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on 29 September 2009
Having been a fan of the board game as well as the PC version, I decided to give the DS conversion a try. I'm very glad I did as they have managed to cram the original game onto the dual screen perfectly.

The main difference between this and the PC version is the lack of the real time "blitz" mode. Personally, this is no loss as the real time game lacks a lot of the stratagy that made the original boardgame so good. You create your team from the same selection of races and have a choice beteween Championship, Cup or Grand Slam compitions. Also available is a "hot seat" mode for 2 player, single cart play, as well as the wireless 2 player, 2 DS (and 2 cart) mode.

The game can be saved at the end of each of your turns making it ideal for a portable platform. All in all this is one of the best new games for the DS.
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on 1 February 2010
I've had this game a couple of days now and i have to admit I'm hooked. It's one of those games thats so easy to pick up but really difficult to master, and as I mentioned in the title of the review, if you're not a massive warhammer fan you may struggle to start off with.

One word of warning, DO NOT take any notice of the video trailer amazon have put up, as this is not representative of the DS version of the game. As someone has already mentioned there is no real time blitz mode, only team and player names can be customised, not equipment, colour etc and there is only one pitch, not many different ones as shown in the trailer.
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on 31 May 2011
This is, essentially, the Blood Bowl board game in your palm.
Everything you'd expect to be there is present - a good selection of teams, competitions, skills.

The graphics are better than I had expected with the option of an overall view of the pitch or zooming in for a close up of the action.
The gameplay itself is very simplistic and intuitive - easy to pick up and very hard to put down. It's a straightforward point and click interface with extra options tucked away in each corner of the screen where they are unobtrusive.

In the campaign mode you can hire and fire players, name them, purchase cheerleaders, customize your lineup etc. Seeing your team grow and gain experience and skills is exactly as I remember from the original game. Having your star catcher killed by a Troll in the cup final may well bring a tear to your eye.

There are downsides, however. Although the gameplay is top, the game itself is glitchy. You may have to save during the matches (which is very easy to do thankfully) as the game can sometimes freeze up. I've also lost one entire campaign which just failed to load properly.
Is these problems were sorted, this would be pretty damn near perfect. Still, at less than £10 it's worth a roll.
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on 9 November 2009
If you haven't heard of blood bowl the board game, the ds game still has a lot to offer but you would be better off with the pc game. The ds version does not have the video sequences or audio commentaries that set off the pc game, and is missing the variety of team colours and logos that appear even on the psp. As a result the entertainment offered by blood bowl on the ds is far more about the strategy element of the game than on being an audience, and with the direct relationship to the board game the ds game's lack of a blood bowl rulebook puts novices at a disadvantage. For those who have played the boad game, however, the ds game offers a unique chance to develop a team for many seasons in a short time (and without the need to organise so many games with busy friends!), and even to test out teams that one does not have games workshop models to represent. For experienced blood bowl players with a ds, this game is more fun than throwing a goblin at the opposition!
That said there are two omissions from the ds version that will not please blood bowl fans compared to other system releases. The first is the lack of any star players- thses appear on psp and pc but not on ds, though the players you develop yourself are more fun in any case #if they survive long enough that is!#. The second is far more a point against the game: the team rosters are not all included or complete. Dwarf teams do not have death-rollers, goblin teams are missing both fanatics and bombers, and there are no undead, dark/high elf, nurgle, chaos dwarf, or human variant teams for those who play these in the board game. The missing teams are missing from every system but the omissions from the goblin and dwarf rosters are unique to the ds- sadly this means that the ds game is effectively two teams short of its pc/psp counterparts, as neither goblin or dwarf teams feel right #or work as well# next to the others.
Ultimately though, if you love blood bowl and own a ds #and therefore understood the unexplained references to the board game in this review), this game is a faithful and addictive way to play the game to death. Game on!
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on 19 January 2012
If you like the Gamesworkshop game Bloodbowl or know the computer game, then this is for you. This is the same as the first version of the computer game that came out and not the darkelf version, so you don't get all the teams plus the added bonus. But it's still a great little computer game, that they've made well using the two small screens as you can zoom in to get a better look at play. I would like to see the second version for the DS, but I do love this game and I find myself playing this a lot.
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on 30 January 2015
I love this game, it is limited, veyr limited compared to the boardgame or the full PC title. However it has simplicity which the PC title doesn't have. I prefer playing it on DS honestly, I just wish they had more teams
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on 3 August 2016
Amazing game - did crash sometimes but this game just made me happy.
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on 19 September 2011
Lots of cool teams to choose from and you can pick your own name. Unfortunately it took my a lot of games to work out that i had to build the team profile before I could do anything. The tactics are a little too complicated. Very good effort but needed improvement. Once you start loosing a game, it is SOOOOOO difficult to turn it around and win. I lost interest at one point.
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on 23 June 2010
Very good addictive and fun DS game.

However, it's a strategy game not a sports game and requires real thought and concentration. I didn't even know there was a board game before I bought it and picked up the game after a while. However it is frustrating losing your first few matches.

The only problem with the game is you only get two save files on the DS card so if you want a third championship you have to delete one of the other two first.

Biggest problem is the PC version. The bigger screen more teams and players. More than 1 pitch/field. Ability to customise players and online play.

There is no point buying the game on DS because the computer is far better, unless you want to play it on the train or something...
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