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on 22 November 2009
i purchased the Kodak digital frame last week, & it was delivered(as promised!) within 3 days!! well done Amazon!
it was extremely easy to set up & use. The quality of the photos very good & pin sharpe.
the main advantage of this product is the fact that it has an internal 512 mb memory, which means you can store
thousands of pictures without having a memory card inserted the whole time. It's very good value & certainly better than more expensive digital photo frames.
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on 25 November 2009
Excellent value (& I paid more than it is being offered for now)

Easy to operate. Bought for 80th birthday present & thought it might faze the recipient, but it is so easy they coped admirably with it.

Put 82 photos on a 1Gb SD card which took only a very thin sliver of its memory. But there is no need to buy additional memory as it has 512mb of internal memory, which they say can already take up to 4000 photos.

Ordered & delivered quickly by Amazon. Will buy from Amazon again & may well buy another of ths product for myself.
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on 3 December 2009
I too bought this frame for an older person to use, so I wanted one that would be simple to operate. In that respect its perfect, very few buttons to press or long complex menus to navigate.
Also the display itself is very good, with good bright colours and a nice amount of contrast. The frame itself looks like quality and is well put together.
Its not perfect though, firstly it lacks any way of standing it in portrait mode, so pictures taken that way up cant be dispayed properly, this would have been such a simple provision to make I feel there is little excuse for it. Secondly, it has no thumbnail function, so you have to sit through every picture on the frame to find a particular one to display. This can take ages if you have lots of pictures stored on it. As the frame itself is black its a pity the power supply and connecting cable is white, that spoils the elegant look a little. Finally, the product description claims it has 'transition effects', but in fact it doesnt have any at all, just a variation in the speed whith which the pictures change, I dont regard this as crucial, but you should be aware of it before you purchase this frame.
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on 24 January 2011
Excellent product,easy to use. I would like another for myself as I purchased this one for a gift. Picture quality excellent.After reading other reviews before I purchased this one , i would have been put off by some but went with the name"Kodak"
I am delighted!
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on 27 July 2017
my dad loves it
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 December 2010
This is my 3rd video review using the FLIP HD Camera. I've used this format so you can actually see what's in the box as well as getting my comments on the display itself. Hope you enjoy the video !!!
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on 22 December 2009
The Kodak Easyshare P725 is a great digital frame. You can take images in landscape or portrait and it will display the image correctly, unlike many others I have tested. It is easy to set up and use. There is a built in memory (unlike many I had looked at) which is ideal or you can use a memory stick / USB etc. An ideal present for yourself or someone else. This is a good value for money item, unlike some.[ASIN:B002GP7TR4 Kodak EasyShare P725 7 inch high-resolution Digital Photo Frame, with 4000 image storage capacity - Black]]
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on 14 December 2009
I was looking for a simple to set up and stylish picture frame. I didn't really know much about them and generally I'm a bit of a techno-retard so it had to be easy to use.

Well this could not have been easier to set up.
get the 4GB card, load it with photos, and stick it into the side and it automatically detects them and starts showing the photos. You can then choose a whole range of different ways to display them, refresh rates, random/skip/still photos etc.

I was beyond impressed with the quality of the screen and the frame, although standard plastic design, was aesthetically pleasing and grandma will be occupied for a few hours with this great new feature in her home.

The price definitely makes this a hard to beat product in the 7-inch range.

I have recommended to several friends who have bought it and been super pleased.
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on 1 January 2010
I bought this frame as a present for my parents who arn't technically minded and would have been flawed with many of the frames currently on the market!
I have researched many frames as I bought one for myself, I ended up with the NIX 8" £100 frame (NIX Designer Series Cordless 8 inch Digital Photo Frame, Internal Rechargeable Battery, Genuine High Resolution SVGA Screen 800 x 600, 1GB Internal Memory, Auto Rotate Sensor, 'Blue Lite' Touch Sensitive Controls - TS08C) earlier this year after reading lots of reviews and realising you really do get what you pay for! My NIX is a top end product with many features and was costly so I can't compare the two but i can't help it just slightly!

My brief was: something simple, easy to use, with internal memory so all my parents had to do was turn it on an enjoy, no buttons, no remote and this KODAK frame seemed to fit the job. It had good reviews and was good value for money £39.99 is an excellent price.

My major moan in NO USB! This has caused me no end of hassle! I think this would be a real bonus, no, not bonus, essential! It's such a pain without one, ok, maybe i'm doing it the long way round but it taken me ages versus plugging in my frame via USB and having pictures.
For those with SD cards etc and just wanting to see all the photos without having specific ones on there it's easy and does the job as you just stick it in and have an instant slide show and for the majority on here this is all that's needed.....

.... However my parents don't have digital cameras etc so i'm having to use a variety of family SD cards in an integral card reader, onto the laptop then uploading them onto SD and then into the frames internal memory as the SD cards are needed in people's cameras!
If i'd had a USB I could have just uploaded from iphoto straight to the frame.

If there is a frame of similar spec and price WITH a USB buy it.

The frame is neat and I cannot fault the picture, the colour and definition are good.
This is a basic frame with no frills but that's want I wanted.

There are 3 picture speeds, 5sec, 10sec and 60sec. Only the 10sec offers a range of fade out, different moves etc. The other two just move to the next photo.

Can either shuffle photos or just have them shown in order.

For me the buttons aren't very responsive and i've had to really press the 'next' buttons, sometimes twice for them to move to next pic.

There is the option to delete a photo whilst on the screen, something i like and which my expensive frame doesn't have.
I also like the COPY button which allows you to copy 1 or all the photos showing from USB/SD etc. I have to say i really like this and is very simple.

There is no internal battery so has to be plugged in constantly to view.

I had a few problems uploading pictures and kept getting an 'unknown error message' flashing on the screen, i've not been able to find out why, I have deleted everything and started again twice! I found the Kodak website unhelpful and their online technical help a waste of time as they only deal with camera queries. I even rang the 0870 helpline which wasn't much better, said it could possibly be the format of my photos not being compatible with Kodak (even though they are all JPEG) she suggested i upload them all through their Easyshare software which i shouldn't have to do!!?? (and don't know how to!?) and haven't had to do with previous frames.
I am currently sat watching all the pictures do a run through and if it happens again it will be going back to Amazon.

This frame is good for:

Plug and go SD/USB to frame

Not good for:

People who want to put specific photos from different places onto one SD card/flashstick/internal memory as it's time consuming and fiddly!

Having a top end NIX £100 frame v KODAK £40 frame I have experienced both end of the market. If you are looking for a frame for yourself invest in a good one, it's worth paying out the extra as you really do get what you pay for, especially in terms of quality.
For myself i'm really glad i bought the expensive one, I'd never had one before was worried at the time as thought i'd spent too much but iI now see where the quality lies ans what you get.
Having both my essentials in a frame would be:

8" (it does make a difference)
good internal memory
auto rotate
internal battery
USB cable direct upload

This Kodak is a good frame for the money and ideal as a present for parents/grandparents who will only be viewing photos and probably not altering/uploading etc.

Would I buy this again? No.

Hope this helps someone x
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This Frame, which a friend owns, has two major advantages - the picture quality is very good and it is easy to operate. The latter is largely the case because it has a limited range of functions built in. You can't use Bluetooth to upload photographs, you can't set various tranistions between photographs, and you can't use the frame in portrait mode. The claim that 4,000 photos will fit on to the internal memory may be correct but these will be low resolution photos. High quaality images can easily be a couple of Mb in size allowing around 250 to be stored.

If this was last Christmas (2008) the frame would be a front-runner. Now it really isn't. I own a Philips SPF2017/12 7 Inch Frame which costs about the same but has much more functionality and is a better buy in my opinion. So, the Kodak EasyShare is just that, easy to use, but better frames at the same price are available.
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