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on 30 January 2013
This was the first 3EB for a while so didn't know what to expect as a big fan of their earlier albums. A fine album all told, not sure if they have quite as much to say as before, that bit older so maybe they've just lost some of their angst, but wonderful lyrics as always. Standout track for me is 'Sharp Knife', everything a 3EB track should be! Respectable album but 'From The Vein' (2003) tops it for me on strength of songs and coherence. If you like their other albums I'm sure you'll like this, but I suspect just not quite as much.
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on 22 October 2009
I've been a HUGE Third Eye Blind fan since i first heard 'blue' back in 2000/2001.
I find it difficult to narrow down which is my favourite song, because there are so many - but 'motorcycle drive by' and 'blinded' are contenders.

Ursa Major is great, it really is great.

I've had it a little while (caimanUSA ..hurrah!) and i'm STILL listening to it.
It doesn't automatically catch you, and at first you think to yourself, 'hmm, this is a little same-y'
(but then, all third eye blind albums are like that at first) but after a few listens, you realise that it really is a great 3eb album.
I love that each time you listen to this, you'll notice something different about some of the tracks. like, 'oh, I hadn't noticed the backing vocals THERE before'

This album feels slower than their other three, (apart from the opening 3/4 songs)

1. Can you take me (fast paced opener, gritty sounding rock guitars)
2. Don't believe a word (very semi-charmed-life-esque)
3. Bonfire (one of the singles - why they didn't release sharpe knife, i'll never know)
4. Sharpe Knife (wwoah oh ooaaaah woah oh ooooah oh - great guitar work here)
5. One in Ten (great song about a lesbian... i think... great acoustic driven sound ..nb. lose the french horns)
6. About to Break (similar vein to 'motorcycle drive by' - ....in a way the backing vocals remind me of the band 'brand new')
7. Summer Town (sounds like it belongs on 'blue' inbetween 'ode to maybe' and 'red summer sun')
8. Why can't you be (think, 'the background' / 'motorcycle drive by' - currently my favourite song on this album)
9. Water Landing (slower, love it though!)
10. Dao of St. Paul (again, acoustic driven sound... rejoice....)
11. Monotov's Private Opera (yet again it's a typical Third Eye Blind slow acoustic song - cracking backing vocals, "and i tell you baby, it's you and only you, and no-one else... and i mean it! (even when i'm talking to myself) " love it)
12. Carnival barker [instrumental] (can't wait to hear a version WITH lyrics and is longer than two minutes... how frustrating!)

i think my favourite track at the moment is "why can't you be" - mainly for the backing vocals in one of the first few lines.. the "sweeeeeet reliable machine" Love it.

So, to sum up...



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on 10 September 2009
Since their third album Out Of The Vein back in 2003, pop rockers Third Eye Blind had disappeared off the musical radar. Thankfully they have returned with an album certain to reconnect with long term fans as well as appeal to new listeners.

Ursa Major sounds just like a Third Eye Blind album should, there are the trademark sing along chorus's, quiet moments of reflection, quirky lyrics that could only be written by Stephen Jenkins, and random rapping halfway through a song.

The tracks on the album are reassuringly familiar, although the band have grown older,their ability to write finely crafted soft rock songs remains. Particular standouts include the nostalgic Bonfire in which Jenkin's croons; "Lightning comes and lightning goes and it's all the same to me", and the emotive Sharp Knife, perhaps rivaling Wounded from Blue as the band's best few minutes. The album does however lose pace slightly in it's second half, Summer Town and Why Can't You Be, being the pick of the bunch.

Third Eye Blind are as wonderfully youthful and energetic as they have always been.
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on 25 December 2009
I've been a huge fan of the band since Semi-Charmed life hit the charts this side of the pond...

Its been interesting to listen to how the music has developed over the 4 albums, and this newest offering is a very easy to listen to album, although with a little more substance compared with Out of the Vein.

Its a hard choice between this one and Blue for numero uno, but you will find some undertones of the self titled Third Eye Blind album in Ursa Major (listen to About to Break, and listen to Motorcycle Drive By), giving this album a feeling of a homage to the pre-seading albums but still moving forward.

Long and the short, this a great Third Eye Blind album, definitely one to recommend to any listener (not just existing fans) and was worth the wait!

Top draw!
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on 6 October 2009
We have waited far too long time for the new Third Eye Blind (TEB) album. Ursa Major is a return to the punchy, overdriven guitar rock that we love about TEB and that will get your feet tapping, singing to the top of your voice and driving far too quickly in your car. Outstanding tracks: Can you take me?, Don't believe a word, Bonfire, Sharp knife, Summer town and Why can't you be. These guys are not overly well known in the UK which is a shame because they are an outstanding rock band who consistently produce superb songs. Get this album if you've never heard them before and if you like them, which I am sure you will, get out and but their other albums. Rumour has it that Ursa Minor is en route....Can't wait.
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on 18 November 2009
A real return to form. Well worth the wait. If you're a fan of their first two albums, but like me, were ambivolent about albums 3 & 4, then fear not, this is a corker.
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on 30 September 2009
iv been a third eye blind fan since i was about 7 or 8 years old and one thing that iv noticed is that their music seems to have gotten worse since their self titled album with "thanks alot" "semi-charmed life" etc. that is a quality album, in fact its probably one of my favourites ever. iv had this new album for a day or 2 now and iv heard all of it and to be honest im not impressed. they must have been grabbing at nothing when they put this album together. apart from "dont believe a word" i am not keen on the rest of the album.
ok, thats my little rant over with. on the flip side, this album has not made me dislike TEB at all. it does still sound like them and id still love to see em live, i just think that they could have done better with this album considering that its taken them so long to bring together. please dont think im having a go at third eye blind, and this is just my opinion so dont take it as law. i think i just appreciate their anthems more and they dont seem to make anthems much anymore.
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on 2 November 2009
A truly fantastic album once again!!! Wish this band would come to the UK!!! If you like 3EB you MUST buy this album
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on 13 September 2009
Its been 6 years waiting for this album. Its truly worth while getting. A must for any music fan!
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on 14 July 2015
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