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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 August 2009
A uniquely tuned voice, lead singer Dougy Mandagi could be one of the most exciting prospects to emerge from Australia in years. Supported by a great outfit that gives The Temper Trap an atmospheric, polished sound, they are without doubt my favourite band to emerge in 2009. They were amazing at Glastonbury, then again at Love Box, and now the album's out and it's bloody terrific. Sweet Disposition sounds like it's been sung by sentient beings in orbit above the earth, it feels so expansive and universal. Love Lost makes hairs stand up on your arms and stop what you're doing to listen. Fader storms down the highway like a drag racer powered by pure willpower, with some wonderful backing vocals.
Sometimes the lyrics seem slightly bonkers, and more than a little obtuse, but with a sound this great - I don't mind a bit!
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I came to the music of The Temper Trap, as I'm sure many others have, off the back of `Sweet Disposition' and it has quickly become one of my favourite albums of the year. In fact it is never out of my stereo at the moment. From the opening track `Love Lost' you know you are in for a real treat and this album doesn't let you down at all. This band have their own unique sound and the singer has very distinctive and original vocals, but if you enjoy bands like Death Cab For Cutie then I recommend this album and think it will be right up your street. `Sweet Disposition' is a very strong track and the way it builds with the underlying jangly guitar really adds to it's impact and power. But more subtle tracks like `Soldier On' have real nuance and show the breadth of this bands talents. I also love the chorus of `Science of Fear` which keeps driving the song forward and makes you want to sing along with it full belt. The last track `Drum Song' is instrumental and whilst raw, is a great way to end this album. I could quite easily wax lyrical about this album but suffice it to say that it is original, has excellent song writing and would well benefit you to take a listen. It is one of those life enhancing albums and I can't recommend it enough.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 13 December 2015
I'm new to this band: rather late, I know! What a great album with Sweet Disposition and Rest as stand out tracks among many other good ones. Hardly a wrong 'un on it. Try it, it's not expensive and it's a great addition to any collection.
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on 9 August 2009
I came across The Temper Trap about 4 months ago when they released their debut single. Had the new album about a month now, as i ordered it direct from oz. If you like a band where all members can 'really' play their instruments and adapt from acoustic to stadium rock at the click of a finger - then you will love the temper trap.

Def one for the future !
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on 17 October 2009
It's a shame this band is being compared to Coldplay, because the Temper Trap differ in the way that they don't make me want to gouge my eyes out. Perhaps a rare band in the genre of soft-indie-pop-rock-whatever you call it these days, the Temper Trap don't particularly offer something different and unique, they have done something far more important and made a likeable album. Far too often in this genre we hear the same thing again and again, and it's dull, and heartless. "Conditions" just manages to break away from the mould, and there are a handful of songs that you just might listen to sometime next year, rather than forgetting about the band entirely.

The highlight is "Sweet Disposition" which is probably the reason why most of us will buy the album. Nothing else comes close to this, but there is a consistency throughout the album, the band has a very good chemistry, and there is enough there to keep you listening. Other standout songs being "Love Lost", "Soldier On", and "Science of Fear".

All in all, this isn't anything groundbreaking, but the Temper Trap are still one of the best new bands to emerge this year, and "Conditions" is not simply another disposable indie album that we'll forget about next month.
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on 14 September 2009
I'll keep it of the best albums I've heard in 2009!
A beautiful and sometimes haunting sound that you just won't be able to get enough of. From Fader through to Soldier On and the wonderful Sweet Disposition, this album is pure quality
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Yet another CD I have bought on the strength of hearing the music on the soundtrack to a film, this album presents the music/vocals with great clarity. 'The Temper Trap' are an Australian band and considering that this is their debut issue it shows they are already quite accomplished artists with great promise.

Having heard the song 'Sweet Disposition' in the film '300 Days of Summer' (a poor film, notable only for exposing me to some decent music !) I was encouraged to investigate - the highlight of that song for me being the distinctive and really quite striking Falsetto singing voice of the lead vocalist. Not all of the songs on this album feature that precise style of singing, so things don't get 'mundane' and anyway there is enough variation in the melodies on offer to help prevent that happening. The instrumental work is skilful and often quite prominent - this album does not rely on the lead singer alone....

Whilst aside from 'Sweet Disposition' I couldn't really say any the titles themselves of any of the other songs remain in my memory but the music does; things open strongly with 'Love Lost' before the pace quickens into 'Rest' before that false climax of 'Sweet Disposition'. I would say quite a lot of thought has gone into the playing-order of the songs, as there is a definite quickening of tempo as things progress along with the vocals becoming more integrated with the instrumentals, rather then being at the forefront as in the first few tracks (which are the ones I prefer).

If you have heard something of the 'The Temper Trap' then this CD is well worth getting. If you enjoy good quality vocals with rhythmical melodies and haven't heard this group before then I suggest you audition the samples on offer by Amazon; if you like what you hear then, again, buy the CD - it promises some very enjoyable easy-listening with several standout songs.
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We should always be thankful for small mercies.

The Temper Trap are a good example of what
it is possible for young Australians to create
when they set their minds to it.

Their album 'Conditions' is the polar opposite
of Empire Of The Sun's execrable offering to
world musical culture : 'Walking In A Dream'.

They can be proud of the 10 songs which constitute this
fine release. Yes, I will admit that they're a little
bit "this" and a little bit "that" but all-in-all there
is more than enough that is different about them to sustain
our attention and admiration for at least one listen.

It seems to me that the point of it all is Mr Mandagi's
really beautiful voice. He is undoubtedly their greatest
asset and probable passport to a wider listening world.

His strong falsetto pins down a sound for the band and
sets them apart from a good many of their current peers.

Messrs Aherne (bass), Sillitto (lead guitar and keyboards)
and Dundas (drums), perform dutifully and efficiently throughout
(with the small exception of a somewhat turgid solo from
Mr Sillitto on 'Soldier On' which we must not hold against him).

Opening track 'Love Lost' (particularly its exposed first verse)
is a blissfully good little pop song. Mr Mangadi's vocal performance
is delightfully uplifting - soulful and perfectly focussed.
The cheesy lo-fi organ sound is also spot-on.

'Fader', too, has a jauntily memorable melody driven
along by the band with energy and conviction.

Five stars might have been in order had it not been
for the instrumental closing number 'Drum Song'.
It is an ill-judged inclusion, hackneyed and dull as ditchwater.
A disappointing ending to an otherwise wisely conceived project.

'Fools' is the album's rock-solid highlight.
A truly gorgeous song, delicately and movingly sung.

I think it likely that we will not
have heard the last of The Temper Trap.
I am already looking forward to the next installment.

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on 20 August 2012
I first heard the track 'Soldier On' when I was watching an episode of Home and Away, and went on Channel 5's message board to see if anyone knew who had recorded it. A couple of kind people pointed me in the right direction, and since acquiring the album there has hardly been a day when I haven't listened to it. It's brilliant!
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on 11 August 2009
I hear Curtis Mayfield, Labi Siffre, Roland Gift, Yargo, Fleet Foxes, Bloc Party.....but oi, what a beautifully haunting mix it is. Retro as you like, but as gorgeous a trip you'd be likely to take this summer. DJ Shadow's involvement must tell yas summat. Best go get this chaps, before they disappear under the radar!
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