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on 12 December 2009
This is not a film as advertised., but an archive footage of his childhood until present age. It has something for everyone from: excellent fight footages ( all of his fights them) raw emotion, his trial for alleged rape, the death of his step caucasian father,everything!

I bought this as I wanted to use it as motivation while working out in my gym, it did just that! I also found myself intrigued by the man himself. He is sensitive and hurts easily. It was the media, his wife, that turned him angry. Wouldn't you be if you were accused of rape?

I was sicked when during his last years in boxing how Lennox lewis and a fat sumo wrestler white guy amongst many others floored Tyson. But note they only did it after he was worn down mentally and the movie shows this! Prison and his wives removed his killer instinct. The Tyson of the 80s no one could handle they had the sleeping Tyson and the movie shows just that!

I ended up feeling sorry for Mike. Everyone used that man, women set him up and constructed him to be a monster. It is a good archive movie and if you can find you way aroudn the dvd you will see 4 hours of brutal boxing! I would buy it again.
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on 29 June 2010
This is not as good as the other reviews indicate, at least not in my opinion anyway. It is a decent enough documentary but not worth the acolades it has been recieving. The structure of this film is too fragmented and I was hoping for a more indepth look at Tyson's career. Instead; this films starts with a painfully long monologue from Tyson about his upbringing, his school days and then his introduction into the sport of boxing. Sadly this film is too brief when it comes to Tyson's rise through the ranks and his jounrey to his first world title. Too little time is devoted to his first title reign and his first defeat. The second part of his career after his release from jail is also not sufficiently detailed at all. The film concentrates too much on Tysons defeats and not enough on his many victories and two separate title reigns.

What this film lacks on Mikes boxing career, is over-compensated for with Tyson's characteristics and complex personality. He is certainly up front on many issues although he comes across as someone who is only telling the truth as he likes to see it. The way the film is produced and edited makes Tyson look like a mentally unstable person which obviously is quite close to the truth. At times his frankness harms the way he comes across. Despite denying the rape allegations with anger and passion; his frank views on sexuality and women in general leaves little doubt about the truth. Honestly at times he comes across as a sexual deviant well capable of rape and violence against women. Despite this there are times during this documentary you do feel sorry for Tyson. He is a very complex individual. Is he a victim of circumstance or just a monster? Maybe a little of both.

Full marks for Tyson's frankness and the films production although its hard to see how Tyson comes across in this. Its not exactly a flattering protrayal. Truth be told,; this film doesnt try to judge Tyson and for that reason I have to respect this approach as It leaves you to draw your own conclusions.

Good documentary, but nothing as good or indepth as it should have been.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 January 2010
Tyson: The Movie "Ultimate Knockout Edition" is basically a Documentary about Mike Tyson, from age 12 to Present day.

"All of his Big fights" where he knockout's his opponents are on this massive DVD Disc in optimum quality.!

There is a long talk with Mike Tyson himself, with the interviewer asking Tyson some very probing questions. Tyson in a
dignified way, replies with frankness, openness and honesty. (which was brave off him).

I originally bought the 1st edition, then a 2nd edition "Ultimate Knockout Edition" Blu-ray came out (this edition)
with an extended version with an Extra 4 hours of Tysons fights both professional and amature. So I ended up with both sets.

This has got to be my most favourite Boxing Film/Documentary Ever.... it will go down as a Classic.

10/10. for all the hard work that went into making this Film.

Something you can watch again & again.
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on 19 April 2009
This is a remarkable docu-film about mike tyson.
I watched tyson from the start of his career and it was clear then that he was going to be something special.
The film itself goes from when tyson was a boy involved in crime to when he was plucked from the streets by cus d'mato and put on the road to stardom.
When he becomes the youngest ever heavyweight champion of the world it seems that nothing can stop him from being at the top of his game for a long time.But tyson was at the centre of his own downfall.In the film he admits to this.He admits that he screwed his life up with drink,drugs and women.Hangers on blew his fortune for him rumoured to be $400m.At this point he lost it in the ring as well, losing to no hoper buster douglas.And that was the begining of the end for tyson.Although he regained his world titles,his career and life were on an unstoppable downward spiral.From rape convictions to other run in's with the law to failed marriages to antics in the ring like biting off evander holyfield's ear.
The film covers all of this and in some cases skates over one or two of these subjects (rape conviction springs to mind) Which tyson continues to deny.
In the film tyson is interviewed as he is now.He comes accross as quite humble and remorsfull for his errors.The film made me uncomfortable at times especially the way tyson talks about women.While he continues to deny his conviction it is obvious that tyson sees females as objects provided for his pleasure.
Do i feel sorry for this beat up ex champion? No, he probably still has a few quid stashed away somewhere.
Do i believe tysons versions of contraversial events? Well some not others.
Was tyson the greatest boxer in history? Who knows but my guess is no.
Tyson was though a legend.
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on 10 April 2009
I was blown away with the fight footage and it was interesting to hear him talk about the matches but its strange just to have his monologue,I would have liked to hear from someone else. I suppose it added to the impression of a loner,slightlt deranged misfit but you only get Tyson and his viewpoint,which is a shame.Still worth seeing for the fights and his insights into his fights.
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on 24 January 2011
Disc 2 has all Tyson's big fights. Amazing. It's addictive.
Watch his amazing defence: the fast moving head evading his opponent's flying fists - watch him squat so low that every blow flies over him.
Watch the fastest hands in heavyweight boxing: only during the slow mo' replay could the commentators see the knock out punch.
See the body shots. See one body shot that brings a world champion to his knees. The same bone-breaking body shot that the defender must defend leaving him open to a 'goodnight' right hook.
Watch the Tyson special: the uppercut - as devastating as a supersonic sledgehammer!
No fighter was as exciting and controversial. MT is pure testosterone, pure entertainment!
I just wish they'd let the infamous Evander Holyfield go the distance....what a fight!
JP :)
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on 5 February 2009
For those looking for "Rise and Fall of Celebrity" type of movie - quite nice piece of work. For those who wanted to see some documentary fights or training sessions of Iron Mike, this DVD is a complete waste of money. Former trainer, former promotor, box journalist talk, talk and talk for some 80% of the time. If one was to sum up boxing documentary it would end up in some 5 minutes.
Not for the boxing fans, rather for tabloid lovers
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on 7 April 2009
Every boxing fan should watch this, if you loved him or hated him it doesn't matter. Ignore what the person below said, they have not watched the film and know nothing other then what he's/she's seen in the media, while he is a convicvted rapist anyone who actually looks at the facts surrounding the event will know he was very much set up. This movie shows you everything from start to finish, i was tearing up at parts of it (and so was mike tyson) just brilliant, i will keep this to show people in 20 years.
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on 24 March 2011
Easily the best documentary I have seen about Mike Tyson. Covers everything in Tyson's life and career with some rare fantastic behind the scenes footage (some I had not seen before including his early years with Cus D'mato, in his changing room before a fight, early boxing bouts as teenager). Covers all major bouts in his pro career and all the "out of the ring" issues. Includes straight talking description of Don King, D Washington, R Givens and moving & touching piece on Cus D'mato - where Tyson teared up and almost unable to speak of his mentor.

Must see for anybody - sports fans or not.
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on 6 February 2011
movie is fascinating. The advertised 4 hours of fights are really only 3 hours, or less taking out interupted reviews by randoms. Tyson's fights are shown mainly as snippets and there arent all his crucial fights. The extras look sloppy and badly put together and abruptly end, however, movie is great and top value.
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