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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 14 May 2014
great for external blue ray drive for playing b ray dvds on laptops.great for laptops doesn't seem to work on pcs
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on 21 January 2014
I owned a Samsung blu ray drive before this (SE-506BB) - at around three times the price. I since lost it and thought to buy a new one. Admittedly it was also a BluRay writer, but I don't know anyone who actually uses BluRays for backup. Finally it supported 3D BluRay, but as I don't have a 120Hz monitor and we already have a standalone BluRay player hooked up to the telly (which also isn't 3D), why bother?

The drive arrived in a very small envelope, it's actually smaller than the Sammy in a nice compact shell. It's plastic, but black matte so doesn't attract fingerprints and looks attractive enough. There is a label on the top case which will probably vary depending on who you buy this from. Mine is China Industrial, for instance. It's great for travel, taking up about as much space as the drive inside. The base of the drive is very sturdy with a sheet of metal to stop things flexing.

There's the usual split USB cable (in case one port can't provide enough power) although oddly it's a USB B-type plug rather than USB Micro/Mini. There is also a socket for a wall adaptor if your USB cables still aren't good enough, perhaps if you used an unpowered hub.

The drive worked without any installation in OS X Mavericks and MakeMKV found it without any problem (it also works with "Blu-ray player"). It reads all the commercial disks I've thrown at it. It comes without any software, so if you want to watch BluRay films, you need something to decode the discs. This is the same with any BluRay drive, so don't hate because you don't understand why you can't play movies.

Note this is actually the same problem that DVD drives had back in the day on Linux. DVDs are encoded and the decoding software must be licensed. Windows machines came with this license, paid for as part of the OS cost. Linux on the other hand didn't and although the encryption was cracked in no time, watching DVDs on Linux is still technically illegal in some places. Most expensive drives come with playback software for this reason.

If you want a cheap drive that will rip'n'read BluRay discs, then you can't go wrong here. Maximum read speed (riplocked) is 4x, or about 20MB/s - this is the same as more expensive drives so don't be fooled.
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on 11 October 2011
bought it, it arrived timely, connected to laptop and it did read the blu ray.
Note: Reading blu ray does not mean play blu ray movie. You need a
commercial blu ray playing software to do so. Clearly, it could say so in the
product description, but it is clear in principle, and the thing works.
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on 12 February 2012
I bought this to be able to read Blu-Ray discs containing data I am transferring from one PC to another and it works perfectly. Clearly there are some people who are buying this assuming for some odd reason that its prime purpose is for watching films, rather than seeing it as a computer peripheral capable of reading Blu-Ray discs, therefore concluding that they should be able to plug it in, drop a film in and it will just play. Clearly the product description doesn't mention that there is any software included. The drive installs without the need for any drivers. If you do wish to watch films through this drive, there are some programs that you can buy which will allow you to do this, or free programs like VLC which will facilitate the playback of Blu-Ray film content. The drive is solid, efficient and very well priced for an external Blu-Ray drive.
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on 16 November 2012
Some people seem concerned that this comes in a plain box with no manual and doesn't actually say Blu-ray on the front. I plugged it into a Win7 computer (It come with a USB lead (A-B) and a power lead (to USB - not used) and it happily told me it was what I ordered.

It's a neat, small, tidy device and does exactly as the description says. Mine is also surprisingly quiet.

Not much else to say. It does what it's supposed to do.
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on 22 December 2013
I will say this itm works well, however I had to take it apart on receipt. This was due to the face plate being glued to the base, this prevented the device from openening. Apart from that I cannot fault it in any way shape or form, if you are computer savvy you will know the issue as soon as it arises.
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on 4 January 2014
This thing is seriously budget but does the job on my MacBook Air.

Because the unit is cheap, so is the seller - it took about 30 days to actually get Blu-ray drive instead of the DVD one they sent, but in the end I got what I ordered and really can't complain.
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on 23 April 2013
Was a little bit suspicious that a item at such a good price could do all it promised. So far it has met my expectations however still haven't had the opportunity to use the Bluray function.

Appears to now have stopped working.
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on 26 May 2012
The device arrived intact and in very good time, this week.

The Caveats...
Firstly there is no manual of any kind at all.
Now granted that the device should be more or less self-explanatory, the field of blu-ray is not at all familiar to me, and I've worked with and built systems for more than thirty years.
Not all USB devices are what we used to call plug 'n pray.
A simple example is that this device requires the accompanying USB power lead to be used if you are attempting to plug it in to a USB hub device. It will fully function in a standard system-based USB port... on the side of most laptops for example... and without the need for the USB power lead. The system I first tried this device with was an HP G72 laptop, which has only three USB ports. I have two 3 port usb hubs connected to alleviate this. They require the USB power line, as well as the USB interface cable, for it to work.

Secondly, as other reviews have said, the buyer should be made fully aware that a software blu-ray player suite is demanded to play any blu ray media.
Blu ray discs will not play through standard software media players... not even the Windoze player.

Lastly there seems to be a tendency towards a design flaw in the drive casing, if this one that we have is an example. The drive opened immediately that Cyberlink PowerDVD (apparently the best player for blu rays) told it to eject. We put in a blu ray disc and it played, eventually... but that is also a trait of blu ray DVDs... they can take a comparatively long time to sync up and play.
However that first time was the only time that ours ejected a disc without help... from an unbent paperclip, to activate the drive switch on the front of the drive and eject the drawer.
Studying the problem, I divined that it is a distortion in the plastic drive casing which interferes with ejection. For example the empty drive ejects perfectly if it is held upside down... Sir Isaac Newton and gravity acting together to move the drawer just that much so that it will eject, and not foul on the casing. When it does foul you can easily tell as you can hear the drive head, as it thrashes across the disc repeatedly trying to complete the eject procedure.
This is a good economically attractive product, let down by a few simple things.
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on 21 February 2014
What a waste of money you get what you pay for unit was quite cheap but only burned three discs before its life expired and would not read any blu ray disks. avoid this so called bd rom at all costs.
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