

Of course, the game does have quite a few bad points.
Little in terms of teams has changed from PES 6. Still, we do not get the German Bundesliga or even a single german team! Quite woeful really. I'm sure Konami could have got Bayern Munich and a few others. At least create a fake version please! It would be nice to see more than three South American teams. More Brazilian and Argentinian teams should be represented on PES by now. We only get three. Only Man United and Liverpool are licenced in the Premier League which is a joke. However the Dutch, Spanish and Italian leagues are fully licenced still which is a relief, and this year we have quite a lot more teams from other leagues around Europe such as Shakhtar Donetsk, Club Brugge and A.E.K Athens. Still miles behind FIFA on licensing though who have leagues from all over the world. If only PES had FIFA's licensing rights!

The stadium selection disappointed me a fair bit. There are now 21 different stadiums in the game, which isn't great considering I remember PES 6 having roughly 34, and I know FIFA has a lot more. Quite a few well known stadiums are missing such as Stanford Bridge, Emirates and Allianz Arena.
A smaller downside is that the game is not totally up to date with player transfers. Richard Dunn is still at Man City while Wesley Sneidjer is still at Real Madrid rather than Inter. However this shouldn't be an issue as you can place them in their correct teams in edit mode.

PES is a successful game which is a must buy for fans of the series. It may not be as good as FIFA 10 (I don't know, I haven't played it), and it's far from flawless, but it sure if an enjoyable experience and defintely a game that will take up many hours of your spare time if you give it a chance! Thanks for reading.
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on 24 October 2009
only played 10 games but already i love it! yeah its got a few niggles such as lack of spanish/italian commentary, lack of fifa 10's license, dodgy tactics menu, poor create a player edit mode, utds home socks are white instead of black but who cares when the ultra slick, challenging,realistic gameplay is as great as this! plus the amazing champions league license more than makes up for defects. throw in the perfect replays,the photo like realism of players faces,the amazing goals you can score, the authenticity of controlling someone like messi and then you realise that people who LOVE the beautiful game are very lucky in that both fifa 10 and pro evo 2010 are fantastic! i won't sit on the fence though. i love fifa 10 but i reckon i'll be playing this pro evo loads more than fifa in a few months
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on 24 October 2009
I got the game through the post the day it came out. While my mates were rushing to the shops in the morning to get copies and mates not finding copies later in the day, i had it deliverd nicely in the morning.
The game is awesome! great passing, movement and shooting. It is very difficult at first, like Pro is supposses to be and when u master it after a few tries its unbeliavable. Thats the idea of the game, like in the real game. U cant just play like Kaka as soon as u have a ball at your feet.
How people compare this to Fifa is beyond me. Fifa cant touch Pro on gameplay,which is were everything counts. Just buy having licenses for everything does not make it a great game. Every footy fan with a console should buy this game.
Pro rules!
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on 27 October 2009
First time I've reviewed anything on here - have been a stalwart PES man for many years. After last years effort I came as close as I ever have to jumping across having heard good things about it.

I stuck with PES and am delighted that I did - a much, much better offering than last year. Brilliant graphics and control. Responsive players and challenging play. They seem to have resolved the traditional problem of eliminating one 'dead cert' scoring method per version (i.e. double tap cross in 2004, lofted through ball in 2005, etc) and now you need much more variety in play.

Not comparing it to Fifa 10 as not played - but in comparison to PES 09 this is fantastic.
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on 9 February 2010
Where did it all go wrong for konami's pro evolution/winning eleven series?
Lets get down to the nitty-gritty of the game because frankly thats the point a review.

Surprisingly enough the overal presentation of the game has improved immensly.From the menu set-up to the new added realism of the players and match atmosphere.So good is the facial realism of the players you'll probaly be there stairing at the Art more so than concentrating on the actual game.
The menu's have improved to.They now show off a slick,smooth and (in advertising jargen) ala profesional appearance through various bright and vibrant colours,such as pinks/purples,a thick white text and a "street soccer" backdrop,sounds ugly but actually looks very appealing.(And alot different from previous tacky and not so eye friendly past versions).
Another good strong point of this game is the music,in which konami have now added new "profesional" tracks from various artists like the Klaxons,Keane and DjShadow (and many others).
The commentary though has unfortunetly Not changed since 09.Yes Mark Lawrenson does his best in reading off the script in total and un-natural style (like...a...ro..bot) while Jon Champion is well Jon Champion.The classic work phrase of "same .... different day" comes to mind regarding the this aspect.
Ok,gameplay.Now firstly if you dont play football games and this is your first dont feel totally at a loss because Fifa10 is just around the corner.
I have played many and unfortunetly own the previous three Pro Evo's plus the previous Fifa's,and without causing an argument I play the latest fifa more,alot more and the reasons for that are simple,I enjoy them.
When you pick up a game to buy or rent you want to spend your time enjoying it in the right ways and bar the graphics on this Pro evo and the little added bonus of good presentation and music I can safely say I havent enjoyed it,but I am confused as to why I didnt.Why I say that is because it should be everything you thought you would like if you were a die-hard soccer/football fanatic,its comes across as an realistic means of playing the "proper" game in your living room eg not too fast or not too slow,every team you go agaisnt big or small will always give you a good match,a very good level of football inteligence goes with it with the formation editing and player abilities that really make you focused on making your team "click",but it just didnt feel right and when you play you really see it unravel beneath your eyes.
The major one,Its terribly slow in responce.So slow that it is highly infuriating.Examples tend to come from passing to a player who is reasonbly close to you but the pass goes beyound them to another player who you werent intially thinking of passing to.Also I tend to think that I need to plan three or four pass's in advance before I make my first choice which is difficult and tirering.
And I think the word tirering is the perfect word to sum up the gameplay and also frustration,becuase other than this Major flaw it has alot of good going for it Like the new master League and (again) the champions league,which is presumibly the other major pulling power's of this game.
The champions league competition in this game is terribly realistic that you actaully think its tue/wednesday in reality.Everything from the classic and spine shivering music to the silver stars and dark blue backdrop are officially superbly worked on.
And with a new-ish updated version of the master league in which also includes the champions league and europa league you would think they were on a certain winner,and they were minus the clunky gameplay.
Other game options include become an legend which is good but is pretty much the same as the previous game and a new community mode which focus'es on the multiplayer options.
There are alot more license's than in 09 but still not enough club teams,but as pro evo owners know you expect that because that has always been the case,but there is always the edit option that you can apply to certain teams.
Two english premierLeague teams are licensed ie Liverpool and Manchester United while serie A,the dutch league and the french league are all officially licensed,A few spanish teams aslo such as Real Madrid,Barcelona,Valenica and few minor more.National teams have a far more deeper and wider range of licene's.

Well that is the end of my review,thanks for reading.
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on 5 December 2009
As usual i refrained from writing a review of this game for a while because every version of pro evo is highly irritating until you get used to it. At first it seemed extremely sluggish, unresponsive and error prone but weeks on and i never notice these problems. Admittedly not much has changed from previous versions in terms of the feel of it on the pitch, but why would it need to as Pro Evo has always been the superior footballing simulation. Personally i would have bought this game just for the player and divisional updates alone even if they hadnt improved the graphics, tactics and master league depth, which they have done well.
I can see how this game could be very frustrating for some people, particularly at first, but the amount of bad reviews is surprising. Ill admit that this is far towards the simulation side of football games as you would ever want to go and they possibly took it a bit far(some of the lesser players cant dribble past jogging speed) but it encourages people to play a passing game, use the one-two function and create better team moves. Gone are the days when Michael Owen could run in a straight line through your entire team in about 2 seconds. Much like in real life dribbling is about close control and direction shifts, only applying sprint when there is some space to run into and the ball is away from the opposition player. As such first touch is even more important than in previous versions and it can be far more effective to stand still if in space so as to draw defenders out before commiting them with a pass. People used to sprinting everywhere with little patience will find the computer to be irritatingly good at tackling and defending. If you press left bumper after a pass the passer will pass the ball then make a forward run, combinations of these give-and-go passes can be used to devastating effect in this game. Also people familiar with all previous versions of pro evo will know that some versions the shot bar is more like a height bar with the shot being determined by your players stride pattern in relation to the shot and his attribute "shot power". That is the system used in this version so people trying to full power it and blast it into the net will not score may goals unless their players have good enough technique to control that shot. As for the tackling system it is very similar to the previous version with holding of tackle to muscle them, but now tapping it seems to more freely attempt a stab tackle than it did with its predecessor.
Altogether this may be a bit more than most people want to think about with a football game with it being very difficult to score with basic passes and long dribbles but as with all other versions every single player action can be taken to an extremely high level and if you understand the real life game of football and are prepared to "bring your A game" for want of a better expression to every match then the football that can be played on this version can occasionally be like watching a frantic real life top 4 battle. One of my friends was loving playing two player versus the computer because as he rightly said the computer can now finally give your a real game.
The master league section has been developed to include more in-depth scouting training and finance settings, without being too time consuming. The tactics for your team can also be fully customised now to the level where you not only specify each individual players settings but also how you want the team unit to perform regarding defense and attack. This is vital to getting your team to perform well as you can make your team press up and everyone chase down the all over the pitch then spread out and overlap in attack without feeling the need to cover every position left by another player. For me the only way they could now improve this game is by making the computer more aggressive in attack as many of the lesser teams rely on frustrating you then counter attacking. Sometimes it can be frustrating retrieving the ball from a 451 team intent on retaining posession. This doesnt really matter though as you can press L2 and X simultaneously to engage the all-out attack mode which tends to overwhelm them and is useful for stopping the computers mincing. Many people will find this game too slow or get frustrated at the lack of dribbling but i find that this has made the game more realistic and at the end of the day pro evo has always been a simulation game with fifa being the arcade alternative. However hard this game is to play it is worth it when you see the football that can be played on it.
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on 25 February 2010
Having read the above reviews, I'm not convinced I'm playing the same game! This game threatened to be good in so many ways (or do I mean addictive like all the others?) and then just when you think you might like it, it lets itself down BIG time. Where do I start?...

*Crossing from open play/corners/free kicks is a waste of time because you'll never win a header.
*Through ball/chip through ball - don't bother, the AI is horrific and basically passes it to the nearest opponent.
*Tackling is at times nigh on impossible and you get the impression there is a sequence of programming running preventing you from getting the ball, against even the worst, slowest opponents and despite them running into you or through you repeatedly. It leaves you yelling "Oh hurry up and score if you're going to, I want the ball!" or various less polite versions.
*All too often the player doesn't do what you tell it - pass, strike first time, auto cancel. Ignored.
*AI is awful - when you try to play an obvious pass it will pick an obscure and impossible one. Or it will just screw up the easy one.
*On the AI front, auto player selection is at times idiotic. It will pick the 2nd or 3rd closest person.
*Change player is STILL the same button as chip, so if you have to change your player (due to above) and try shooting first time, you get a chip. Such a ridiculous problem and shouldn't be present in the 9th/10th incarnation of the game.
*At times the players feel cripplingly unresponsive. They are so slow to turn/control/pass/shoot, it's really frustrating.
*Master League is gack. I've finally given up after about 5 seasons without defeat, winning all competitions, and I'm still only ranked 71st in the world and can't sign average players like geovanni/schwarzer/andy reid (no offence chaps). Might as well just transfer your best players into a dream team using edit and save yourself hours upon unfulfilled hours of your life.

That's the bulk of it - there are other minor irritations and glitches but they're far less frequent. I've been a PES fan since they started and still am to an extent, but I suppose this one has pushed my patience. Graphically it's a thing of beauty - players like Rooney/Torres look phenomenal, and even less well known players have really had some time spent on them. But I just can't get on with this game, it's sluggish and cumbersome and always leaves me in a worse mood than when I sat down, and that's surely not the point of entertainment?!

Some people will love it, some will hate it - it really is the Marmite of the video game world. I personally don't like it, you make your own mind up...
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on 25 October 2009
Pro Evo 2010 is a huge improvement on the previous two disappointing editions. Pro Evo 2009 was a very frustrating game, too many bugs and bad AI meant I could't enjoy playing it single player. Comparatively Pro Ev0 2010 plays like a dream, furthermore this is the first Pro Evo in a three years that actually has a new learning curve. It is difficult at first which shows that it has been tweaked and improved and now requires new skills.
The first most obvious improvement are the graphics which are the best in any football game there has ever been, the players' faces often look uncannily like their real life counterparts. Zoom in on Wayne Rooney after a goal and you will see how fantastic the graphics really are. The players move like their real life counterparts too and it adds a great feeling of authenticity. The stadiums look fantastic and there are plenty to choose from including, thankfully, Old Trafford which is finally back in the game.
Another noticeable improvement is that the game has been slowed down somewhat, taking way the excessively arcadey 'running on rails' pace of the previous two games. Passing has been tweaked slightly and the ball is now more difficult to control, so you may lose the ball or let it run off the pitch a few times while you get used to it. You can use the defenders physicality to your advantage more, which is more realistic and makes the game more challenging. It is not longer so easy to run through a whole team like a bull as Wayne Rooney, or dribble your way through an entire defence as Messi or Ronaldo. It can be done of course, but not at an unrealistic rate, the game now demands more of you, more skill and concentration.
Teamvision 2.0 brings a far better artificial intelligence to the game, the players improved movement now means you can rely on your AI team-mates to make good runs allowing for some sublime attacking play; likewise defending is no longer so frustrating. The computer doesn't force you to hack an opponent down from behind any more, your defender don't wander inexplicably half as much as in 2009. I now enjoy playing single player again and it can be challenging and immensely satisfying. I love the new 'gameplan' system which allows you customise your players approach to the game meticulously with a series of sliders, you really see this take effect on the pitch. The players' 'natural abilities' are now governed by a card system which is another excellent feature which allows for a more tactical approach.
The Master league has had a much needed overhaul and is the deepest for many years. You now have a youth team to nurture, sponsors to appease, customisable training and coaches and real currency to spend. They have gone all out with the Champions League presentation this year and it feels very authentic, this game mode is very involving and its great that it's now available in Master League.
Of course there are still faults in any game and I should mention these. The commentary is absolutely abysmal, laughable infact, it is completely unacceptable and there is no excuse. Hear the commentary in FIFA or FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 and you'll know that good commentary is possible. The voice acting is awful, the script a joke and it is about time it was improved. As ever it would be nice if they could get more team licences in the game, there are simply not enough, even just the big four in the premier league would be nice.
Overall though I'm very pleased with pro Evo 2010, the gameplay is so fluid, fun and satisfying and this edition is a huge improvement on the poor efforts of recent years. A step in the right direction!
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