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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 February 2016
This 2009 fantasy revenge horror is a remake of the 2000 anime film of the same name. Set in Tokyo, 1970 it focuses on a half-human, half-demon [vampiric] girl named Saya (Jun Ji-hyun) who hunts demons in partnership with humans and seeks to destroy Onigen, the most powerful of all who killed her father.
Wow! What a surprise this was. About half of the speech is in English, so the subtitles are less intrusive than you'd think. Full of dark, shadowed corners, lashings of spurting globular blood, limbs loped off, people sliced in half, this is typical Manga fare. Featuring women with swords, lots of demons, more demons and some fine special effects, it creates a credible alternate past from the start. The dark dry humour means this should not be taken entirely seriously as it pays homage to many well known movies and scenes from other endeavours.
The single disc offers play, scene select, extras [featurettes on the actors, photo gallery, trailer, manga trailer] and set up [English subtitles on/off, audio description].
There is no nudity or sex and only one instance of severe swearing [with a few minor words] but the gore and martial arts violence places this firmly as an 18. If you like Japanese Manga type movies with over the top violence like ‘Machine Girl’, ‘Tokyo Gore Police’ or ‘Hard Revenge Milly’, then you’ll love this so get the popcorn out and sit back, but if you want realistic action, then look elsewhere.
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on 8 December 2014
Freakin' awesome. It loses out to the anime film by a whisker and only because the anime has some ground-breaking features. Gianna Jun plays Saya to perfection. The fight scenes are well choreographed and very well filmed. It manages to avoid traditional Jap-Gore film staples like gushing 200 litres of blood every second (see Tokyo Gore Police), but is never-the-less a pretty violent film.

It is beautifully filmed, very well acted (at least by the Japanese actors), has a pretty good soundtrack and stays pretty much true to the original. My recommendation - BUY IT - but it's not for children!
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on 15 April 2016
The style and setting of this adaption is true to the original anime and the character of Saya has always deserved a live action interpretation from her many anime and manga forms...sadly this falls short as the lead is good (not great) and some really low budget CGI effects ruin the film in places....this is passable but could have been so much more, watch the original film or better yet the Blood Plus (Blood+) anime series
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on 4 July 2016
This was ok on the 2nd watch but the original manga cgi/anime film is far superior.Don,t get me wrong its a decent action horror and the actings ok but some of the vampires/ogre cgi is truly awful.Also the plot twist with sayas agents/protectors being corrupt and evil just didn,t work for me.Worth a watch if a blood fan but not for everyone.
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on 24 October 2011
This is a exceptionally cool movie. Its unusual having a Japanese lady as the lead since everything in english with superb special effects, stunts and lots more than mere vampires to fight. Its fast from start to finish with more blood than most films but in a constructive manner. This mix of special Japanese martial arts with western type vampire films is incredibly successful. Great acting throughout. Puts most vamire films to shame.Loved it.
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on 24 October 2010
Blood The Last Vampire film is a live action adaptation of a Japanese anime film produced back in 2000 with the same title.

The story is set around and American Air Base located in Japan, during the Vietnam War.
Its main character is a Japanese girl named Saya, who relentlessly hunts blood sucking Oni(Oni: in japanese is translated as demon in english).
Saya is a 400-year-old half breed who hunts other demons. Raised by her father's retainer a man named Kato, she works loosely with an organization known as "The Council" while seeking out Onigen, the highest oldest and strongest of all the beasts.
Seeking clues about Onigen, Saya transfers to a school near the Yokota Air Base.
Normally a loner, Saya forms a friendship with a young girl named Alice (Allison Miller), whom she rescues from some vampires.

This live action production is very impressive adaptation and includes spectacular battles involving katana's and fights with superhatural beings.
The picture is an improvement in comparison to the original anime. The plot is slightly altered in comparison however overall I find the production exceeding the original anime.
Most importantly the Japanese cast are really japanese looking and not caucasians something that has been a real annoyance on other Japanese titles that have been Hollywoodized (eg. dead or alive or Dragonballz)
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on 6 October 2013
Saya is a half-human half demon pushing 400 years old, but can pass for 17. She drinks blood out of a bottle for strength while killing vampires with apparently the same magical katana used in Kill Bill as it slices through boulders like a hot knife through butter. She is enrolled in a military school, and while there kills 2 vampires who are also fellow students.

The killing was witnessed by the general's daughter, who she now protects. The goal of her killing vampire demons to to lure out the master vampire demon and kill it. There is one scene which reminds me of Kill Bill where she fights against a large horde of demons while saving the girl.

The movie is no where in depth as is Kill Bill. Yes, Saya wears that school girl outfit pictured on the cover for much of the movie. But unlike other Japanese school girl vampire movies this one has no nudity or sex.
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on 4 December 2009
This is a movie adaptation from the hit acclaimed anime movie Blood The Last Vampire.
When I first heard of this movie in the works, I didn't know what to think. Until I saw the first released trailer online and was blown away mindlessly! After that, I couldn't eagerly wait for this movie, as I noted down so many movies to be released this 2009, X-men Origins too etc.

I finally saw this movie at the cinema day of opening. But I'm here to review the Blu-Ray version.
This Blu-Ray version is awesome, I enjoyed the movie at the cinema but enjoyed it more with this Blu-Ray version.
The picture quality is TOP NOTCH! It's so sharp, and the extensive use of the colour toning was so damn awesome. It made part of the scenes feel like how it should be in years, like the Air base feels like 60s/70s like, the delusion effect used by Onigen, the alley battle etc. In the cinema, the use of blood effect felt so ridiculous stupid, but with in HD, it looked alright and nothing to complain. In the cinema, the true forms of the demon was lame, but in HD, they looked AMAZING! You wouldn't even know it's CG but think it's a prop.
Sound effects were sick too, you won't be disappointed.
As for the features, well, I was disappointed with the features in this movie, because of the bad reviews this movie got, developers/publishers didn't spend time on extra features. Though the menu design is nice.

A lot of people didn't like this movie because of the story adaptation for this movie. Once again, people do not understand adaptation development. Just because you are making a movie out of a video game let's say Resident Evil 1. That doesn't mean the movie plotline needs to be EXACTLY the same as the game:/ Basically you are wasting your money on the same thing you've experienced before.
I've paid money to watch Blood the Last Vampire 45min anime movie, why in the world should I pay more money to experience the same storyline in live action, performed by real humans!??? No I want something new.
But what I was disappointed in the storyline was the use of the Airbase from the anime movie, it was just an excuse to make the movie feel original just like the anime movie:/

I wasn't disappointed with this movie, infact I was surprised and pleased. Beowulf's DvD boxart says "Action packed", and sadly there weren't that much action to the movie! But this movie defines Action Pack, because there were so much action going on just for a 84min movie!
Good thing I got this for a good price, because this movie and it's features isn't worth £19!

I wish the makers would consider a sequel to this movie, franchise like this shouldn't be underrated. "Blood +" anime series wasn't all that. We need another movie sequel or game!
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on 5 August 2014
Such an amazing film especially for those who love both American but mainly Japanese culture aswell as anime
This has become my Favourite film and a few Japanese films can come across a bit to obvious and by that I mean that the acting can come across like they put too much effort in what there saying and doing so it becomes less realistic (same for a few American films to)
for me anyway
but most Japanese films are fantastic(aswell as American ones), and this one is just drop dead amazing (pun intended hehe)
It contains everything I want in a movie and I hope I see the actress who plays Saya is some new films in the nearby future
love lots from pip x
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on 6 April 2012
Ok, I write this review as a huge fan of the original anime....i mean it is one my all time favorite movies. I feel it only fair that i let you know that before you read my review, as it is easy to moan about a re-make of something you love!
First of all, to all fans of the original.... this is not a loyal re-make. the story differs from the anime in many many ways... it has a new main character, it has a new ending and it has two new sub plots. i am sure that this has annoyed many hard core fans! and there were some bits i wanted to see in live action and feel a little cheated that i never got to see it.... The whole halloween/ halloween party is missing! :( the vampires are not done too good either. i mean i loved the original design and these vampires just feel like extra costumes left over from buffy!
and i cant forget to mention some of the acting.... now i will be honest, i like the acting of saya and alice..... very well done. but the rest of the cast feels like they have picked up the first people through the door at the audition. in fact i would say that the biggest let down of this film was simply budget... if your going to make a film that already has a huge loyal fan base, wait until you can afford to do it properly.
Ok.... i gave this film 4 stars.... one of those stars was simply because my boyfriend liked this film so much!
the other three stars are well desreved. the actress playing the lead was amazing! i fully intend to imdb and see what else she has been in! i also got this at the price of £5!!! a bargain for any film to be honest. and if you did like the original i think you will enjoy this enough to warrent spending a little money on it. and if you haven't seen the original it will give you decent insight into what it is about.... But you will like the anime much much more!!!!!
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