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My three children begged for these after seeing them advertised so much on TV. I bought one of these sets and two of the standard sets.
First of all this set is a LOT smaller than I expected. The two instruction cards which show the lions face, fish, turtle and bird are tiny at thirteen x thirteen cm and the actual completed designs on them are miniscule at eg seven cm x six and a half cm for the lions head. Don't believe the scale and perspective on the box - your creations will be very small. Also as the instructions are double sided only two children at a time can use them (not ideal with my 3 children).
The cutting and joining tool is never used as a pair of scissors and the warmth from your hands have the same effect.
Bendaroos are basically bits of string with a thin wax cover. They don't dry or flake and they make a good job at decorating items and creating pictures, plaited jewellery, race tracks for cars, bridges ... My children have spent hours using them but I would call them really poor value for money.
I would highly recommend the bigger and better Wikki Stix Activity Set set which is almost identical but better and excellent value.
My children do like playing with them but there are better options out there.
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on 5 November 2009
My 8 year old daughter bought these with her own money and she loves them, she is always playing with them and moulding them into different shapes. It is great for developing her imagination and fine motor skills. She shares with friends and they have competitions to make the best things. From my perspective I thought there wasnt that much in the box (400 box) for the cost and after a few bends the wax that covers them starts to crack and discolours and whilst I thought this wasn't very good my daughter is not bothered at all. We have had them for a few months and they are still going strong whereas many other toys are purchased and initially played with and then put in the cupboard so from this perspective her pocket money was well spent. Oh and they collect fluff and hairs that stick to the wax!
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on 21 April 2010
I'm 31 and I was looking after a friends 6yr old son for the evening recently. After sitting watching a dreadfully horrible show called Handy Manny for a while (whoever thought talking tools were a good idea IS a tool), he left the room and came back grinning from ear to ear with a box. I had a sinking feeling (I hid it very well) as he told me we are going to play with these - bendyroooooo's! He then excitedly emptied the box onto the floor, it contained lots of plastic bags of coloured sticks, bits of paper and card and a red plastic *gizmo*. I started to look and it seemed not to bad - a lot better than Handy Manny at least! It turned out I had the most fun I've had in ages.

The box he had was this exact same box. The bendyrooos are bendy. . . obviously, and somehow covered in a thin layer of wax so they stick together. You get lots of packets, all different colours from black, grey and white to different shades of blues, greens, red, bright pink and yellows and purples. They are in a long clump in each pack so you peel them off when you need one. There are images on 2 doublesided cards including a lion, fish and bird. Then theres step by step instructions on how to create them and a colour guide, included on the instruction sheet are more step-by-step instructions on how to make lots more things like a slice of 3D cake, a watch, bicycle, flowers and lots more. Also around the box were pictures of more ideas on what to make.

We started off and I was instructed to make the fish while he made an icecream. So I did. It was a bit tricky at first and i realised the bendyroos would not be on the exact lines of the drawing when finished. I'd got halfway through and I was told I was making a bird and he'd do the fish so we swapped over. Well my bird was amazingly good if I say so myself. I'd finished it and he made the log to attach it to so it could stand up, it was very sturdy and solid when made. I was amazed to find he'd made a candle from quite complicated looking instructions and half a plate for the cake to stand on - on his own at 6yrs old when he'd never done it before. I then had to make the bottom of the cake which was simple to do. He then drew around it with his Ben 10 pencil - very important detail - and made the top and assembled it all while I finished the plate. We also made ice-creams,flowers, our own designs of lollipops and sweets and peoples faces.

I wasn't supervising him, I was getting right into it and doing my own thing. We played with them for at very least 1hr 30 mins. He had lots of concentration and best of all he was QUIET!! Which is a miracle as hes normally loud and energetic to put it mildly ie: Very hyper! The red gizmo is a cutting and joining tool. We found it was useless as a joining tool we did it by hand easier. the cutting tool is a lot safer than scissors. We were playing on carpet and they never marked anything and were easy to put away after. His mummy and nana were amazed at what had been made.

I put 5* for educational as the kids learn to follow instructions and then be creative making own designs. They were very sturdy once made into something but could easily be removed and used again if we made something we didn't like or did something wrong. I put 3* for durability as I don't know in the long term how many times they can be taken apart and rebent etc. It could be 5* but I don't know. And obviously its great fun! And best of all it stops kids watching Handy Manny...Yippeeee!!

I'm actually thinking of getting some for myself, which is how I found this page, but am debating in my mind if its a bit sad at my age or not ;o)
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on 3 September 2009
The Bendaroos were a much wanted birthday gift and thankfully arrived just in time. My daughter loves them and has decorated photoframes with them for her room. The parcel arrived well packaged and swiftly and we have no complaints. Thanks.
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on 31 August 2009
The Benderoos arrived quickly and in good condition. The sales person at Benderoos UK was very helpful. My daughter's face lit up as if it was Christmas when she saw the package. Plays with it all the time.Very creative and not messy.
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on 17 January 2010
My 5 year old Daughter wanted these from Santa this year after seeing the TV advert over and over again. First of all these are very small, I thought they would be like pipecleaners, NO, they are waxed bits of very thin string!! If any child can make any item from these I would be VERY surprised!! It took 4 adults on Boxing Day to make 1 bird which fell apart as soon it was lifted off the template! As you can guess they have been put away at the very back of the toy cupboard never to be seen again!!!!. I only gave this item 1 star because I had to register something!. Be warned,Bendaroos Flexible Building Sticks Mega Pack (400 Pieces) the biggest waste of money ever
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on 17 October 2009
The children love these, they said its better than playdough & no mess! From a 5 & 6 yr old thats got to be a recommendation!!
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on 26 August 2009
Bendaroos 500 Piece Mega SetI bought this for my Granddaughter's 6th. birthday & she loved it! In fact, she still loves it & plays with it a lot. It turned out to be a great gift for her as the weather's been so wet & she's not been able to play out very much during the school holidays as she would've done but she's not been bored as she's been playing with her bendaroos. Some of her friends have nagged their Parents & also have some now. It's very funny as they now have to sit & play with them as far apart as possible 'cos of all of the shouts of 'You've got some of mine!' and 'Ella's taken some of mine!' etc. So if they sit away from each other it stops all of those arguments so they've had to find something else to argue over. Now it's whose creation is the best!' When 6 year old girls play together, they're not happy unless they can bicker about but there's a lot more contented play since they have their Bendaroos to concentrate on. They're also very good value!
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on 28 February 2010
We bought this product because our kids saw it on TV and begged us to buy it. I didn't see much value in it however kids love it. They spent hours playing with these bendy strings and are far more creative that I ever imagine I would be. The only problem with it is that being made of wax, when kids stick the strings on the wall or worse windows they leave a halo of grease on the surface. To store them we have use resealable plastic bags. We reccomend it if you want your kids to spend quite hours playing with them!
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on 1 June 2010
Both my daughters were bought Bendaroos for their birthdays recently.
One had the small activity set and the other the Mega bumper pack which comes with a cutting tool. Both have proved to be fantastic gifts.
They have spent hours creating different items, mainly jewellery but it is something that they have been able to do together regardless of their abilities.

I would recommend Bendaroos to all.
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