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on 27 March 2010
Sorry if this is simalar to the review (Not quite there yet) But that covered almost everything and I can only add my views

1) Map updates Snooper sent map updates (on C D) a great service

2) Safety Camera update are by connected to a pc, by paying the yearly fee and is reasonably simple

3 ) As stated the maps is on a SD card ONLY

4) The device always presented you with this option of car or motor home every time you start the Sat Nav ??

5) Not easy to navigate around the menu. for example finding P O I I found difficult I wanted a cash point and found not every Machine was there and saving favourites can be a nightmare, not easy at all ! lots of menus to go through just to save. The menu is a bit cumbersome and awkward a lot of room for improvement

6) The Caravan site search is ok and pictures of some sites, but not all sites are recorded and search can be confusing but its ok

7) No auto night view, (but can if you can get around the menu )

8) The mount for the device is very sturdy, but as said is a pain to install/un install

9) The directions instruction's are better than most navigation aid's that I've have used. ( at roundabouts it lets you know what number turning to take and gives last min reminders Brilliant )

My only Points to improve.

a) Better and easier menu navigation and favourites saving / recalling
b) A coaxial connector to a proper aerial
c)SD card needs easy replacment but without asking I don't know how easy it is

Its good but could and should be improved
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on 5 November 2009
I have had this product for a while now, as a whole its not bad. Sat acquisition is quick, booting is quite fast, and operation at the front menu is obvious.

However, and here's the BUT ! There are many niggles that could put you off this device please read on :

1) Map updates aren't automatic, camera detection is once connected to a pc should you wish to pay the extra for it, update is reasonably simple. Snooper say that when map updates are available they will either notify or send out the update to the customer. Our roads are constantly changing, so I should have had an update already.

2) The disk with the sat nav software on is on a SD card ONLY !!!! loose the card and sat nav stops or if the card corrupts your stuffed, although again Snooper say without obligation to them at their discretion they may sort out a SD card replacement but no commitment to cost to the end user should the card be lost or damaged.

3) The device does not remember if your a car or caravan, so you are always presented with this option every time you start Sat Nav ?? Saving favorites is a nightmare, not easy at all ! lots of menus to go through to save - no idea why ??

The Caravan site search is ok and pics of some sites is cool, but again not upgradeable and search can be confusing again - Wouldn't it be frustrating driving all the way to a site and it just be a field full of cows now.

No auto night view, this has to be selected from the menu. Overall its the small things that niggle, selecting/searching where to go int he menus is a bit cumbersome and awkward a lot of room for improvement needed there Snooper.

3) Volume is quite, I have mentioned this to Snooper with no joy from there end as to an improvement. If you have a diesel MPV/Jeep and a trailer/caravan on the back, forget trying to hear whats said, there's no on board fm transmitter although you could attach your own.

The mount for the device is very sturdy, but is a nightmare to install/un install your device regularly, my hands aren't huge and I struggle having to remove it at the end of every trip, can't believe they tested this mount that much, no clip on / off lots of un-threading, lifting, wrestling and swearing on the dashboard.

4) My biggest bug bear, yep I can put up with the above if I had to but, I bought this device so that when I reached my destination I could watch TV. Well the on board aerial is laughable, a lollipop stick would stand more chance of picking up DBV TV, The external aerial has to be mounted on something METAL so you have to hang it out the window as most dashboards are wood or plastic, no window rubber sucker then !!

Reception is ok whilst driving (not for the driver of course) in our area which is a very poor area. But out of the car you don't stand a chance,as it needs to be earthed to work. The connector to the back of the TV ext out is non standard plug in, so no chance of attaching to a portable powered aerial, so it sits on the side collecting dust as a TV at home and at its destination, what a waste of an otherwise great TV potential.

5) Bluetooth is fine, although it doesn't notify you of connection to your phone and you can't use the bluetooth facility to call whilst driving ??? as a hands free feature you have to go out of the Sat Nav software into bluetooth to call, not good whilst driving.

6) Media and music playback is good playing avi's and mp3's play with little fuss, but you won't be using it to listen to music whilst driving a diesel vehicle, again due to low volume output.

If you've managed to stay with me so far, you may think I'm dead against this product. I'm not - there is a lot of quality there, and I am hoping Snooper will put some of the things wrong with this device right, and then it would be the best out there, but as it stands, my recommendation is buy a cheaper Sat Nav device and a separate portable tv you'll be happier in the long run.

Points to improve.

1) Increased volume
2) Better phone / bluetooth interaction
3) Better searching and favorites saving / recalling.
4) A coaxial connector to a proper aerial
5) Proper map updates and guaranteed replacement of damaged SD card
6) Being able to record the TV program (dreaming here)

Its good but not that good Yet.

Thanks for reading this well intended appraisal, I hope Snooper are listening as it'll be on a well know selling site otherwise.
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on 17 March 2012
Having just bought one of these and since found it on Amazon - I am wondering how I know that I need to request the map update CD before we find ourselves at a tight dead-end with a caravan in tow???? And do I have to pay for the update? I would expect what is advertised to be the latest 2012 Snooper 7000 Ventura to be right up to date for 2012. Any comments on this welcome. Agree totally with all other comments made re attaching and removing from windscreen, lack of decent arial for TV etc. Bought it for safer travel with a caravan ....wondering if we will regret all the money spent on it now. Avoiding being caught in dead-ends or too narrow roads or low bridges is why we bought it!
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on 31 March 2012
Review of the GPS Snooper S7000 N89J5899
Before I start ,the GPS S7000 unit when working is great but when you have problems ( frequently )with a 18months old unit and need proper advise of the `how to and what `the response lacks volume and when the GPS unit is returned from their repair dept you get ripped off by being charged new main board price but get a repaired main board .
when querying the issue with the technical/repair dept no response to your request is forthcoming , customer service response is lacking or non existant.
My advise to anybody needing to buy or get their Snooper repaired think twice off buying a Snooper and secondly beware of the repair dept .
We are stuck with our S7000 snooper GPS unit but would advise anyone check out the competition first
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on 27 March 2017
Bought this item at a Caravan Show in 2013. Straight away it would not hold a charge. Returned direct to Snooper who "fixed it". However on our next trip to France in 2014, we did not need to use it, so it wasn't until 2015 we used it-and again it would not hold a charge-not very convenient when you are travelling. Fortunately we had our Garmin with us. Getting ready for our trip this year, we again checked it-no charge-so bought a new Garmin DezL. Contacted Snooper and explained the above. They want us to return it to them, and if faulty will "fix" it again. Repeated to them that I no longer want it"fixing" and will only pay to send it back to them if their is some sort of ex-gratia payment if it is found to be faulty (after all it was over £300.00 and has been working for no more than five hours in the four years). Since then have heard nothing from Snooper, so would not recommend this unit.
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on 3 June 2015
This is a review of a recent, but just a bit earlier model, the Ventura 5450CC. It is without a doubt the worst purchase that I can remember having ever made. It has probably been used a total of 50 hours maximum. It was sent to the authorised agents, Performance Products Limited, because it would not open, or charge. It was returned FOC and would open, but still not charge. I have returned it again and been told that I have to pay £129.99 to get it repaired, or it will be destroyed. It has, apparently been 'damaged'. How you can damage a Satnav by plugging it it, I do not know. The presention (far from the life-like junction representations shown on the advertising pictures) is very basic compared with revival equipment. All in all, a great disappointment. I have yet to decide whether to pay the £129.99 demanded, or let Perormance Products Limited destroy it, as they have advised they will do (in an environmentally way, apparently), cut my losses, and buy something descent.
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on 21 June 2015
I have ventura c6500 and wish I had never bought it. The software updater in vastly inferior to TomTom home. Conecting the unit to a computer brings up three different drives, and warnings it is failing. The poi on the web site is difficult to upload,and does not appear in the device menu.
If I could I would exchange this for TomTom or Garmin.
Finally contacting Snooper by E mail results in no reply.
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on 1 October 2010
I bought my snooper s7000 truck mate in March 2010 after trying out the Tom Tom truck mate and the Garmin 465t, I am very happy with the Snooper although there are some things that could be made better, now and again it as tried to send me down 7.5 ton limits.
I found Snoopers after sale service fantastic, they sent me two free updates after I called them about the unit sending me down 7.5 limits and again because the sat nav was telling me there was no approach route, no questions asked they said we are aware of the problem a new software disc will be posted out to you and two days later I received it.
What we all need to remember about these units, none of them can give you 100 percent accuracy, as truck drivers we need to use the knowledge and experience obtained over the years of driving and not to rely too much on the sat navs. I honestly think the snooper is about the best on the market at the moment but I wouldn't trust any sat nav 100 percent.
I'm not bothered if the key fuels info is out of date or whether the TV as a good picture, more important to me is the mapping system which I find better then any others I've tried.

You will not get better then Snooper!!
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on 28 October 2014
The unit is excellent when it works but unfortunately it has broken twice in 14 months and as the warranty is only 12 months and the company will not budge they expect me to pay £120 to fix it not even willing to meet half way .
Poor customer service and I have to question the reliability of the product
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on 25 November 2014
Have had the S7000 since 2010 and have found it invaluable. You need to experiment with it discover the various facilities it offers. This one has T.V.and has been great when on a caravan site for a short time but usually needs the extra aerial setting up to receive programmes. Have had to pay £85.00 for update !!. One problem I have had is that the in-car charger has twice broken ( the wire lead at the right angle jack plug has broken ),and as it is a moulded-on plug you have to replace the complete charger at a cost of over £21.00 for what could be cost 0f less than £2.00. for a new jack-plug.
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