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on 15 June 2012
I have been a big fan of Sonos and have written positive reviews of their products over the years. But sadly, the quality of their controllers seems to have slipped rather badly.

The concept and design of the Sonos system is really very good. The issue is with the build quality of their CR 200 controllers.

I have bought a few of these controllers, and suddenly one died overnight, after 2 years of very light usage. Blank screen, dead in the morning. Disappointing after only 2 years.

I considered this bad luck and decided to order 2 more. We have quite a big installation.

Of the 2, one was dead on arrival. Absolutely dead. So I returned it to the seller (and I am still waiting for my refund).

Bought 2 more S3's so ordered 2 more CR 200 controllers (from a different seller). One of these was dead on arrival.

Very poor. One controller died after 2 years, and then 2 of 4 new ones bought were dead on arrival. My older ones work fine. I think that the quality of the build has slipped.

Would not buy another one. Rather control from your iPhone or spend the extra getting an iPad to control your system. At least the Apple kit works better than the Sonos controllers.

A great pity as I love the simplicity and versatility of the whole Sonos system. But they need to build controllers that work - like they used to.
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on 25 August 2010
Expensive it is, but they say you continue to experience the quality long after the cost is forgotten. Nice snappy interface and sharp clear graphics. You could use the free iTouch or iPhone app to control the Sonos but that has two disadvantages; one is that you have to turn the iDevice on, select the app and wait for it to connect, and the other is that it doesn't use the Sonos wireless, it requires that you have a wireless access point in your house connected to the Sonos in some way.

If you're used to the older CR100 and used it in the bathroom (as it is splashproof), unfortunately the CR200 isn't splashproof, but don't let that stop you buying this lovely piece of technology!
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on 21 September 2012
I like the Sonos Controller, it's so much more convenient to have it lying around than it is to grab my phone, unlock it, connect to the Wi-Fi, and launch the Sonos app before i can actually do what i wanted in the first place. However, the quality of the hardware is terrible. I've just returned my third CR200 for a refund having finally given up on them; on all 3 the same area of the touch screen has stopped working within about 6 months. Checking the Sonos forums it seems my experience is not uncommon. I would strongly advise anyone against buying this item.
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on 29 August 2011
Cannot fault this controller. Originally used android app and thought that was pretty good. Could not go back to it now. Advise anybody with Sonos system to use Sonos controller.
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on 24 December 2009
I've written a fuller review elsewhere on the Sonos system, the CR200 is the icing on the cake. Very cool, it works (every time), is not too big, not too small.... I have an itouch too, but prefer the CR200 for controlling the system.

Bit pricey, that's all I'd say!
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on 4 March 2012
The sonos controller works very well it has a smooth quick response to touches of the screen and is easy to use,it has a nice weigh in your hand and feels well made.You can down load an app to your smart phone instead of buying the controller but after trying it i didn't find it as good ,how did i find this out well after 10 months three quarters of my touch screen became unresponsive Full marks to sonos who replaced it quickly,but this seems quiet a common fault shame really when other sonos products preform so well lets hope it was just a bad batch
Here's just a update the replacement failed after 7 months same problem it may feel well made but it is not for something costing the fat end of three hundred pounds it is a disgrace ,Ive got a touch screen remote that cost a lot less but is 4 years old gets daily use and not a problem
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on 28 January 2010
If you have been bitten by the Sonos bug, and its simplicity, this is the ideal controller to manage your systems. The unit is more responsive than the application available for the Touch/iPhone. The screen is clear and bright and the touchscreen seems actually more rsposnsible than the iPhone. It is slightly pricey, but well worth it for that ultimate gadget indulgence.
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on 16 July 2011
This is a competent but sadly unreliable device that is absurdly overpriced - so is it really good with such shocking reliability problems? I love Sonos and their products... I really do but one thing we should be shouting from the rooftops is "stop manufacturing your products in China". It may make great reading in the profit column for Sonos but at what cost?... their products are quite unreliable and if it wasn't for the two year guarantee you wouldn't contemplate buying one of their products ever again. Their inventory of returns must be quite staggering. My experience with this one Sonos product is that the first unit developed an unresponsive touchscreen after a few months. As other reviewers have mentioned Sonos are always quick to send a replacement (they have no choice really) but now my replacement unit's battery will not hold its charge after less than 4 months. I have also had problems which resulted in returns for BOTH of my ZonePlayer S5's. Not a very good track record is it? Great products but manufacture should be shifted asap if Sonos wants to keep its reputation.
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on 6 January 2011
I'm so glad I've gotten this remote shame I didn't get it at same time as other items S5's x2 + zonebridge, Wireless Dock & ZP 120, the iPhone app I found was useless froze fone, the app worked intermittently spent more time trying to close it to reopen it, the fone struggled to reboot thought I was going to have to do a restore, but deleted the app & problem solved Iphone 4 working just as it should do.

Ohhh and Napster opens up in it as does the ipod dock found immediately as opposed to trying several times and only getting more & more frustrated.

This just works & it does so, so smoothly and effortlessly as aforementioned in another review it connects to nearest zp can use it in bed now well chuffed & I've not had it an hour yet.
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VINE VOICEon 18 July 2010

I am actually going to review three products from the same series that interlink.
Sonos Systems ZonePlayer - S5 Black
Sonos BR100UK1 ZoneBridge 100 Wireless Music Controller
Sonos Wireless Music Controller 200
The beginning of each review is the same for one reason; when you open the box you get the same thing & as it's very helpful I want to mention it each time just in case the reader doesn't need to buy all three & doesn't read all three reviews...if you have read one skip the next parapraph.

When you open the box you see a clearly printed cd sized sheet which tells you in large writing what to do if you get stuck & that no question is too small or too big. As I was initially setting up the whole system at one time this was quite reassuring as my first thoughts were ` where do I start?' underneath this sheet is another - the quick set up guide which clearly shows for steps to get set up (answering my earlier question about where to start) the first step shows the different options depending on which components you have purchased. Following this guide I had the system set up in less than 10 minutes (including unpacking time), with no problems, queries or mistakes. I genuinely believe if you can read you can set this up.

The controller 200 is the most expensive remote control I've ever owned. It looks very much like the old style palm pilot. I feel that the `under design' of this (a rectangular pad) is a deliberate understatement...as once it lights up it becomes a superb piece of kit. Fluid to use, the touch screen is precise like a HTC smartphone (never used an Iphone so can't compare) with movements reminiscent of using a touchpad on a laptop. There are no issues with the wrong thing `clicking' when you push somewhere on the screen. It's communicates seamlessly with the zoneplayer and is a great addition to the system being even more intuitive to use than the pre installed software that came with your system and saves you sitting at your pc / opening the laptop (especially if you set up a NAS (network attached storage device to keep your music on). You can still use both (cue 10 mins of me & the other half trying to change channels, mp3 etc to wind each other up) as information is updated to both systems at the same time.

Delay from pressing the button to the zoneplayer doing something is about ¼ second, which on my system is the same as using the pc software. It's brilliant.

This is a great addition to the system and well worth the investment.


This item went faulty within a month of having it. The screen would scroll as if someone was using it, it wouldn't charge up and when suddenly 'working' would only blast the radio out at top volume.

I used the online chat side of the technical support (based in USA) I 'spoke' to a couple of people (as I was unsure I'd explained myself properly - not because of any issue on their part) who were excellent, very helpful, professional and friendly. It appeared to be what I would call a known issue (poor on an item of this cost) however I was given a choice of ways to get it replaced which included them sending me a new one & billing me if I failed to return the old one. However I chose to send of the old one first & then get sent a replacement. It is worth noting they prefer the original packaging. Also of note is that once you have packed and labelled your item, when you telephone to arrange collection via courier it is same day pick up. The new item arrived within 5 days of my initial collection. I have had the new/replacement longer than the original item with no problems.

As such I would delete one star from the rating for the item going faulty & one for it being a 'known issue' however the customer service/communication/process of diagnosing a fault gains one star & the speed of the replacement (with options available for make it faster) gains another point back leaving the score untouched. I would expect and hope all companies to offer such service but it doesn't happen; I do appreciate that they sell high priced goods and usually in bundles and feel this is reflected in the service. I would still reccomend Sonos.
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