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on 12 February 2010
I have never written one of these reviews before, but I have read other people's and find them very useful - and this product impressed me enough to make it worth the effort. In a nutshell: The Miele 5211 has few bells-and-whistles, but is a well-made, functional product and genuinely does what it should do.
As an ex-engineer and for the past 3 years, house-husband - I have become aware of a distinct bifurcation in the quality of household appliances. Sadly, the Cheap-and-"cheerful" (but not for long, if you're the user) seems to be increasingly dominate the market.
We had a Philips cylinder vacuum for 20 years, which was exceptionally reliable - though not popular, so it was hard to get bags for. By mistake, a part of the vacuum was thrown away, so we had to buy another one.
In our naivety, we glibly bought a mid-priced product which seemed to be very popular. Mistake! It's performance was simply inadequate (even with an empty bag), it was flimsy, and the ill-fitting tubes leaked.
We took it back and up-graded to a top-of-the-line Morphy Richards. This had much more suction - although it was extremely noisy. However, the build quality was poor and in 3 months the rewind stopped working properly. Over the next 18 months, the tubes split, rendering it useless.
Determined not to be "fooled again", this time I took great care to study the available information. Sadly, there is not a central resource for independent reviews. The "Which?" reviews are fine except that their detailed tests can only be of selections from current models, not the entire range and long-term reliability information is patchy, partly because a year later that model is replaced with another. This is actually an important (to the manufacturers) aspect of modern marketing - keep changing the models, then no one can determine how bad the product is. Rather sadly, it is also an error made by firms with very good products - presumably in the misguided (?) belief that the market wants the word "New" in their purchases.
Miele's reputation was good internationally (and the US consumer sites can be pretty damning of inadequacies), and while some models were less good than others, overall it seemed a good choice. It was.
We've now had it for a month - and I can't find anything to criticise. (You may have noticed, I'm a normally a pretty critical chap)
We have it set below half power, and it is very quiet indeed - but still offers the same suction as its predecessor. At full power, the suction is incredible. (As a sidenote - the power rating is no higher than the Morphy Richards)
In all the things that matter, it works and works well. The designers of the 5211 clearly included people who actually used a vacuum cleaner - something I am not convinced about with many other makes.
We also have an upright Dyson - which used to be essential for the carpets. Now it is hardly ever used.
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on 13 August 2013
I have bought loads of vacuum's over the years. The Miele has been the best by miles. It has fantastic cleaning power & the selection of settings accommodates for all floor types, on the wood floor setting it is great & it's not scratching my wood floors at all . The tools are concealed with in the vacuum which is a good tidy feature. It's light if you need to carry it and has a good length power cord which has an automatic cord retract. All round fantastic product.
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on 30 August 2013
My mother bought a Meile and used it for 12 years until she died and then my daughter acquired it and it is still going strong 8 years on. I read reviews on a few other manufacturers but decided to opt for a know quantity and I have not been disappointed. It is light and easy to pull around, has fantastic suction and the tools are easily changed. A great solidly built vacuum cleaner which I would definitely recommend as an extremely good buy. Well done Meile keep up the good work.
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on 20 November 2013
I haven't had this machine for long but I am really pleased with it. It is very powerful and it does what it said it would. It feels solid and it has an extra long handle and hose. It dealt very effectively with my new carpets and endless fluff!
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on 5 June 2017
No comment
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on 29 June 2008
If you're looking for a new vacuum cleaner, then you need look no further! We wish we had bought one of these ears ago! We used to have a Dyson - yes it was a pretty good at picking up awkward things like hair on carpets, but it sounded like a Boeing 747 and had reliability issues... indeed I remember seeing a review somewhere by a person who swears by them, saying how reliable they were, yet by their own admission they got through 5 Dysons in 7 years! Then along comes this attractively priced Miele cleaner with excellent build quality that looks and feels like it will last many years, and more suction power than anything we've ever seen, yet pleasingly quiet - at lower power settings the motor is almost a whisper, and you can still pick up those awkward hairs / strands of cotton. Even better - a plaster of Paris ornament fell off the wall, with a fragment falling under my swivel chair - without realising it, every time I sat down a wheel was grinding the fragment into a fine powder, deep into the carpet - it was embedded into the fibers so much that I thought I was never going to get it out, but this cleaner removed it all in a couple of passes without even needing the nozzle attachment.

So... perhaps you're thinking there is a downside - this cleaner uses bags - so what! You can easily re-use them - either by a slightly more time consuming way of pulling the contents out through the inlet hole, or much quicker: cutting the bag open along the seam at the "base", and resealing it by folding the end back over itself, and using a cut-to-size binder spine clip to clamp it shut. I have reused the same bag 3 times so-far without any problems whatsoever. I'm a bloke - typically for my gender I usually hate vacuuming - however this machine makes it so painless that I actually enjoy vacuuming now!

1) Top Quality at low price - built to last.
2) Excellent air filter - no detectable dust or odors - although if you want, you can easily get hold of HEPA air filters and upgrade it for much less than the retail HEPA model. The air it emits will then be clean to laboratory standards!
3) Very quiet - the only time it makes real noise is when you put the nozzle attachment on and use the cleaner at full power - the motor might still be quiet, but with so much air-flow it sounds like a hurricane!
4) Internal storage compartment for tools.
5) Compact build, easy to carry around and store.

Cons - none, other than the compact size and internal tools storage means slightly smaller dust bag - but on the other hand the excellent suction means dust is a lot more compressed in the bag, so it can last 4 or 5 months before needing replacement (or emptying as above!).
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This is a pretty good vacuum cleaner and works well all around our home, both on hard floors and carpeted areas. I concur with the `Mum' review that the nozzle is powerful - though very noisy when in use. Plus the replacement bags and corresponding dust filters are expensive. Another point to add is to take care with the hatch that covers the dust bag area and houses the additional recessed tools. The hinge can fail, with repeated use - so please take care when opening and closing this hatch.

If you are of a more delicate nature, this `Vacuum cleaner' can be both tiring to operate and move around, as it can be heavy. At the end of the day this is a good cleaner worthy of four stars.
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on 22 October 2010
This is an excellent vacuum with VERY powerful suction. I tried it on full suction and it lifted the carpet off the floor! The flex is a very good length so I don't have to keep changing sockets. The only downside is it does seem rather heavy to lift but pulls around the floor easily. I am so pleased I chose this model. It is brilliant.
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on 9 July 2011
......then you will like and probably be impressed with the Miele S5211 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum. As one has come to expect from this manufacturer, it is of sturdy but elegant design, and in the league of performance very near, if not at the head of the tables. It does what it is supposed to - suck up dirt, and dust etc that lies in it's path with a veracious appetite. No complaints, whatsoever with regards to this machine's efficiency as a vacuum cleaner.

My concern lies in it's negative ease of use as opposed to an upright cleaner, for more senior users. My wife and I are in our late 60's and are by no means incapacitated yet thank goodness, but have a reducing level of strength and physical flexibility commensurate with our age, and find that a cylinder cleaner (and this is our first) markedly more tiring to get out of the cupboard and to the cleaning site, setting up for use, the actual use itself, and the re-storing after use - all involving bending, pulling and lifting. It's not monumentally strenuous but considerably more than that involved in using an upright vacuum. It also takes up a bit more space than an upright for storage purposes, which restricts the places suitable for keeping it in.

Methinks a younger persons machine.
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on 16 March 2014
I've always known this was the best hoover. As an ex cleaner I've cleaned some big houses and when visiting 2 of my clients (separate jobs) I would use their Miele S5211 and leave my red smiley face hoover in the car. (with my client's blessing of course). I always promised myself that I would buy one for myself when I found a better paid job so I did. Just like the other reviews I cannot fault this hoover's performance. I have one little issue and that's the storage compartment. If you open it once the hoover is going, it sometimes opens by itself again after closing it. I believe this to be a problem with the heat and the hinge on the release button being a bit lame. I'd be interested to hear if anybody else has this issue? The suction on the hoover is immense. When my landlord came round for a visit she asked if I had the carpets cleaned as they're so much cleaner than when I moved in (they're cream coloured). You know the horrible grey dust build up you get on the outskirts of cream carpets? Mostly gone thanks to this hoover. However be prepard to have to fix the carpet back down in places if you use full suction or your carpets haven't been laid too well. We also have two cats (one long haired)..............no problem for the miele. It also has a great filter system. No smells coming from the hoover!!! Also works great on hard floors. Plus you can stand it up on the stairs as the air blows from the top of the hoover so you wont overheat it if you stand it up like some hoovers when the air comes from the back of the hoover. Another great thing about that........ You don't have the issue of the air blowing the dust/fur around the floor as it's blowing upwards and not across the floor. See it's all those little things that make the difference. It works great on lower settings for furniture etc. It really is worth spending a little more. If you don't have much and need to save up a bit, then save up a bit. I love my Miele!!!! :)
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