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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 23 May 2015
I really can't say enough good things about Naty nappies, but let me give you the highlights:
1 - You can enjoy the convenience of disposable nappies without the guilt of contributing to the tonnes of toxic landfill created by nappies
2 - Everyone's experience is different, but my little one had significantly less nappy rash with Naty nappies than any other brands. Whenever we ran out and had to use big brands, or generic supermarket varieties he invariably ended up with nappy rash after a day.
3 - No leaks! Again, all babies are different, but we never had accidents escaping these nappies! That said, they don't store as much liquid as non-eco nappies, so make sure you move up to a bigger size if you find them not keeping baby dry overnight.
4 - No nasty chemicals strapped to your child. If you are trying to limit your child's exposure to chemicals, these nappies give you a great alternative to gel-based nappies.

Any cons? They are slightly more expensive, but if you opt for Subscribe and Save you can reduce the cost to almost equivalent of brand names. At the end of the day it's a matter of priorities.
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on 21 February 2013
This product is fantastic. I was a bit concerned about how well they would absorb the wetness due to looking paper thin, but this was not the case. They hold a lot of liquid and the tabs don't come away and you can also re position if needed.
Would recommend this product
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on 31 December 2013
We have been using these for the last 3 months with our newborn and we love them.
They are great nappies, even with runny 'pureed mango' type of poo, and its brilliant that they arent adding to the billions filling up landfills that wont degrade for hundreds of years.
You do need to ensure the leg 'ruffels?!' Arent tucked inside, and you cant handle them too roughly as they can rip, but with normal care and attention these nappies are brilliant.
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on 9 March 2016
I'm not sure why these diapers are so different than the sixes 1-2-3 we have used.. These are horrible. They leak causing multi outfit changes a day!!! and they are not capable of lasting through night sleeps. TWICE they have gotten wet through, leaked all over or baby and proceeded to start to breakdown whilst still on my baby...leaving crystals of gel everywhere. They may last 4-5 hrs no longer DEF NOT ANY LONGER AND CERTAINLY NOT THROUGH THE NIGHT! Not impressed , again we have used this brand for 6 months with no issues then we get this batch and are currently looking for a suitable replacement as I'm worried to continue using these.
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on 14 July 2016
We discovered these nappies whilst looking for alternatives for our baby daughter when we realised she was having a reaction to the 'normal nappies' she was wearing.
Once we realised that the extreme contact dermatitis she was experiencing was down to her nappy we did some research on just what is put into a nappy. We were horrified with what we found!! It could be any number of nasty chemical which was causing our precious daughter so much pain!
It was suggested to us by our Dr that we start using terry towelling nappies. I am not ashamed to say that the idea of this was somewhat daunting to us. We had no idea how to even begin to set up a system whereby we could wash out nappies and we were really quite horrified at the thought! (I know it works brilliantly for many people but it just didn't appeal to us at all. Nor did it seem like something that we could fit into our lifestyle at all.)
When we found out the need to change nappies we were actually due to go on holiday two days later and we knew that we couldn't get a nappy system in place in time but we also knew that we didn't want to ever put one of the nappies which were causing so much pain back onto our beloved daughter.
It was during this time my husband discovered Naty. They stated that their nappies didn't contain all the nasty chemicals which had caused us so many months of worry and upset. We agreed to try them and that we would use them whilst on holiday and then set up the terry nappies once we had returned.
And so we begun using the Naty brand nappies, alongside the various steroids and barrier creams that took up so much time to apply.
And something miraculous happened; the terrible peeling, blistering and bleeding rash began to shrink. It got smaller every day! Our daughter was so much happier and we even stopped using the creams! We never did sort out terry nappies because Naty had solved both problems for us!
The rash disappeared and 10 months on we still use these nappies and they still look after our little darlings bottom for us!
We are so grateful for these nappies!
Yes, they cost lots more than cheap nappies but they are SO much better for both your child and the environment!!
And I know some people say that they don't hold as much and leak etc, we have never had this problem at all. Our daughter sleeps in one and it is more than capable of seeing her through the night without a change.
Try them, you won't be sorry!
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on 16 August 2016
Now we have used Naty for the last 3 years and rarely had a problem. How the things changed! The choice was clear - they are biodegradable and do not use harsh "chemicals". We had occasionally a nappy or two per pack which would not close but brushed it off as a one-off. However over the last 3 years Naty seem to have changed a lot. They are not 100% biodegradable, they now do contain gel like "chemicals", they have a faint smell of these substances. Why they have evolved in this way I do not know. How can they put 'biodegradable' on the pack if they are not? Surely things are either biodegradable or they are not? To top it all, the last order of 4 packs had 11 nappies which want close due to lack of glue on one of the taps, this is just from the first pack we opened! I use masking tape to close them as I can't bear throw unused nappies. We only use them at night as use washables during the day. They leak every single night. Really disappointed with Naty as I was a loyal customer for a long time.
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on 31 March 2016
Naty was the brand I first chose while pregnant with my firstborn. I chose it because of its self advertisement as biodegradable nappies, without really knowing what any other brands are like.
Well it just so happened that in the first week of our son's life, my other half decided to buy Pampers when we ran out of Naty. I noticed the difference straight away, and we haven't switched from Naty anymore since.


Natural feel
No rashes (yet)


A bit pricier
Sometimes they leak
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on 15 January 2016
this pies are incredible, my little girl (7 weeks old) despite of frequent changes and only ocassional use very quickly developed 'burned' skin from the pampers original and the sensitive nappies so I ordered Naty size1 and it proved to be excellent for her skin while I used sudo cream to help her heal. there is no leaks and you would never known they were organic :) I now received ordered size 3 and very much recommend them.
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on 25 February 2016
Keen not to fill up landfill with non-biodegradable nappies, we gave these a go when our newborn arrived. I was sceptical at first, and was fully prepared to go the whole washable / re-useable nappies if they didn’t keep baby dry, but they really do perform well – in early weeks, popping one on baby last thing at night they even lasted until morning. We’ve stuck with them now baby is up to the next size. Thoroughly recommended if you don’t want to fill the ground with nappies that’ll still be there in a thousand years. Just make sure you get biodegradable nappy bags too!
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on 28 February 2016
At one point I reviewed these poorly saying they leaked a lot. Later I found out when my son was hospitalized for a week that the nappy leaks were actually because he had a acute viral infection which caused him to have ongoing diarrhea. I had been taking him to the doctors before this about once a week and they kept telling me nothing was wrong until someone more senior noticed the baby had enlarged spleen but had been throwing them off by otherwise looked happy and well, although I was telling them something was up. Now that he's not sick we don't have that problem.

When ever I have had to use other brands, he breaks out in nappy rash within 24 hours, with these no nappy rash or ointment needed.

if you have leaks or issues try sizing up, I've found it has worked for us really well.

Happy I'm not sitting my baby in harmful chemicals.
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