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2.9 out of 5 stars
2.9 out of 5 stars
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I honestly feel sorry for Pitof. The guy started off with such stylistic promise, but then he directed "Catwoman" and it was all downhill from there. And his latest fantasy foray is "Fire And Ice: The Dragon Chronicles," a movie that is quite good by the standards of SyFy/Sci-Fi original movies (Alert: now damning with faint praise!), but is still a massive stewpot of bad fantasy cliches.

Carpia is a happy, clean, Renaissance Faire kind of kingdom... until a giant dragon starts periodically visiting to burn everything. With the population starving (although everybody still looks pretty plump), Princess Louisa (Amy Ackers) sets out to find a legendary banished knight who is apparently the ONLY PERSON who can slay a dragon. Sadly, the guy has died and she has to deal with his money-grubbing son Gabriel (Tom Wisdom).

So how do you kill a fire dragon? Uh... apparently you sic an ice dragon on it, although it seems Gabriel's dad didn't do that. And of course, while they're fighting the good king of Carpia will clash at last with the evil king of a neighboring kingdom. Symbolism!

Let's see, we have a Han-Soloish hero, slimy advisor, wise and quirky mentor, spunky tomboy princess, perfect king, evil king, and sinister forest inhabited by malevolent savages? It feels like Pitof mined every single cliche he could come up with for "Fire and Ice," and just added water for INSTANT EPIC FANTASY MOVIE.

Even worse, the script has painful dialogue ("I'm expecting a hollow echo when I pierce your heart"), plot holes (these kingdoms are TINY), and some really bizarre moments (behold the Medieval Movie Projector!). And while Pitof does his best to cover the seams, it's pretty obvious this was a low-budget affair -- I mean, the forest people are wannabe ninjas wearing leaves and making whooping noises!

And the acting is generally pretty horrible. Most of the competent actors like Arnold Vosloo and Tom Wisdom give stiff flat performances; it seems like they're just waiting to get paid. As for poor Amy Ackers, she is handicapped by the fact that Princess Louisa is a blithering moron -- I mean, she hides from a dragon UNDER A WOODEN WAGON, then toddles away with a preteen on her back! AND she tells total strangers in a forest, "I'm the princess!" Apparently all that royal inbreeding has had an effect.

In fact, John Rhys-Davies is the only enjoyable performance, since he has all the best lines ("Money? We like money! I remember what it looks like!"). I just wish he were starring in something better.

So what is good about this movie? The exteriors are very nice (especially the castle), and the scenery is simply lovely . And the dragons are quite unique -- giant reptilian creatures with manta-ray wings that trail ice or fire wherever they fly, and have an egg between their eyes. Kinda cool, actually.

It's good for a SciFi/SyFy movie, but that's honestly not saying much. "Fire And Ice: The Dragon Chronicles" is a big soggy mass of cliches, in a simple plot that doesn't really do much.
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on 2 August 2010
Not too sure about this one. The effects were really quite good, and the dragon fight scenes were artistically animated very well. In fact the dragon fight scenes are what make this film as the acting was diabolical. Although the blame is soley on poor dialogue and poor story line. A little decepetion and a wilful princess make it watchable, but does not quite grab you to heights of excitement.
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on 13 April 2011
For some reason the name of this film has changed slightly to the "Dragon Chronicles-Fire and Ice" and the reviews for that version isn't on here, but its the same film. I was fooled by the ace front cover which doesn't represent anything that happens in the film. I was expecting a really good film which I could put on the shelf next to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, but it didn't even get that far. I watched it, put it back in its box and threw it in the pile of stuff I'll never look at again. The storyline was only just bearable but the dialogue and acting that went with it was very poor! You could guess what was going to happen as the film went along and for most of it I had to try and ignore the fact that what they were saying wasn't matching up with their mouths. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy this!
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on 4 September 2009
This is a really great fantasy film if your into dragons and magicians and fantasy films. Easily one of the best ive seen in ages!

I was staying at my cousins in florida last week and they had a copy that I watched there. When I heard it was coming out in the UK I pre-ordered it straight away! Its got a really exciting storyline that you just get in to strait away with really good characters and acting. The special effects are amazing, especially the dragons which are really cool. I've never seen ones that look like that before but I thought they were awesome. The battles scenes between the two dragons were amazing and really exciting the way the flew around in the air. I wish I could have seen this at the cinema as it would have looked totally awesome!

I'd definitely recomend this to anyone whos into RPG's or fantasy films like Lord of the Rings. Ive heard theres more Dragon Chronicles films being made as well which I'm really excited about too.
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on 23 May 2011
This film stars Amy Acker, Tom Wisdom and John Rhys-Davies. It is directed by Pitof and is if you haven't guessed a movie about dragons. The copy I have contains a 'making of' that shows the creation of the dragons and how they were used within the movie.

The film starts off in the peaceful kingdom of Capria. Suddenly from nowhere the kingdom is attacked by a huge fire dragon. Not to be confused with regular dragons, a fire dragon is made up of actual fire. Months pass and the kingdom is continuously plagued by the beast. From the neighbouring kingdom King Quilok offers his help, for a price. King Augustin must turn over his entire kingdom to Quilok. The princess of Capria, Luisa (Acker) overhears this demand and decides to find the only man still alive that has killed a dragon, a banished knight called Alador. What she finds instead is trouble, wandering through the forest she is attacked and almost killed by tree-people. Only the intervention of a couple of passing hunters saves her life. From the hunters she learns that Alador is dead and now all hope seems lost. Gabriel (Wisdom) and Sangimel (Rhys-Davies) offer to take her safely home. Gabriel is Alador's son and may be the only one with any chance of killing the dragon. Luisa offers Gabriel a knighthood and a king's ransom to try to slay the dragon. Back at Capria the fire dragon's destruction continues but using one of Sangimel's inventions Gabriel manages to stop its attack. He tells the king that the only way to kill the fire dragon is with an ice dragon. The plan is to steal the dragon's egg that is keeping Quilok's kingdom safe and use it to lure an ice dragon right into the path of the fire dragon. With dragons, soldiers and traitors out to stop them, in the end Gabriel and Luisa have to work together to save both kingdoms.

In my opinion as a dragon film this movie could have been better but as a fantasy adventure movie it is one of the best. The overall story is griping and engaging with the use of the dragons as the impossible to kill enemy simply superb. The added obstacle of defeating the evil king gives the story more dimensions than just an average 'kill the dragon' movie. The back story to the young knight and his quest for redemption gives the film depth and the low played romance between Wisdom and Acker's characters is shown at just the right level for the movies storyline. The surprisingly best performance comes from Arnold Vosloo who played King Augustin. His portrayal of duty and compassion came across brilliantly. It is a truly great film with just the right amount of action, adventure and fantasy. The only reason I haven't given it five stars is because the dragons didn't get enough screen time, but as they say you can't have everything.
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on 7 January 2016
A nice little film about kings and princesses and knights who come and save the kingdom from dragons. Shot on a budget in Romania, don't expect perfection, but it does deliver a fair story and has some name actors. But it does seem that some of the Romanian actors had their voices replaced - either that or they just had no idea how to do the re-record. Have a look at the queen for one - her voice is almost never in synch with the video while there is no issue with other actors in the same scenes. The CGI dragons are nothing special. Looking at the disk credentials, the Blu-ray video presentation is generally OK with rich colours and generally good definition and the DTS-HD MA audio does the trick with clear voices and bass that's not boomy.
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on 22 November 2011
the film itself is good, where it falls short is in the special effects; they seem to be done on a shoestring budget and not at impressive. the story itself isn't original and it is watchable.
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on 6 August 2014
It is okay, but barely and only if you like any of the actors. The script is simply appalling, and I think that's the main problem, I can forgive a formulaic story if it's well written. I liked the dragons though - not your typical ones, so that was interesting, and I enjoy watching Arnold Vosloo, John Rhys-Davies and Tom Wisdom, all of whom do the best they can with the script, I can only imagine it was a welcome paycheque for them. Do not spend any money on this film.
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on 20 May 2016
Film starring Tom Wisdom and John Rhys-Davies (2008). It's a nice tale about knights, princesses and dragons but it is perhaps a little dated now, because the dragons look a little like flying flatfish. It is quite charming in its own way, not nuanced or complex but more of a fairy tale with visual effects.
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on 25 April 2014
Coz it was very fun.
And fantastic.
My favourite bit was all the fighting action.
Written on behalf of my son aged 5.
Mum like it too and doesn't agree with the poor reviews.
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