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on 18 February 2010
An Evening With John Barrowman was a Christmas present to myself. It was recorded in Glasgow, Scotland which was appropriate as John's family are originally from there.

He entered the stage wearing a jacket and trousers made out of a silver, silky-looking material which were tailored and very stylish. This combined with a tight black shirt and his white cheeky smile made him look very sexy indeed. (Definitely good eye candy!)

He performed a range of covers from his album Music Music Music. I enjoyed the ballets that seemed to suit his voice but felt it that both the album and performance would have benefited from some original songs.

During the breaks between songs John talked about his life and private family photos were projected on to a screen behind the stage. He seemed to want the audience to know more about him, his past and how he got to be where he is today. He mentioned his autobiography I am What I am, his time as Captain Jack Harness (see Torchwood ' The Collection (Series 1-3) [DVD] & Torchwood ' Children of Earth [DVD]) and towards the end even brought his parents up on stage.

Overall I enjoyed the show and was glad I bought it. I will watch it time and time again. Although his songs could have been original rather than covers, his charisma and sex appeal makes up for this. There is a part on the DVD were John shows that he knows his sex appeal as he turns and shakes his bum for a few seconds (causing me to say Wow!).
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on 19 November 2009
As an actor myself first as a dancer and then when I got too old taking character parts I am always interested in what other artistes are doing.
When I bought this dvd I knew that is was going to be fabulous from start to finish.
John is the comsumate actor and singer and whatever he puts his mind to he is as near as perfect as anyone can get.
One knows that when he first bounds onto the stage in the most becoming silver suit that they are in for an evening of pure excitement and laughter.
I personally think John is at his best in this setting - he is completely at ease and trades quips with the audience and all at his own expense. This makes the audience feel special and he has them in his hand.
The guest - Daniel Boys - is a nice little surprise item as he is a pleasant lad and a good artist as are the dancers and believe me it is not easy to sing and dance at the same time but John joins in with the choreographed numbers with gusto.
I have been at a few does where John was present and he is the same off stage as he is on.
But, I wont go on. Just sit back and enjoy this wonderful DVD recorded this year at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.
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on 16 December 2009
John Barrowman shows in this DVD how incredibly talented he is. He is a superb singer and keeps the viewer entertained throughout the DVD. The song choice ranges from ballads to uptempo songs which John sings note perfect. Extremely poignant is the song he sings entitled "Goodbye my friend" in memory of his dogs which accompanied by film footage of his beloved pets. John keeps the audience amused with personal and family anecdotes in between each song showing the audience family photos to convey what life was like for him and his family. He makes the audience feel like they are his friends with his down-to-earth delivery of these anecdotes. John had the audience in stitches when he accidently rips his trousers whilst dancing energetically while performing an uptempo song and being the great sport that he is, he doesn't mind being the butt of the joke which makes him very personable. John introduces us to Danny Boys who is an amazing new young talented singer who looks certain to have a good future. John Barrowman gives the audience an unforgettable evening which leaves all with the feel-good factor wanting more. I can thoroughly recommend this DVD to everyone - you won't be disappointed.
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on 1 February 2010
This is a well compiled dvd of what was a wonderful concert tour by John Barrowman. I love his over the top performances. His story telling is great and his singing is so entertaining.

I am also so pleased that he has included Daniel Boys' part of the show on the dvd. In the main part of the dvd, the duet between the two of them on I Know Him So Well is worth the price of the dvd on its own. Such a wonderful,unusual version of this well known song, usually sung by two ladies.

The extras on the dvd are also really fun, including the accidental split trousers section! For once, the showing of his deriere was unintentional but very funny! The extras section is also where you can find the whole of Daniel's performance from the show. A favourite section of mine. Hopefully one of these days we will get a whole dvd of Daniel.
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on 26 June 2014
Wonderful DVD! All my memories of this fantastic show on film at last! Glad I went to Glasgow.
This show was so much better than the previous year, he was happier within his self.
John Barrowman's energy and uplifting spirit is unique shines through in this concert.
If you feel down you will definitely feel better after watching it.
A must
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on 2 December 2009
From the moment that the Energiser Bunny that is JB bounds on stage and sings "Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time" nothing does stop him for nearly 2 hours, and the obvious enjoyment he gets from performing live really communicates itself to the audience, so that we have a good time too. You may not like all of the material he sings but he puts his heart and soul into each song, although it is in the slower ballads that his beautiful mellow tone and musicianship can really be appreciated. I don't like dogs in the slightest, but I have to say I was also in tears during "Goodbye my friend".

The DVD "extras" are an added bonus. The all-round entertainer adds another string to his bow, that of Billy Connelly impersonator, as he lapses back into his native Glaswegian accent to tell anecdotes from his early life. Other clips give you a glimpse into JB's home (including full-size Dalek), family and backstage life. Oh, and what other household-name entertainer would not only make light of an embarrassing on-stage "wardrobe malfunction" but actually release it for the delight of a wider audience?

So if you want to be thoroughly entertained and have a smile on your face at the end of the evening buy this DVD - and of course go to his next live concert.
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on 28 January 2010
An Evening With John Barrowman. This DVD last so much longer than an Evening.

As a Christmas gift from my husband, this item arrived in my mailbox and was picked up by my man and delivered to me at work. OH My God. I don't think I have ever broken the walking speed limit to get home and play my present.

On arriving home however, i was dismayed to discover my DVD player didn't play this particular zone. Not to be beaten, I snatched up my laptop, inserted the disc and changed the zone and with a contented sigh, leaned back to be entertained.

I was not disappointed. John sang a number of my favourite song, although i was sad he hadn't put 'Maria' on there as I think he sings this one just brilliantly.
The added bonus of seeing childhood photos on the large screen as John describes in great detail what the photos were all about.
His comedian nature runs rampant and if you get this DVD i would recommend you take the little extra time and check out the extras as he is so funny. From a pair of ripped trousers to laughing hysterically at himself as he finds something (most things) hilarious. He has a laugh that just pulls you in and you can't help but to laugh along with him.
His attempt of combining his Scottish heritage and musical theatre is absolutely brilliant. In fact I find on occasion some of the musicals can be a tad slow, but his rendition of it speeds up the beat and the added Scots burr is just catching.

This is a must for John fans, not just an evening if it's added to your collection of must watch, over and over. Feeling a bit down, pop John in your player as the giggles, singing, bum shaking and laughter will bring you back to the top.
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on 12 January 2018
mrs likes it
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on 22 June 2015
Felt like I had had a night out with the man, it was a wonderful DVD and one which I will definitely be watching over and over again.. He is so versatile at doing many things so if you want a feel good factor evening then watch this DVD.
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on 24 November 2017
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