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Customer reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 12 April 2011
i really liked this film having watched a lot of zombie films both poor and awsome, and i thought this came in the pretty good area, its shot like the 'blair witch project' which suited the low budgetness of this film, it also has a lot of diffrent stories going on it (not all of them amazing and some of them good ideas but not thought out properly) so its not all about colin the zombie but whats happening around him aswell which for me makes it pretty good and a unique zombie flic.
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on 8 November 2014
I can't in all good conscience give this more than 1 star. I have just paused it at 34 minutes and a few seconds whilst watching on Prime. It's not the film quality or acting, not even the premise. In fact everything is done brilliantly, it certainly has a bleak atmosphere, and all that was spoiling it here and there..... was stupidity. The walking dead in this movie, are barely capable of walking, let alone fighting. Yet for some inexplicable reason, the living, seem intent on presenting themselves as zombie fodder.
Instead of just walking out of the way, they seem to just be sitting down, slashing at the air with knives, or listening to their mp3 players doing nothing at all in the interests of self preservation while being dined on by zombies.
Then, a pair of idiots go after Colin, to steal his shoes. From the veritable safety of their lofty position, they come down to ground level to restrain the titular Colin in order to take his shoes off.
Here, for reasons best left to your imagination, the pair of idiots seem totally unable to remove a shoe from an already prostrate zombie that doesn't exactly put up any fight, because it really has barely any control over it's faculties.

I continued watching nonetheless, and 2 other people appear, and start fighting with the 2 idiots, which really is giving good old Colin an opportunity to sink his teeth into something. Indeed, he predictably does, and once the 2 idiots are sent packing by the threat of being severed by a sword, we learn that the girl who got chomped, was actually Colin's sister, and she just wanted to make sure he didn't lose his shoes, since a zombie's life is already miserable enough, having no shoes would just be unbearable.

It was however, the last couple of minutes that I saw, that had me decide I'd seen enough. A flat, with several seemingly able bodied people, doing battle with a horde of zombies. No protection save from a few random household items, and instead of, I don't know, running up the stairs and barricading themselves in, or simply just pushing through the zombies and finding a more secure location, they instead seem to just stand their ground until somehow, they accidentally forget to move out of the way of an incoming bite, find themselves prostrate on the ground being eaten.
Everyone seems to know that being bitten is going to be bad, yet inexplicably puts themselves in a position to facilitate exactly that.

If the film had been faster paced, MUCH faster, and done in a comedic fashion, it would probably be entertaining. Or, if the living weren't so UTTERLY retarded, it might have been a really interesting take on the genre.

As it is though, it just gets progressively more frustrating, and anyone that managed more than 34 minutes, I applaud.
I just couldn't take watching yet another perfectly able bodied person willfully offering themselves up as fodder, something I expect happens a good many more times before the films conclusion.
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I seem to have seen a whole glut of shaky-cam zombie flics recently, including Rec, The Zombie Diaries and this one. I reckon Colin just about pips the others though, because of its uniqueness.

Poor Colin. His girlfriend dies in his arms, only to come back to life and bite a chunk out of his arm. The poor lad then walks the streets , trying to stay warm, get some food inside him (even if it's only someone's ear) and somehow to cope with a world that no longer makes any sense. Some brutal nutters fire slingshots at him, throw explosives at him, try to mug him for his Addidas trainers, hit him in the head with a hammer and even incarcerate him with his dead little sis. Being dead is no life!

But what a clever movie! The Zombie Diaries flirted briefly with the scenario of sympathy for Mr. Zombie, but Colin takes it orders of magnitude further. Sure it's not perfect, some of the action takes place in ridiculously dark surroundings and the special effects are less than special most of the time (the guy snapped in half as zombies drag him through a window being particularly poor), but the premise is just so clever that it makes for an absolutely unmissable movie. Do you remember seeing Starship Troopers, when Earth is being threatened by alien bugs - and yet you can't help feeling sorry for the bugs? Well Colin does the same thing, fighting the corner of the zombies and shows that British inventiveness is still very much (dead)alive in the horror movie world.

This is a very important horror movie that just may launch a whole new sub-genre. Horror buffs MUST add Colin to their collection!
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on 8 August 2011
A film like this doesn't deserve all the one star reviews here but neither does it merit the five star raves. Truth is its an original, sporadically interesting film - if it really cost 45 quid then fair play to everyone involved, I salute you - however none of this means that the film is in any way enjoyable or exciting. In fact once the frission of the first 10 mins is over its a long slog to the end. Theres a stodgy set piece in a flat that totally derails the spooky atmosphere - its better in the quieter outdoor scenes.
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on 12 March 2012
i love zombie films, i collect them, this is definatly going in my collection but am going to struggle selling it to you as 1 to add to yours...

a unique idea, as a zombie fan ive waited to see a film from the zombies point of view.

overall Colin is a good film if you can sit through an hour and a half of shaky camera work, it seems like someone filmed all this on a mobile phone. it also has very poor lighting and moderate sound.
there are some comical scenes of stumbling zombies within the first 15minutes but dont expect too many laughs. i cant knock this too much, it was made on a £45 budget, but the shaky camera makes this really hard to watch at all and i was left feeling i missed some of the action scenes due to this. This would be so much better if someone with a good budget and a good camera made it.
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on 14 May 2013
Colin was an ok film. I enjoyed it far better watching it the second time around after watching the 2nd dvd The Making of ... Got to say was in stitches at these close nit group of friends who simply got together to make a film. Personally Colin for me was a far more enjoyable & Colin was a more likable zombie for me knowing what went into making Colin (no more than £50) but what it ment to people who created Colin. Your either going to like it or your not... Nikki, Aberdeen.
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on 13 October 2013
A truly realistic take on a Zombie infested Britain. Actually showing how it would be to suddenly find yourself dead after being bitten. Very gritty and at times sad portrayal of Colin's life as one of the undead. Not as polished as 28 weeks later but not supposed to be either. I really enjoyed the film and would recommend to anyone who enjoys this kind of thing.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 November 2009
This interesting take on zombie flicks opens with the one & only Colin being bitten by a zombie & becoming one of the walking dead. He wanders the streets, encountering others of his kind as well as run-ins with the living, while being mysteriously drawn... somewhere. While most of the living are just trying to survive, others victimise Colin, mugging him for his shoes & dragging him into more sinister schemes. This is an interesting twist on the main dynamic within zombie films (particularly those of George A. Romero) which is conflicts among the living, while the living dead are more of an ever-present threat in the background.

Director Marc Price has done an amazing job with some an incredibly threadbare budget. He clearly hasn't spent it on fancy film or expensive cameras, sticking to a handheld & not even shooting in widescreen but this adds to the films' believability, giving it a dirty, realistic feel. He adds to this by using lots of close-up shots which can be confusing during action scenes but more importantly add a convincing sense of chaos & panic to the fights. Had Colin been shot in glorious technicolour with sweeping landscapes, it would look more like an OTT Hollywood movie & wouldn't have been anywhere near as engaging. And engaging it is, too - lead actor Alastair Kirton does an amazing job of turning one of the living dead into a sympathetic character who I genuinely felt pity & empathy for.

Colin is not without its flaws - frankly, its incredibly slow in places & I found myself watching it in 2 sittings as a result. Also, the camerawork is a little piecemeal & unimaginative in comparison with early low-budget works by other maverick directors such as Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez but then Colin is more about strong ideas than flashy packaging. It's surprisingly poignant with some nice ideas, a couple of which could probably be fleshed out as plots for entire films of their own. Overall, I didn't quite like it as much as I wanted to but it's still a good film, as long as you come at it with the right expectations. It has buckets of gore in places (again, surprising how many special effects Price got for his £45) but don't expect a fast-paced action flick - this is a slower-paced & more poignant film.
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on 19 January 2011
Colin is an ultra (ultra) low budget zombie movie. And to it's credit it's not half bad! It's surprisingly well acted and very atmospheric which is difficult to create on any budget, but in this they genuinely pull it off!

The negatives, the camera quality is very poor, and I know, I know it was a crap camera and that's the point, but it really distracted me. The biggest downfall for this film though is in fact the directors choice to have shakey cam in EVERY bloody scene! It drives me crazy! A scene will be tense, and tight as a drum, and you'll be really intrigued and pulled in to the story, and then the shakey cam comes and and you're thrown back out lost, and back where you were five minutes ago!

The positives, this concept is original and very fresh. I'm sure the likes of Romero and Rodriguez are sat at home kicking themselves! And because of this originality it creates a very unique and endearing narrative, that almost makes you love the Colin character and feel genuine empathy for the character.

This film is no where near perfect, there are alot of faults. Having said that, despite my better judgement I loved Colin, it's new, original and very entertaining at times! A real, gory treat!
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on 9 December 2012
I only chose this rating due to the fact its abit slow for a zombie film unlike many others,also its slow to get into the film when watching but you,ll have to make your own mind up on this if you have,nt seen it.I probably would recommend it if you still like any type of zombie film though.
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