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VINE VOICEon 7 May 2011
I don't normally buy games based on films, or 3rd person shooters. However,I decided it was worth a try now it's a budget title.

I'm glad I did. This is a superb-looking game with reasonably solid gameplay. The 3rd person view works reasonably well. On the down-side, the flying sequences are let down a bit by clunky controls.

You start with a tutorial phase and then have to make a decision about which side to choose. I expect many people who enjoyed the film, like me, wanted to side with the Na'vi. You are given a series of tasks which mean travelling through exotic landscape to your objective. You have to kill numerous humans on the way and at the objective too.

Your weapons are a bow, a crossbow and various close quarters weapons (staffs and long knives). The combat is fairly repetitious but not boring.

Despite your efforts, killing scores of humans and completing impossible missions, the Na'vi treat you with almost universal contempt. You feel isolated.

If you choose to join the humans, you are rewarded with a far more interesting campaign. As with the Na'vi, you receive a series of tasks, which involve a lot of fighting. However the exotic landscape that was so benign when you were playing as a Na'vi, becomes deadly. Many of the plants become positively homicidal and you have to look carefully where you are going. There is a far greater feeling of being on an alien world.

Your weapons are more interesting, too. They include assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, flame throwers, nail guns and rifles.

The bonus is that your fellow humans mostly like you and appreciate your efforts! You feel part of a team fighting a long way from home in an alien environment.

I have not tried the embedded strategy game. I'm not keen on strategy games but you might be.

A few points that are worth noting if you jump into he game:

1. The Video Option screen scrolls down to the important settings that turn it into a beautiful game.

2. It's worth picking up experience points. You can spend them on upgrading your weapons and skills. Go to the weapons and skills menus and click the arrows to find what is available.

3. Although you can only carry four weapons and four skills, you can swap them about using the weapons and skills menus at any time.

4. If you fall off a small ledge and can't climb straight back, sometimes it's quicker to fling yourself off a high cliff (thus returning to the spawning point). In comparison, your route back by conventional means could take ages.

5. Try both campaigns. They feel very different.

I don't think it was worth it as a premium priced game. However, at the current price on Amazon, it's excellent value. I loved playing it!


I wrote the above review when I was half way through both campaigns. Afterwards, I found that I became more and more absorbed in the world of Pandora. Some rather nice vehicles became available in the human campaign and I came across another chance to choose sides. The Na'vi even started to like me in the Na'vi campaign!

I have bumped it up to 5 stars. Even though it's not the white knuckle ride of a Call of Duty game, the campaigns each gave me over 12 hours of absorbing gameplay. I slowly became an expert at the flora and fauna. Once I discovered how to do it, I loved upgrading my weapons and skills. It's certainly worth five stars at this budget price for its excellent value. Even someone who has never seen the film would like it.
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on 29 September 2011
brought this game for a good price, just to see what it was like, only played it a bit so far seems ok, not as open world as would have liked but still ok never the less, plenty of action, nice graghics,visuals to look at etc, story very similar to film so a bit more linnar than one would wont but still worth a punt, Any how for the price you can't go wrong,
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VINE VOICEon 9 February 2010
Its nice graphics - but as shoot'em ups go, you can get better ones I guess. It gets boring after a few hours play.
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on 13 February 2013
In many ways great game, but after some hours of game-play starts to get boring - slow advancement - not enough dynamic - one cant actually get of some environments easy enough for to explore this enteasing world - that actually is quite alike the movie. Could be better - but still it was better than i expected for being a movie aftermarket product.
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on 8 May 2015
Amazing graphics and 3D if played on a 3D screen /tv.

This game is a gem, not very popular game at the time, but what a good game!
Superb graphics, especially on 2015 spec'ed computers and among the best 3D immersion I have ever seen on a pc game (together with Tomb Raider)
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on 14 January 2010
I have not seen the film as yet, but have read reports about how long it took to make the film and obviously the game is from the film. The ideas and concepts are brilliant, as indeed are the graphic effects and game story/theme.
This game was a Christmas present and I have not been off it. It is so easy to get hooked. My game is the PC version, and is enough for me/my standard. And to top all this, the game was cheaper than anywhere else I could see. Have a go and enjoy!!
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on 27 December 2012
The opening is tedious. Once you get to make a decision which character to play it improves to the dizzy heights of so-so. Faf, far too much talking and then very, very repetitive mission.
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on 15 October 2010
I have technical problems to play it since it didn't say it was an online product and when I got it says on line on the cover, I have an internet package that doesn't allow me to play games online.It should say clearly that is a game online in the offer.
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on 6 August 2013
Loved the film but the game is a bit of a let down.
Graphics could have been better and just didn't hold my attention for very long.
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on 22 May 2013
New and a good play if you loved the film you will enjoy playing this. Games environments are stunning and great to explore.
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