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on 3 May 2010
There is no doubt that this is a very capable juicer as evidenced by the other reviews. However there is one serious design fault. On the underside of the clear plastic lid is a small flange that causes the on/off switch to be depressed. If this flange breaks the machine is rendered useless. We have broken the flange twice on separate machines. No matter how heavy handed one is, this flange is too fragile. There are no spare parts available. Phillips customer services were of no use whatsoever in trying to identify the cause of the issue. A great juicer, seriously flawed. Use it with great care.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The main juicer unit is solid metal and heavy. It feels as though it will match the manufacturer's claims of lasting a lifetime. The basic unit is also not as large as I perceived it would be from the video on the Amazon site, which is quite a relief. It can be tucked away on a corner of the work surface without occupying too much valuable space; having said that, it looks good enough to warrant being left out ready for action. After all, an appliance put in a cupboard often becomes neglected as you have to overcome the barrier of removal and set up before you are able to start using it.

Assembling the product was very straightforward and intuitive; although a quick start guide is included, I didn't need to refer to it. Putting it together took around 5 minutes from first opening the box.

Preparation of items to be juiced is straightforward. Remove peel that you would not eat (such as pineapple) but leave it on where you would (e.g. apples). Then you just need to make the fruit small enough to fit down the feeding tube, which is large enough to take a whole apple. I cut a pineapple into four segments and produced two glasses of juice in seconds. Apples just went in whole and were therefore much easier. The pulp is extracted and fed into a large container that sits at the rear of the main unit and the juice is collected in a jug, which has a useful insert that removes foam from the juice as you pour (the insert is removable for cleaning and does not have to be used if you prefer otherwise). Once you have finished, the juice outlet on the machine is designed so that it can be lifted up to prevent juice dripping out, which is a nice feature.

There are two speeds available for processing the fruit, a slower speed (1) for soft fruit like strawberries and a faster speed (2) for harder fruits like apples.

Feeding fruit through the juicer is simple. Pop it in the feeding tube, press lightly with the `pusher' and, after some light resistance, the fruit goes through the mechanism and the juice is produced.

I have used a citrus juice attachment on my Kenwood Chef to produce orange juice for a long time, so know that freshly squeezed juice at home surpasses any that you can buy from a supermarket, but I was literally blown away by the taste of the juice that I produced with this. It was so easy to do and the juice was pure and absolutely delicious. The juicing process produces a foam, which the jug is designed to exclude as the juice is poured into a glass. This foam however is definitely worth trying - for example it is very zesty/tangy from oranges, delicious and light from pineapple and only worth avoiding from apples (as it discolours so quickly and turns brown).

Nothing about this juicer feels flimsy, even the plastic parts are thick and robust and really do feel as though they will last a very long time. The manufacturer provides a five year guarantee, with a 15 year guarantee on the motor for added reassurance.

Having enjoyed several different glasses of juice, I felt an impending sense of doom that the pay off would have to be in the cleaning. However, cleaning the unit was a pleasant surprise, even though I did not do this for around 30 minutes after last use. I took the unit apart, finding that the pulp tray contained only a very dry cakey mixture (rather like the consistency of fat balls for birds), so there was no chance any juice had escaped the jug! Everything that gets `dirty' is removable (with one small exception) and I found that all most of the parts needed was a rinse under a slow running tap and they were clean. The filter was slightly more tricky but a brush is provided for cleaning and again, under a running tap and brushing from the outside (pushing the pulp back through the filter the way that it had gone in) it took less than a minute to get that to pristine condition as well. The housing under the filter lifts out as well for the same easy cleaning. The only part that needed to be wiped was on the main housing situated under the spout - just with a piece of kitchen paper.

Only three recipes are included and that is a pity because the ones that are there (Carrot & ginger with lime, Beetroot & Carrot, Cucumber & lemon) are very nice combinations that I would not have tried myself. A few more would have been a nice touch.


* Solid metal casing
* Robust plastic parts
* Impressive level of juice extraction
* Very easy to put together and use
* Extremely easy to clean
* Reasonably quiet in use (as quiet as pulping an apple can be)
* Attractive and not too large


* I really cannot think of any at all. Even cleaning has to be rated as a pro with this machine. I suppose the only negative is that it would have been nice to have a few more suggested recipes - but I am certainly going to enjoy experimenting with my own combinations.

I honestly believe that anyone who received this machine would be totally happy with both the ease of use, effortless cleaning and the fantastic results.
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on 11 November 2010
This is my third juicing machine, and I have to confess I haven't thrown the other two out yet just for the time being, but compared with the other two I definitely think this has features that put it in front. My first machine is a few years old and is horrendously fiddly to clean all the bits and it won't go in the dishwasher. The next one I got because it also doubles as a pasta-maker and was said to extract more of the juice - I wish I had never bought that one, it is very very slow and you have to chop the fruit up into impractically small bits. So having one that takes whole apples and one that goes in the dishwasher gets full marks from me. I am however very anxious about the plastic lugs on the side where the frame clips up - I can see that these are the weak point of the design and we are going to have to be very careful when clipping the thing up each time we use it. The spout that you can pop back upwards to prevent drips is a very good idea indeed. However I must say I have been a little suprised at the amount of mess that is left each time we use it - some spray always manages to escape from the assembly and spatter the work top and there is always a myseterious sticky puddle of juice underneath it when we have finished and move the machine. Maybe it is just mine. I can't see where the stuff is coming out. Anyway, in this season of windfall apples we are using it constantly and should soon be able to see in the dark with the amount of raw carrots we are dropping in with them as well. Well worth the money for the use it will get.
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on 31 March 2010
The above reviews i mostly concur with. Having used the juicer for a couple of weeks now it really does make fantastic juice...However....there is a very weak design flaw...which Philips really need to be honest about and find a solution for!! Especially for all of us who already own one!!

On one edge of the lid, there is a very small plastic tab that fits into a small recessed hole on the main body of the unit. It is a safety feature that stops the unit from working if the tab does not fit into the hole.

The bad news is that after only 10 days of use, the little clear flimsy plastic tab broke clean off whilst trying to take the lid off!!!...NO MORE JUICING!The lid removal can be a bit sticky at times, and the tendency is to flex it a little to get it to move. That can very easily snap the tab clean off.

When you stop and look at the lid closely and inspect the tab, it is truly unbelievable to me that with all their research and product testing that this weakness didn't come to light at Philips HQ. Interestingly on the FAQ section of the Philips website for this product, the top question is how to remove the lid...and then a little instructional description of how to take the lid off without damaging the tab!!

I immediately called them to see what they would do. Interestingly they said they would replace the lid free of charge (so a whole new lit is en route to me) however they would not confirm that this is a common problem. I have done some further research on the internet and i think they are trying to keep the problem close to their chests.

It's a real shame that they got 99% of the design right, then let the whole thing down with this weak plastic tab issue.

Personally, unless they change the lid design, it's not a question of 'IF' this will happen to your machine, simply a question of 'WHEN'!!

Come on Philips....fess up....design a replacement lid with a proper tab and send an apology out to everyone with their new lids!!
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VINE VOICEon 18 December 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am somewhat of a health nut and a decent workout freak all rolled into one acceptable package. Therefore, eating/drinking healthy is as important to me as is burning the stuff off. And if I get any assistance in achieving my aims, I grab it with both hands.

I decided to try out the juicer from the Philips Robust collection when my existing crusher unit began to groan a bit too much under the pressure my lifestyle demands were putting on it. I trust Philips as a brand but that has always been for electrical and never for kitchen appliances. Heck, I never even knew Philips did kitchen appliances! Anyway, I convinced myself that I would be investing in a sort of gym equipment and took the plunge. And what a refreshingly rewarding experience it continues to be!

I am sure everyone will easily gather the very impressive features of this unit and so I wont dwell too much on the same. However, I simply can't avoid reiterating the 3 exemplary features that still has me spellbound and will surely continue to do so until I part company with my unit (even though Philips says its supposed to be a "until death do us part" kind of affair without exactly specifying who is likely to croak first!) So, without any further ado, here are the 3 best features (in order of importance to moi) of the Philips Robust Juicer:

1. The sheer genius of the discard compartment where the pulp debris can be disposed off with consummate ease
2. A generous sized feed tube ensuring no more of the tedious fruit priming process on the kitchen counter
3. Reassuring presence of the sturdy locking arm ensuring optimum safety and stability

The Philips Robust Juicer is definitely a health freak's best pal. Not only does it exude brute strength and machismo but it also doesn't allow one to work out alone. This little beast was designed to make it as easy as possible to drink healthy and it does its bit in its own unique way. I heartily reciprocate the menacing purrs from the HR 1881 with my ratings!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 November 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you're serious about juicing this is the appliance for you. I've had a number of different juicers over the years and the performance of this "top of the range" juicer surpasses them all. it's a continuous-flow-type juicer in contrast to the centrifugal juicers, such as the Magimix Duo, which in my experience are less effective in juice extraction; have to have the pulp emptied out frequently and are difficult to clean. The Philips Robust Collection juicer has been well designed for very efficient juice extraction and ease of cleaning. It's solidly built and sits firmly on the work-top when in use. it's capable of processing a lot of juice in one go and has a powerful 1200 watt motor which deals effortlessly with hard fruits such as pineapple and juices vegetables like carrots or celery in seconds. It's probably over-engineered for most tasks, but this has the advantage that it's quiet in operation in contrast to lower-powered juicers I've had in the past which were very noisy and, when I loaded the motor with tough bits of, say pineapple, the latter gave off a whiff of burning lubricating oil from the over-taxed motor.

I found The Philips juicer simple to set up as there are only a few parts to fit together. The items to be processed are fed into a wide tube and tamped down by a cylindrical plunger that pushes the material onto a heavy-duty metal rotating filter/shredder that in seconds demolishes fruits or vegetables into a remarkably dry pulp that is flung into a large bin at the back of the machine and the juice, devoid of bits, flows down a spout into a custom-made jug. The jug has insert that acts to separate off any foam, when you pour out the juice, that some fruits, such as pineapple, create when juiced. The spout is on a pivot that you can lift up to stop any drips when the jug is removed.

Some time ago I bought the much cheaper Philips HR1861 juicer, which I must say is also excellent and would suit most people. The Philips HR1881/00 from the Robust Collection is quieter in operation; has a number of improvements in the design, e.g., the single up and over latch that holds the clear lid section in place is better than the two side-latches on the cheaper model; the pivoting spout is an improvement; the large feed tube means that whole apples can just be fed into the machine and the filter/shredder has an improved design that extracts every drop of juice and produces a remarkably dry pulp to be discarded. Even the collecting jug has been improved in that the lid is easier to get on and off. The main advantage of the Robust machine must be that it built for heavy and prolonged use and consequently has long-term guarantees on the machine, including 15 years on the motor. I just hope I last as long!

I found the HR1881 a pleasure to use and the ease of cleaning (both of the Philips juicers have this advantage) means that I'll use it rather than feel it's not worth the hassle of cleaning for a glass of juice. I was impressed with just how delicious vegetable juices can be! It occurred to me that a machine like this might encourage children to drink fruit and vegetable juices as it's fun pushing, say, whole carrots down the tube and immediately seeing lovely orange juice (with no bits) flowing out of the spout.

The bottom line for would-be purchasers will be is the HR1881 Robust juicer worth over four times the prices of the very creditable HR1861? The former is certainly an improvement on the latter and I would think that the high-quality build of the Robust machine will mean that it will live up to its name and withstand heavy use for much longer.
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on 15 October 2011
Let me begin by saying I am clueless with gadgets and in the kitchen. I've never juiced before. It took me less than 5 minutes to set this up and I just finished making a pineapple ginger drink fromThe Big Book of Juices: More Than 400 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day which I bought together with the juicer. And what a fine juicer it is, it's very easy to use and clean and that makes it a win in my book. I researched all of the juicers on Amazon and chose this one, looks like it will be with us for many years to come.
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on 28 November 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is an excellent juicer, but it isn't quite worth the huge price. I wonder which market (or demographic?) it's aimed at. It isn't an industrial or quite a commercial juicer, so its main attributes, such as the large pulp collector, are rather a moot advantage. Will the average household ever fill it in one go? It is good because the pulp is flung away from the blades so they can just be rinsed, but then you have to wash out a huge collecting jug anyway. The safety mechanism is a plus point. The power is disconnected until the lid is on. I don't think cheaper versions have this. The way I see it is that it's just right for my purposes as a budding home brewer of cider. I have reviewed the Breville JE27 Whole Fruit Juicer and I think that it was too fiddly having to be cleaned out thoroughly (including blades) every gallon or so of juice, however it is quite adequate for someone who just wants some fruit juice in the morning. It did also leak quite alarmingly. The Philips is smarter and snaps together pleasingly. But this creation is over-engineered and too expensive. Though more robust, the Philips just isn't worth the extra cash for the amateur juicer.
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on 17 October 2011
This juicer is fantastic....we have effortlessly juiced are way through the orchard...very powerful and sturdy and looks like it will with stand the test of time.
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on 23 June 2011
It's been a month since we've purchased the juicer and have been using once or twice a week to make carrot juice. No issues so far.
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