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on 21 April 2013
Pros: Solid metalwork, good adjusting clamp mechanism. It's a pair of toothed dish-shaped metal things, that lock together when you tighten the handle. Wide adjustment range - seated small child to standing adult.
1)The top bars are not quite parallel, so the keyboard rocks a bit. I fixed this by sliding a piece of bicycle inner tube over the top par on the low side (left front), having first stuck some self-adhesive packing on the top of the bar. The inner tube hides the packing, and provides more grip against the plastic bottom of the keyboard.
2) Very vigorous playing makes the thing "clank" a bit. The spring-loaded pivot at the back is a loose fit.
3) Does not integrate with my Yamaha PSR-E333. I didn't use the supplied straps, as I don't want to bold the keyboard to the stand. As supplied, the keyboard slips around. I fixed this with the aforementioned inner tube at the front, and some high-strength velcro pads at the back.
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on 10 April 2016
This is a good, sturdy keyboard / digital piano stand. Before making the purchase, I debated between this type of stand and something more fixed (such as the wooden stands with fixed pedals). I decided that an adjustable stand would be best for flexibility and mobility. I don't do much "gigging" but when I do need to play somewhere else, within 5 minutes, I can easily pack away the digital piano with this folding stand and a folding seat and put it all in the car ready to move.

I typically use this whilst sat down, so it tends to be set fairly low, but its range is supposed to be between 23cm and 99cm, which is comfortable enough for playing while standing (and I'm 6'1 tall). When seated, the cross bars are quite close to my legs, and with long lanky legs like mine, I occasionally feel like I'm bumping against it.

The stand is sturdy enough for a full digital piano and comfortably holds my Casio CDP-120. The stand is deeper than necessary, so if you place a keyboard at the front edge, it will gradually (or rapidly) slip backwards until it hits the rubber grips. After a while, the rubber grips will start to slide off the stand, so be aware of this issue or one day, you may witness your piano disappear from in front of you. Generally, even with a bit of slippage, the stand retains its balance and I know that I could probably prevent any slipping by adding some rubberised tape to the top of the stand, or attach grips or straps on the underside of my piano to hold it in place. So far, I haven't felt it necessary to do that, but the slippage thing appears to be a issue for some people.

The locking mechanism is very quick and easy to adjust, and sturdy and reliable when fixed. This may be obvious, but let my stupidity educate you and don't try and adjust the stand while the piano is still on top. I made that mistake once and quickly realised how hard it is to hold up a digital piano whilst yelling for assistance. Lesson learned. Remove the piano, THEN make the change.

In summary, this is good value for money, with enough flexibility and mobility for someone who moves their piano around a lot. Just watch the slippage!
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on 20 March 2018
I got this stand in 2013 but for a variety of reasons never used it until today. Please do not purchase it unless you have something feather light like a Bontempi. I have a PSR 970 which is 11 KG and after placing it on the stand this morning, it collapsed! The mechanism is just not robust enough to lock together successfully and hold the keyboard. Not after anything as it's been 4 years since I purchased it but a serious warning to anybody thinking of getting this X frame. Don't!
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on 1 March 2017
Nice stand, very sold for an old Casio. The straps keep the keyboard from sliding off though they don't keep it tightly fitted to the stand, there is some give. You'd need to be like an old school rock keyboard player who rocked the stand and keyboard (Jon Lord springs to mind) to notice though. My son tinkles gently so it's not an issue. The stand itself is solid and very adjustable and folds flat for easy storage. It comes dismantled and the instructions are reasonably good but it's not rocket science building it up. Good value.
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on 20 October 2012
This double braced stand is far more stable than the one it replaced and is easy to use with a sigle lever to adjust the height. It's sturdy and has some weight to it - there is always a trade off between stability and weight with items such as this and I think it strikes the right balance. Do watch that the nuts securing the unit don't come undone - we've lost one on a similar stand. I do wonder if they could use a better material for the sleeves that sit on the top tubes to stop the keyboard moving - it's vinyl I think and a rubber type material would the job do a lot better. Also, the top part always seems far wider than any keyboard I've ever seen so you have to move the sleeves right in to the middle for a typical stage piano and then you have tubes poking out front and back. The delivery and packaging from DJM were first class.
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on 27 October 2015
I bought this stand as it was recommended to go with the YAMAHA PSR-F50 . I don't know why it was recommended though as the two items don't fit together well. The top section of the stand is wider that the base of the keyboard and there is nothing to secure them so the keyboard simply sits on top. This is a bit worrying with active children but should be fine with someone more sensible. It doesn't feel as steady as I would like.

On a positive note, the height can be adjusted and it is practical in that sense.
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on 13 March 2016
Great sturdy stand. Looks like it could put up with being thrown around in the back of a gig van. Nice and strong being double braced. Good strong clasp on it to with a decent sized handle, better than the pull spring mechanisms which go after a while. Would recommend to anyone who needs a sturdy stand for the home or for gigging. Its the second one of these I have had in my time as a gigging musician and the first one lasted 10 years!
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on 8 September 2016
Not recommended! Had problems with put it all together as the holes in one of the arms are drilled in the wrong position, when managed to do that the stand is very wobbly so I wouldn't leave my piano on it as not safe and certainly wouldn't be able to play having it on this stand.
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on 23 March 2017
The lock is made of plastic as is the handle, and becomes loose and unable to support a synth. I was really not happy when my 30 year old synth went crashing to the floor when the locking mechanism failed two or three times. Handle broke off completely within 3 months rendering the stand useless.
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on 1 August 2015
Having read a couple of reviews I was unsure about the product but given that some others gave positive reviews I went ahead and purchased one. Remembering its price, and not being one who expects to go to Woolworths for a Rolls Royce I find it a good piece of kit, mine is not moved very often, but given reasonable treatment it is excellent value for money and I would buy another one without hesitation.
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