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on 9 January 2011
I decided to treat myself to a nice little Christmas present and chose the D300s body.

I've already got the D200 along with the 18~200mm VR Nikkor, 70~200mm f2.8 Nikkor, 50mm Nikkor, 90mm Tamron Macro, 50~500mm Sigma, 10~20mm Sigma lenses.

I got the D300s because the back panel has a much higher resolution which makes it easier to see if photos are in focus or not, a much better AF system (and much quicker too), live preview with zoom so you can see what you're taking pictures of and how accurate the focus it - I haven't used this much as I find the 51 point AF really good, faster continuous shooting speed - handy as I like shooting motorsports, twin memory card slots - I've now got 16GB of memory in the camera which is enough for more than 750 pictures in high res JPG mode and lastly I intend to get the 45mm tilt/shift Nikkor lens which is fully functional on the D300 and above, but not the D200.

It also uses the same batteries as the D200 so I can continue using my spare battery.

After getting the D300s I decided to upgrade the 18~200mm VR Nikkor with a 17~55mm f2.8 Nikkor professional lens, the 18~200 has a brilliant zoom range but I've always found it too soft most of the time.

This combination, D300s and 17~55mm Nikkor lens is brilliant. Highly recommended. Not cheap, but produces amazing images and the camera can cope with any situation I'm likely to throw at it and a lot more besides.

The D300s is not a beginners camera, there are *no* "scene" settings to hold your hand. There is a Programmed mode which adjusts the settings for you and works well most of the time, but you won't get the best out of the camera unless you learn the basics of photography - which might sound scary but it's actually very easy.

Highly recommended.
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on 12 May 2010
Nikon D300S Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
I owned the Nikon D300 and was extreemly pleased with same; unfortunately it was stolen.

I replaced it with the D300S and believe that this is the best digital SLR on the market at the price.
However, as other reviewers have recommended - don't "skimp" on lens'.

I have the Nikon 18-200mm VRII lens and this is excellent to keep on the body most of the time.
I use the Sigma 10-20mm 1:4-5.6 DC HSM (a fantastic lens at the price)for wide angle shots and have ordered the Nikon 300mm f4 for wildlife photos.

Two storage card slots, SD and CF, give great flexibility and added security.

The increase to 7 photos per second is an improvement almost totally negating the need for the MD10 Battery pack (that only gives an increase to 8 photos per second).

It is an easy camera to use, with all the "buttons" in the right place allowing for most adjustments without having to resort to the menu system.

It produces colourful, natural, balanced, sharp photos in all lighting conditions.

I'm not very interested in the addition of HD Video as I use a camcorder but it could be useful on occasions that I do not have the camcorder with me.

Above all, Nikon is reliable and is well supported. I still have a D80 as "back-up"; this has been totally reliable over the past five years (used for weddings, competitions and holiday/family photography).

Prices for the D300S Body have come down recently; what are you waiting for? BUY it!
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on 6 July 2017
great buy lovely camera
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on 13 April 2017
Love my camera, getting a bit heavy for me now.
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on 19 October 2010
As a long term user of a Nikon D200, I was looking for a DX sensor size successor to that and despite the plethora of new Nikon models, some apparently offering a higher 'pixel count' there was only really one choice as it was important to me that I have the same ability to control the operation and settings as I had with the D200.... so, a D300s it was.

The autofocus system is superb - might not be as quick as a D3 but I doubt that many of us ordinary mortals would notice that, and the ability of the system to lock on to fast moving aircraft or birds in flight is impressive indeed. The build quality is up to Nikon's usual standard for their professional line of cameras, and the controls layout will be very familiar to a D200 user. The ability to record 14 bit RAW/NEF images is very welcome, but beware as if you use the option to save these in uncompressed form you can expect individual image file sizes around 26MB! - superb quality, but you will quickly eat up space on your memory card....

Out of the box the D300s comes with a small number of fully user-adjustable Picture Controls, but you can easily download additional ones from Nikon's website.

It may be an unfair comparison but I also own a reasonably new D90, and can recommend that any current user of a D90 that takes their photography seriously and wants to move up to a more professional DSLR seriously considers the D300s - it really is in a different league, and will put the onus on you to take images that fully utilise it's capabilities.

Even now, some weeks after its purchase with new Nikons about to hit the High Street, I feel confident I made the perfect choice ....

Oh yes - it takes good quality videos too!
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on 26 August 2010
I currently own the D200, but have also had the opportunity on a few occasions to use a D300s.
The great thing about this camera firstly is the speed. The D200 shoots at 5 frames per second and the D300s shoots at 6 frames a second, but with the optional battery grip you can push the camera up to 8 frames a second. The D300s features a new CMOS sensor which captures stunning images with a very smooth tonal range.
The addition to this camera is the video mode, which unfortunately doesn't afford as much control as any of the Canon SLRs. However, the video quality is fantastic.
I can only say good things about this camera. If your D200 is on it's last legs, or you are looking to make the move up to a pro SLR this camera is the best in its price range!Nikon D300S Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
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on 7 September 2010
Another lovely camera. The added optional memory SD card is well worth buying as you never know when a backup card is needed.Ordure happens! Well worth buying an extra battery for much the same reason. I would also buy the Goittos Optiical Glass screen protector if you want a clear image on your monitor.A rugged easy to use camera which inspires confidence.
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on 13 June 2011
The D300s is an incredible camera. I upgraded from a D40 which I felt I had outgrown, and I find the D300s perfect. The construction is excellent, it feels very solid in your hands. All of the controls that you need such as WB, ISO, Exposure Compensation, Autofocus Mode selection etc are exactly where you need them. You can change these settings and more on the fly whilst shooting without having to take your eyes away from the action and delve into menus. Your creativity will go through the roof as it encourages you to take more hands on control of your shooting parameters. I'd been thinking of getting a D7000 for the higher MP count, but the D300s really has a 'Pro' body and layout. It's a fantastic camera that has never let me down, from it's incredible Battery life and reliable metering. I've been using the D300s for 5 months and I feel that not only has it made me a better photographer, but I also enjoy using it more than any other camera. Highly recommended!
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on 17 May 2010
After five years of shooting it was time to upgrade and replace the old D70. I have chosen for the D300s because of specifications and capabilities.

Extensive research on the net with test images and review told me that this was the one. If you are semi-pro I can only advise this camera. The many features let it make the shots you want.

A great advice is to buy a additional guide besides the standard manual. The manual is nice but it only tells you what the function is, not how you have to use it in a photo moment.

Five stars definitely!
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on 10 March 2010
Unless you can afford full frame this is the camera to buy. I own both this and the Canon 7D and the Nikon D300s is the better camera in my opinion. Faultless AF and metering and exceptionally fast. Do not skimp on cheap glass. Yes it is pricey but it is worth every penny. Exceptional.
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