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2.7 out of 5 stars
2.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2011
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on 8 November 2010
This item has an inflatable base which is meant to act as a reservoir for the bubble mixture. However when inflated it does not lie flat, so the mixture pools on one side of the ring. Added to this the bubble wand is not the same size as the base, so does not fit into the reservoir making it impossible to get bubble mixture on to the whole ring, so you can't make a bubble!
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on 11 August 2012
I am a full-time bubble performer and for years I used hula hoops as wands large enough to put kids in a bubble. Then I discovered the Mega Bubble Maker and purchased it right away.

Like many of you I was disappointed with the moat. It is, in theory, a great uses much less bubble solution and, as we say in the business, it "packs small and plays large!" You can travel with it, inflate it and you're good to go. Right?

Well, I first tested this out while performing in orphanages in Bali a few years back and while I DID follow the directions and made sure I inflated it well beforehand and weighed it down with some books, etc so the moat would relax and lay level enough when it was time to put a child inside the bubble, where I had problems and what I see as the major flaw is trying to empy the moat when you're through with the toy! A friend and I tried to carefully lift it and pour the solution back into my bucket but the inflated moat buckled immediately and we succeeded in only spilling it all over the floor. Thank goodness I had drop cloths down!

But all that aside... the reason I love this toy is the Wand itself! It's brilliant in design. You can take it apart and pack it and travel with it, you can take sections out or put them in thereby adjusting the size of the wand, and best of all...its design is awesome for holding bubble solution. It looks very much like the typical wand you get with a bottle of's grooved all along its surface... this allows it to hold lots of solution!

My advise...don't use the moat, or if you do, make sure you follow the directions and inflate and weigh it down long in advance before you need to use it, and maybe set it on something like piece of plywood or something so it doesn't buckle when you try to lift it afterward...or simply use up all the solution before you put it away.

I personally don't use the moat. I bought a water heater drain pan (they come in aluminum or plastic) and use that as the large pan and then have the kids stand in a smaller pan in the middle. Granted, I have to add more solution than you would using the moat but this works great and when I'm done I can lift it and pour it back into my bucket no problem.

Another helpful matter WHAT you use for your moat/pan...make sure you wet the entire inside surface completely with the bubble solution. All to often when you try to lift the wand out the resulting bubble starts to stretch out and if the bubble film touches a dry spot before you get it up around the kid the bubble will pop! It's best to do this inside as even a slight breeze can blow the bubble film against the child popping it too.

Have fun! You can see my set up in action at Bubble Shows (do t) com.
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on 21 March 2010
I was very disappointed with this product. I bought it to use in my class with 4/5 yr olds and followed all the instructions exactly and it never produced more than about 10cm of bubble. I will be returning this product.
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on 19 March 2011
After reading the negative reviews on this item, I had to leave my own very positive one. This is brilliant had so much fun with it. Yes it is creased when you first open it and does not lie flat but if you do as it says and leave some books on it for a short while it is fine. I actually found it works best if you have the air openers facing top not on the bottom as suggested as this makes it tilt slightly and the bubble solution stays to one side. With the air opening facing upwards it is fine. I used it in a church family service and had kids queuing up at the end to go in the bubble even managed an adult! Brilliant.
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on 17 March 2011
This product not only failed to produce any bubbles above about 10cm, but furthermore we had the added joy of cleaning up afterwards.
The inflatable tube remained misshapen, even after we'd followed the instructions regarding placing books on it for 10 minutes after inflating.
The result of this mishaping was that water gathered in certain areas of the inner tube and not others, thus making it impossible for the 'Magic wand' to become fully submerged.
This was ok though as the 'magic wand' was too big for the inflatable tube anyway so the lack of water really made no difference.

I unfairly scored this product as having no educational value for my child. However, this is not entirely true. She has not only learnt how to mop-up soapy water, but furthermore her vocabulary has also increased - by listening to her parents' attempts to get this rubbish product to work.
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on 20 July 2012
This is the worst toy I have ever bought and I now have two very dissapointed seven year olds

The inflatable ring will not lie flat whatever we do
The plastic ring is too big to fit inside the inflatable ring
The handles for the ring would not attach
Only when you read the instructions does it tell you that it only works with some washing up liquids and NOT SCENTED ONES
Insufficient glycerine is included

I kid you not the instructions state "To make the bubble mix add this 25ml of glycerol to approx 42ml of washing up liquid and 1267ml of water"

Just off to put the whole thing in the bin

Shame on Amazon for selling this and on the Science Museum for selling it's world class reputation so cheaply
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on 13 March 2014
We have tried and tried but can't get it higher that a child's knee. We layed it out and weighted it down. Followed the bubble mixture but nothing achieved like the picture on the box. I suggest you spend your money on a giant bubble wand instead much more fun.
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on 15 August 2013
Opened this, and initially was remarkably unimpressed. However, read on.....

1. You need to make sure you flatten the reservoir with books for long enough - it will flatten out - be patient.

2. There is enough glycerine - we used the quantities as stated and it worked fine, with plenty left for another day.

3. Used Fairy Platinum and that worked. Not the lemon one though.

4. Now for the actual bubble making. You'd think you'd need to pull the 'wand' up slowly. Wrong. We gave up in disgust as the bubble initially kept popping after about 20 cm. My 9 year old daughter kept on trying and accidentally discovered that in order to produce a nice big bubble you need to pull the wand up as quickly as you can. Once we'd discovered this small but crucial fact, hours of fun were had. It really does work!

So, it's not without its flaws, and possibly not worth the price, but it does work.... and it is fun..... everyone from 9 months to 70 years had a go and it kept the children entertained for a good long time (in fact, possibly don't tell them the knack and let them spend ages trying to get the blasted thing to work). Hope this helps all of you frustrated would-be mega bubble makers out there!! :-)
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on 24 November 2014
The item broke while putting it together and even if it hadn't it still wouldn't of worked. Hugely disappointing, can't believe the Science Museum has put their name to this product, it feels like one of those £1 items from Hong Kong which you feel is over priced even at a £1!
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