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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Price:£4.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 3 March 2017
Probably the best PC game I have ever played. Numerous ways of completing it, great background music and good voice acting throughout. Okay the graphics are a bit cartoony but what do you expect from a game designed virtually in a different century. I will indulge in the second game later but I see that as a free bonus so it doesn't matter how good or bad it is.
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on 21 October 2010
This package is absolute bargain!

Ok so I gambled going on other peoples reviews but there's almost endless fun to be had with these two games.
Graphics, Dues Ex is of course dated so don't expect next Gen graphics here, Deus Ex Invisible war however is pretty if your computer can run it (mine stuttered) don't worry it's not like Crysis or Far cry 2 but it does need decent shaders and lighting .

Multiplayer didn't bother the fun and time is in the single player.

Gamplay, Its hard to describe a mixture of a shooter a stealth game and a RPG, you can upgrade your skills such as using assault rifles and other guns or lock picking and less violent means. You upgrade these skills with experience you gain from objectives you complete; there are also AUGs which let you see in the dark and even make you invisible, depending which AUGS you install on your body can drastically change the way you play the game like wise with upgrading your skill set. It's all about how you want to complete the game which has multiple endings depending on the choices you make near to the end.

Story, probably my favourite part it's a SCI FI story weird mixes of fact and fiction taking lots of conspiracies and end of world theory's and somehow compiles them into one tasty package. You will meet a lot of characters along the story who may give you side missions and chances to get information or special weapons it's all down to YOUR choices, stealth throughout? Or shooting your way through enemies till you reach your goal it's up to you. I won't go into the plot to much because I hate spoilers and what not ill just give you a bit of information about the first and in my opinion the best game; you're a agent working for some organisation on a mission to find the source of some virus spreading across the world. This isn't Morrowind Oblivion or fallout so don't expect branching plots or the option to avoid the story because that's what drives the games.
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on 26 March 2011
if you like stelath, shooters, conspiricy theory games then this is for you.

The graphics on the first are poor the second are much better in comparision but PS2 graphics are far better.

Both games have lots of replay ability and if maxed out will take a while to get through.

Does work on windows 7, can't comment on any other systems.
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on 17 May 2011
The original Deus Ex was the first computer game I ever played and nothing else in terms of the branching plot lines and the impact your decisions can have on a game has ever compared.For example a character tells you to leave, they will cover your getaway, if you leave but decide to immediately return and save the other person from certain death , that character lives on and influences the rest of the plot.This key decision was not signalled in anyway, the game did not require a choice, the game was just programmed to respond if the player made this personal decision. We played through the game once or twice as normal but then replayed it countless times seeking out other places we could make different decisions or alternative means of solving problems. Forget the old looking graphics , this game is worth playing just to appreciate the planning and programming that went into the plotlines alone. Every other linear type game has just been a disappointment in spite of flashy graphics and sound effects. Invisible war was a bit of a disappointment too as the first half is mostly linear.
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on 28 July 2009
The original Deus Ex which is included in this package is one of, if not, the greatest game ever produced. Its a lengthy adventure that you can play in so many different ways according to the choices you make. Blow the door off its hinges, pick the lock or find an alternative way in. Go in through the roof or traverse the sewers below to reach your objective. Be a big gun blazer or a sneaky stealth killer. One play through will never let you see the whole game either. Bear in mind the graphics are 10years old but they are still functional and not that bad to look at.
Deus Ex 2 is ok but is a poor imitation of the first game - it has got enjoyable moments but honestly its not even fit to clean the first game's boots.
Roll on Deus Ex3!!!
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on 28 July 2009
Played on Windows Vista64.

Deus Ex is a RPG played in a FPS view. It is set in the future, but not as futuristic like say Blade Runner with flying cars. Nearly 10 years old now, yet i still enjoy playing Deus Ex, dispite the advancement in gaming technology. Its niche look and feel set it aside from most games of this type, coupled with the freedom of choice it offers you, with the game story being affected by your actions/decisions. And the way the game lets you choose your own style of combat(stealth/frontal assault), and different ways to approach objectives with different routes to choose from.

The sequal DE:IW, imo is not as good as Deus Ex, but it still offers the moral choices/approaches that DE did. Both certainly worth experiencing if you are planning on playing the Prequal Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
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on 26 March 2011
Well what's to say Deus Ex is one of the greatest games of all time, miles ahead of it's time and still incredible today. The only thing that makes it look a little dated are the character models but the design and world still looks great, most importantly the gameplay is incredible. So many branching paths and aspects to explore and so much freedom given to the player to achieve their mission goals however they wish. If you haven't played this game you really owe it to yourself, it makes modern equivalents like Bioshock seem incredibly linear and content light. The sequel is pretty rubbish but only in comparison to it's predecessor it's still worth playing. Hopefully Deus Ex 3 will live up to expectations, previews so far have looked great, can't wait!
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on 13 November 2014
I finally played and finished this great cyberpunk themed FPS-RPG-stealth hybrid genre classic. You are JC Denton, international United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO) peace force agent fighting NFS terrorist organization in dystopian 2052 New York. New, unknown virus ("the grey death"), widespread zyme drug addiction, police curfew are the reality. You aren't just a regular person, you are nano-augmented. This means you have bionic upgrades giving you almost superhuman capabilities in some fields.

The game has some first person shooter qualities. There are multiple types of firearms including pistols, shotguns, sniper and assault rifles, experimental plasma guns, tranquilizer darts and various melee weapons including swords, batons, crowbars and knives. You can also use various grenades and explosives. But here come the RPG qualities: you are initially inexperienced with all of these weapons and as the game progresses you need to choose skills to upgrade. How about some stealth? You don't have to upgrade your fighting skills. You can upgrade swimming, lockpicking and hacking. Deus Ex is not-so-linear and usually you have more than one way to finish a level. Fighting is one option, but usually you can also crawl into ventilation ducts, climb some ladders, jump some containers and find yourself on the other side without having killed a single person (or bot).

Along with upgrading your skills, you choose and upgrade your bionic augmentations. Your game tactics will depend on implants you choose. There are 18 types of implants, but you only have 9 slots. You get to decide whether you prefer to install Speed Enhancement or Run Silent implant. Will you need Ballistic Protection (reduced bullet damage) or EMP Shield (protection from electricution which is used by some bots)? To use your augmentations you need to use bioelectrical energy and you need to plan carefully, because it has limits.

JC Denton will discover conspiracy, traitors, surprising allies in many locations, all of them with neo-noir feel. New York City, Hong Kong (think Blade Runner), Paris, Area 51, ships, hotels, underwater labs. The plot is really long, has many surprise twists and gives you multiple choices, including three quite different endings. Music is quite cool and fits the atmosphere of the locations. Graphics... well, the game was released in 2000, so it's a little disappoiting as of 2014, but if you can get over average graphics, Deus Ex is amazingly immersing.
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on 11 April 2010
I loved Deus Ex when it first came out and DS-IW not so much - too many reloads to change locations - but with the various OS upgrades & updates they wouldn't work!
But now, I'm re-enjoying them and using Windows 7!
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on 8 March 2016
Deus Ex was the first RPG FPS and led the way for many great games we love today.
Strongly reccomend any gamer who hasnt played it to make this very cheap purchse and find out what started it all.
The storyline is genuinely good and keeps you playing for hours!
The second game isnt as great as the first but its still good.
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