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on 23 November 2009
This WiFi speaker was exactly what I needed: I wanted to be able to listen to internet radio and all my PC music in other rooms, for example while cooking or doing the dishes, or relaxing on the sofa (or in the bath!). That's what this Mimi Qube does.

It's the size of a biggish apple, with the circumference about that of a normal mug. I've been carrying it around all over my flat: it's like carrying one of those small pillar candles. Very nice design and has this blue light on when working. It is easy to set up and operate.

The sound quality is quite good for its size, price, and use. I have used it in two and three rooms away from my PC and the sound quality is consistently excellent. The instructions say that there might be interference if you have metal walls or any metal in the walls. My walls have only brick and wood in them and the Qube works perfectly.

UPDATE January 2011: I'm still using my MiMi Qube, daily, with no problem at all after fourteen months.
UPDATE February 2012: Still using my Qube. I have since bought others as gifts, they make wonderful presents.
UPDATE January 2013: Yep, you got it: It's still doing brilliantly!
UPDATE January 2014: I'm still using the very same Qube. I've moved into a bigger house and the reception is still great.
UPDATE January 2015: The same old Qube is still functioning after 6 years of service but the battery has now ran out -- I need to keep it plugged in, charging, for it to function. To do so all over my house, I use my apple plug adaptor: I plug this in any electricity socket in my house, then connect my Qube to it via USB. The range is still incredible: 2 flights of stairs away in a house made of stone and it's still fine.
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on 2 March 2010
I took delivery of this product a week or so back now, as a result of having a need for a tidy solution to the speaker issue on a new streamlined breakfast bar.

I loved it! Funky design, great sound, groovy blue & red backlit colours - great!...... Until.... I moved it about 20 feet away from the base station! Ideas of using it for BBQ's at the end of the garden this summer disappeared along with the transmitting signal as I lost ALL reception within 15-20 feet.

I really want to like this product & think they have done a terrific job with it, so I will put the "range" problem down to some quirky condition in my house which resulted in the loss of signal within a few feet, but I would recommend others to check all reviews on this possible problem if they have any ideas of using this product at any sort of range.
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on 23 November 2009
I purchased the Veho Wireless Speaker Last week and promptly received the item. I am very impressed with the quality and sound that comes from this small speaker, its not tinny sounds are perfect. I am very impressed also with the fact that you can take this speaker around the house including upstairs in the bedrooms and bathroom with no interuption or distortion to the sound. I have also asked whether there will be any additional speakers being sold seprately from the dongle and that will be happening shortly, as I would love to purchase more for each room in the house, works perfectly from any laptop or PC with a USB connection. I would recommend this product to anyone, you will not be disappointed.
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What a great bit of kit this is. I already have a Bard Audio sender that transmits iTunes to my hi-fi and just wanted something I could pick up and take out into the garden. This is absolutely perfect, essentially its like a radio where you pick the playlist. The sound quality is not hi fidelity but its better than your tranny and good enough for casual listening which is what this is designed for. I haven't tested the range on the horizontal plane because its bloody freezing out but it worked happily on the top floor of my three storey house. I will definitely buy another one because the wireless sender will happily do several Qubes. The charger cable works fine off an iPOd charger plug if you have one, just swap the leads over.
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on 26 December 2009
Bought this as a pressie and its great! As another reviewer said, for its size and price it has great sound and improves the tinny sound from my old laptop - great for using in the bathroom too!
We've had no problem with range - signal is picked up to the end of the garden (about 50m)! so perfect for my gardening hubby! Cute little piece of kit.
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on 6 January 2010
Having spent quite some time searching the interweb for wireless speakers for my laptop, I found that there are not too many options available for less than £100. This product is considerably less money than that so I did have some reservations about the quality I could expect.

Upon arrival I was slightly disappointment with the small size of the speaker, however despite its relatively small stature it is rather loud. And what a beautiful little speaker it is with its eerie blue glowing lights.

The range of the speaker is rather limited however. It could not be used more than 30 ft away from its receiver.

It can also be used by connecting it to your pc/laptop via USB (which charges the device).

In summery I would say that considering this speaker is a lot cheaper than others on the market and that it does the job very well, then why buy anything else.
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on 26 January 2013
Very good product and very good performance. The sound is amazing! I have normal speakers for my pc but this tiny box sounds better and higher than others. There are two minor problems with this speaker that I hope the engineers and the manufacturers come to a solution very soon as to make the product perfect: 1) most times it drops down the wi-fi internet connection when it is plugged to the pc; 2) When plugged, this speaker takes over the sound output and it is not possible to listen to the songs from the pc speakers or any other speaker that you plug in. I WOULD like to be able to keep the speaker in the shed in the garden while the pc stays in-doors, without me having to bring the speaker with me everywhere I go. But besides this I am tempted to buy another speaker, the performance is great! Maybe if the price would be a little lower we could afford to buy at least a pair.
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on 17 July 2010
Speaker quality not to bad, a little bit tinny but not much better than normal laptop speakers really. Speaker is fine playing music stored on pc but not very good for internet radio as keeps dropping signal. My internet speed went right down from 7.5meg to 0.2meg!! when wifi dongle was put in for some strange reason. Think the dongle must interfere with the wifi signal.
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on 27 November 2011
I bought this on the understandingly that there were two speakers. While technically correct as they are both in the same unit it doesn't provide the flexibility that I was expecting. It does work reasonably well but the WiFi transmitter blocks sound output from the computers own speakers or the external earphone jack which means that you have to choose one output or the other and cannot use the Veho to provide sound in another location while still preserving the local sound. As to quality it is considerably inferior to the Kitsound USB/jack speaker which is half the price. The Kitsound does not have the WiFi capability but the quality is much better and it gives very good quality sound from a Netbook. In the end you need to balance features against quality and cost. For a bit more money you can get much better WiFi speakers but they are bulky and for a bit less you can get better quality but lose the WiFi.
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on 21 April 2010
This is, quite simply, a brilliant product. I had wanted a small speaker to enable my wife to listen to her laptop music around the house and in the garden. Having read the reviews of other customers, I thought that the sound would be good - but I was still surprised that the quality is as good as it is. Not Hi-Fi of course, but good nevertheless.

My only concern had been that, in a wi-fi house, I might experience interference. I have had no problems, but it is possible to change the channel on the dongle.

In summary, highly recommended. A number of friends have shown interest
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