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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 October 2009
Wow, what a great game - Only arrived yesterday and can't put it down, even my 5 year old has picked it up to play some of the more visual puzzles including a puzzle called link a pix. After picking it up, instantly you can see the improvements over my old puzzler collection game with lots more puzzle variety. Along with the normal puzzles such as crossword and sudoku, you can now play wordsearch, codewords, fitwords, silhoutte, link a pix, spot the difference, and at the end of a completed puzzle you also get some great little bonus games to collect more tokens. The tokens are excellent as I am useless at codewords, and can now use the tokens to help complete the puzzle.

Now need to keep it away from my husband!!!!

Happy to recommend this game

Kate x
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on 19 November 2009
I love playing Puzzle games on my DS, I've got lots of them. I would probably have bought Puzzler World anyway eventually but having enjoyed the first version and seeing all these 5 star reviews on here I made it a priority.

Once it arrived I was a little suprised and dissapointed! When you buy a puzzle game you know what to expect (and it's what you want) crosswords, sodoku etc. all the stuff you'd usually do on the way to work in the paper but it's so much easier on a DS. All that is there and it's fine. However, the new stuff that's been added is not great at all, it's too simplistic and seems to be aimed at kids with stuff like hangman, colouring and Jigsaws. Also the handwriting feature is so frustrating, no-where near as good as in other games I have. Maybe thats to tempt younger people to play, but lets get real, what chance have I got of getting my son to ditch his Fifa 10 or Super Mario Brothers for Puzzler world...none!

All in all I'd say the game is OK, but i as an avid puzzle fan I was hoping for more complex puzzles to keep me hooked on my way to and from work on the train everyday.
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on 2 October 2009
Picked this up today and have only just put it down to write this,

I now own both Puzzler titles and this is great improvement on the original. The screen is clear and easy to work with the new puzzles are fun and intuitive. It takes up from where Puzzler 1 left off but seems to have ironed out the graphical and gameplay flaws of the original. The new reward mechanism is fun and something that was missing from its first outing.

Its a must have if you like Puzzles, this is genuinely very good indeed
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on 19 October 2009
I've been playing puzzle games since the earliest days of video gaming. As an avid fan of Crosswords and Codewords I picked up Puzzler World on the advice of a friend. The game is quite simply brilliant. From a massive range of varied puzzles to an inspired progression system, that makes you want to `have one more go' every time you try and put it down, Puzzler World is genuinely hard to fault.

From a puzzling purists point of view the Crosswords, Su-Do-Ku and Codewords are very easy to use, with a perfectly balanced difficulty curve. However the game comes into its own with the excellent range of puzzles. If you find that your brain is fried after a particularly tricky Su-Do-Ku then simply play a Word Search or a Fit Word to unwind the grey matter. Other puzzle type include Spot-The-Difference and Silhouette which is not so much a puzzle as a diversion but that said it's a hugely enjoyable one, allowing you to easily earn hint tokens.

Hint tokens are a God send when you are playing a particularly tough puzzle as they always give you just enough help to complete the most dastardly of Crosswords or Codewords. I've started playing the easier puzzles just to build up my hint tokens, ensuring that I never find myself stuck and unable to continue. Each of the major puzzle types has a sub puzzle as a bonus game, which you unlock once you have successfully completed a puzzle. From a game of Hangman to the massively enjoyable Chain Letters the bonus games add another dimension to an already complete gaming experience.

And then there is the hidden gem that is Link-A-Pix!! This is not a puzzling concept that I am familiar with and at first I could get my head around exactly how I was meant to play it. And then I had an epiphany (I actually read the in game instructions) and now I cannot stop playing the game. It's sublime in its simplicity and devious to the `nth degree. I don't k now if this exists in print form and if it does I don't know how it works BUT as a digital puzzle its incredible and I am totally addicted!!

Puzzler World has everything that I could wish for from a puzzle game and I for one would recommend it to everyone and anyone that I know that has a DS!
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on 2 October 2009
Fabulous game, and so much more puzzling fun than the normal word style puzzle games, and even better than my last puzzler ds game - more puzzle types, easier to use, clear screens and instant reactions when something is touched (Something my last game suffered from). Also has the benefit of bonus games to help add hint tokens to use against those harder puzzles.

You won't be dissapointed if you love puzzles.......
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on 19 November 2009
This game has Wordsearch, Crossword, Sudoku, Spot-the-Difference, Silhouette, Codeword, Fitword and Link-a-Picks. They are all addictive but I liked Link-a-Picks the best. Although you can play any type of game you like in quickplay mode, there is also a challenge mode with a mix of 560 games to complete. Also when each game is complete you get another small game added to each one and each time you win a game you get treats to add to the fun. I really recommend this game and I have hardly put it down since getting it.
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on 2 October 2009
I really love! Easy for kids to play. Lots of games to play and if you enjoyed the first one you will love this.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 March 2015
There are 3 save slots for profiles.

Once you have your profile you can open up the game play and options menu.

The “options” allows you to adjust the volume for “sfx” and “music” as well as “training” the game to recognise your writing (mine had problems recognising the diference between “P” and “T”, “W” and “U”, B” and “D”, as well as “C” and “L” in the case of “B” and “D” it still does occasionally.

There are 2 game play options:

- challenge
- quick play


This is the main playing area. You have coloured blocks, each colour representing a different game – each game occurs a given number of times. Completion of the first game on each square opens a bonus game which can be completed straight away or you can come back to them later.

- word search – 140 games – opens a hangman or chain letters game after each one

- Sudoku – 105 games – opens equate

- Fitwords – 105 games – opens a hangman or chain game

- Link-a-pix – 70 games – opens missing pieces

- Crossword – 35 games – opens chain letters

- Spot the Difference – 35 games - opens picture quiz

- Codeword – 35 games – opens hangman

- Silhouette - 35 games – opens jigsaw

As you go deeper into the games the more difficult they get and in the cases of Link-a-Pix and Silhouette the harder it becomes to see the relevant numbers (Link-a-Pix) and touch the right section (Silhouette).


This is the let down part of the package due to the extremely limited nature of the games available but can work well as practice if you have never played a certain game before.

- Word Search – 24 games
- Sudoku – 18 game layouts
- Fitword – 18 games
- Link-a-pix – 12 games
- Crossword – 6 games
- Spot the Difference – 6 games
- Codeword – 6 games
- Silhouette – 6 games

All the games in Quick Play run in sequence not randomly, so once you’ve reached the end it is easy to go round and round and round again.

So if your favourite is crossword, spot the difference, codeword or silhouette then you are going to have a very short run either in Challenge (35 each) or in Quick Play (6 each). Each one has a total of 41 games in both sets.

I use puzzle books when I go into hospital, or when I am too unwell to do any real work, as a way of getting my brain to work – games like this are perfect for that and work out significantly cheaper.

The only unfortunate thing for me is that no-one has yet come up with a “logic problems” game on ds.
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on 21 November 2009
I borrowed this game from a friend as I was looking for a new DS puzzle game to buy.

Overall the puzzles are fine, like crossword. But the inclusion of games like Hangman and Picture Quiz felt a bit childish, not like a sophisticated puzzle game.

Maybe it was just me, but I wasn't too impressed with the handwriting recognition they list on the box as a feature.

Was fun to play for 20 minutes, but can't say I have reason to go back to it.
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on 20 October 2009
What a brilliant game.
It beats all the other puzzle games that i have bought in the past.
Well worth the money i have not but it down since it arrived.
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