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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Price:£6.94+ £1.26 shipping

on 7 October 2016
My personal favourite of Behemoth's discography. Heavy, melodic, and passionate.
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on 10 September 2013
Does a record sound better than a CD.Not sure but the putting it on a turntable is more pleasing.Great song for those who want to wallow in misery.
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on 25 March 2010
This album must certainly be considered as Behemoth's career highpoint and surely positions them as the current leaders of the Polish death metal scene. This is no mean feat when they have the legendary Vader and tech gods Decapitated vying for this particular accolade in a country with an established and well respected death metal scene. The band's most refined musicianship so far is to be found here along with their most complete set of songs. They have been fine tuning their pulverizing art on their past few releases which I thought had reached its apex on the full-impact extremity of their last album The Apostasy (2007). But Evangelion (2009) logically progresses their sound to that next level which perhaps will have this hailed as a classic of the genre in years to come.

Behemoth create a dense wall of sound that is methodically crushing and practically unrelenting in its intensity. The blast furnace of speed riffing and manic drumming is framed by the very recognizable and unique vocal talents of main man Nergal. There are blast beats aplenty which is refreshing as many of the more progressive death metal acts seem to be forgetting about this staple hallmark of the genre. The multi layered recording of the vocals gives the tracks a full, opaque composition which results in a pantheon of finely constructed death metal. The lyrics are the usual occult ramblings and are fairly non sensical as one would expect but this is easily forgivable as this genre has never been hailed for its wonderful prose now has it? All songs are rich in musicianship and complexity and standout tracks would include `Daimonos' and `The Seed Ov I'. But towering above them all is the devastating power of the song `Ov Fire And The Void'. While the band will have to be forgiven for their ongoing abuse of the word `of', this must easily be a contender for not only Behemoths greatest song but one of the finest death metal songs in recent years. There is an amazing video for the track also which you should check out online.

As with their last album the artwork is dark and menacing. The gothic imagery and the medieval costumes serve as a perfect accompaniment to the crushing music. The music is complimented by carefully placed samples, synths, trumpets and horns which never overshadow the aural violence that the band delivers with their own instruments. The only reason that this album does not get five stars is that true classics must stand the test of time and can only be hailed as such when one has the aid of comparison, retrospect and hindsight. But this album certainly seems to have all the right ingredients for future classic status. All things considered, Evangelion is a triumphant achievement in contemporary death metal.
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on 9 October 2009
Behemoth have really pulled out all the stops with this one being a perfect follow up to the Apostasy. They have managed to put together a very well rounded album and have obviously put a hell of a lot of thought into exactly what they want it to sound like.

The guitar sound is in your face, with riffs searing into your ears compounded by percission druming. A one point early in Daimonos the blasts and guiatrs sound like a battery of howitzers destroying all but your grateful skull. I dont think they have ever sounded as tight. The song writting has evolved again becoming more technical and even in tracks like Ov Fire and the Void were they have let up some speed but sacrificed nothing. The tune, satisfingly atmospheric, delivers some of the most pounding riffs of the album.

The production is evil and glorious creating depth to the album and adding to the songs. Nergal tries some crazy stuff here even getting a brass band and the almighty sitar thrown in for good measure.

The friendly black metal magicians have even been so kind to furnish us with a small doc about the making of the album. This gives some great insights into just how hard this band work and how each second is analyised and considered.

All in all a great ablum and certainly the heaviest of 2009. This one shall be left spinning in my CD player for some time yet. Do yourself a favour and go get it.
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on 9 October 2009
behemoth are certainly starting to find the fame that they thought would never come,they went into the release of this album with some awards in more commercial magazines like metal hammer and more exposure than ever before and after a very strong album in 'the apostasy' then the stakes were high.
This album is acceptable but not the masterpiece that many had predicted and indeed many journalists had hailed,the production is God like and the songs are brutal with time changes keeping things interesting but to be fair some of the songs pass by without any outstanding points,certainly this is the case towards the end of the album where it all seems a bit predictable and some of these songs could actually be called bland.
The opening half and just beyond is pretty darn good with slashing riffs blending with doses of melody,almost,and a fine performance on the vocals from nergal who has never sounded as good as this.
Its a fine album on some counts but they didnt bring the genre to its knees with this but its nice to see a band like behemoth getting some favourable press at the same time.
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on 27 January 2014
I am a big behemoth fan but I didn't think Evangelion really added much to their previous efforts. I haven't listened to it that much so afr but partly because when I'm in teh mood for behemoth this disc certainly wouldn't take the place of zos kia cultus, demigod or thelema. There are still some holes in their back catalogue I have to fill up but I wouldn't put this one amongst their best.

Good but not as good as I'd hoped
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on 17 September 2012
The music is great don't get me wrong but the album is so short! If it was a longer album, I would give it a higher ranking, the album is worth listening to regardless but not the price mentioned.
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on 20 September 2014
Many Thanks
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on 9 March 2010
There is no let up on this album right from the start Daimonos hits you in the jaw. Each song has added melodies diferent solos but manages to keep frantic all the way through. For me The seed ov 1 is the best track and leaves the tune in buzzing in your head.
As all black metal albums this should be played at full volume and goes straight to the top of my play list.
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on 8 June 2010
ever since i got into this band in 2009 i have fallen in love with the power of the musical lyrical and vocal talent of nergal and his band of antichrists.

demigod and apostasy are also classics and much more worth repeat spins then
deicide' last album "till (the) death (of deicide) do us part" and the final two
on roadrunner. when behemoth releases they're next, i'll be there to buy it.

i beckon nergal (a metal blade artist) to go up against glen benton of deicide
in a talent contest to see whom can exterminate whom, in concert!

because as of late i'm done waiting for "to hell with (deicide), er, god" to get
released by cmr.

hail behemoth and whatever to the other, ahem, deicide?
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