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on 9 June 2018
Easy to set up, works my old Virgin media Hd box and my newer Virgin V6 box. Had to drill a hole and conceal my cable routing.

I’ve added the optional buy: IR remote control pods which work fantastically with the extra Virgin remote I bought. No more shouting change it... thank god.

All this was cheaper than a 1 year subscription. After 2 years now, I’ve got my money (pay)back.

I have 1080P HD going to my kitchen TV across the outside of my house using Cat6 cables.

My setup: Cable box, tv splitter, Tv in lounge and extender to the kitchen.

I did get a crackling recently after upgrading my cable box. This was fixed using a high quality hdmi cable (HDMI 2.2 4K).

Customer service: excellent. I had an exchange posted to me quickly and it’s beeb flawless - appreciated!
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on 6 August 2015
Not sure if it is just me, but I haven't found it particularly transparent in terms of knowing exactly what i need to buy to make this work - even when asking Neet support who do answer your questions, maybe my questions where too specific...
I hope this helps you...
To connect two TV's, so that you can watch the same thing on both and control the TV from either location, I needed.
2 Neet Cat 5 /6 cables (mine were 30m) (to run between the two extenders from the first TV to the second)
Neet HDMI Extender (receiver and transmitter, does include a power supply which may or may not be required)
Neet HDMI splitter (one HDMI output port on my sky box, you won't need this if running from a computer with multiple ports)
3 Hdmi short cables (one to connect the sky box to the splitter, one for the receiving TV to the HDMI extender and one for the splitter to the TV)
Master blaster IR probes - so you can use the remote to change the channel in either location
Cost just under £150.
It does the job, it will save money in the long term, is hopefully more reliable than a magic eye setup running via a coaxial cable, it is plug and play and works once you have all the bits you need...
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on 24 December 2016
Excellent equipment used in conjunction with Neet IR TX + RX Probes and a Neet 4x2 matrix unit. My remote run is approximately 20m (total horizontal and vertical run) I have a Sky+hd box, a humax freeview dvr and a dvd player connected to the matrix. All three units work perfectly at the remote TV. There is a slight delay with the initial response of the Sky box at the remote TV of about 5 seconds, but once the guide is accessed, response time is negligible.
With regard to technical support and customer response, Neet UK are one the best companies I have had to deal with, even with their equipment which is several years old.
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on 5 February 2015
Bought this to connect SkyHD to a garden room using 2x40m lengths of buried outdoor cat6 (unshielded).
I had terminated the cables myself and checked them with a line tester and laptop/router which indicated they were fine. Unfortunately the extenders did not agree and refused to provide anything other than a flashing picture from a DVD player and nothing from Sky.
I had resigned myself to digging another trench but decided to reterminate the cables (for the umpteenth time) but this time using different 3 part rj45 plugs from Maplin. I found these much easier to use than the normal push and crimp plugs, their design ensures you can be certain that all wires are in the correct order, length and properly crimped and now everything works as it should - sorry starting to sound like a review of Maplin.
Danny at Neet replied very promptly to my initial despairing email and offered to send replacement baluns which hopefully I will not need.
I am now happy with the results but if I was doing it again I'd buy premade shielded cables and run them through ducting.

Update- I initially needed the power supply for the Sky to work however after fitting the Neet 4k hdmi splitter the power supply for the cat6 balun is no longer required, quite impressive over such a long run using unshielded cable - IMO.
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on 28 May 2016
Given it 5 stars because of Neet's impeccable customer support. I had a problem with one item connected to my AV receiver (A LG Blu-ray player) which worked for a while, everything else worked just fine. Suspecting problem might be a problem with my units, Neet sent a new unit foc only requiring the other units to be returned. Unfortunately this didn't work only. Neet sent me their top of the range pro (single cat 6 cable unit) also foc. This unit works just fine with the awkward LG blu-ray player. If it hadn't been for my Blu-ray player the original units would have been 5 star anyway.

If you require to send HDMI a long distance then buy from Neet. In the very unlikely event of problems they will sort it out for you.
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on 13 August 2013
Did a quick test running two 20m cat 5 cables from my study to my living room; it worked first time without any hitches. It also carries the audio signal too which was great! The receiver does come with a power supply; I tried it powered at first, then pulled the power to see if it would still work, and it didn't miss a beat! I fired up Battlefield 3 and there is no sign of lag at all! Very impressed.

***Negative*** Shame it requires two cables, but I understand it's probably a bandwidth limitation. Would be tidier with just one cable. But that's just a small negative hence it still gets my 5 stars.
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on 31 May 2013
Put in the two 10m. lengths of (dedicated) cat 6, plugged the boxes in either end, connected the sender (in my case via an active HDMI splitter) to the HDMI source, the receiver to a HDMI input on the second TV and watched remote HDMI source, with sound, in excellent quality on second set. No problem.

Have also tried this with Cat 5E over 30m (for the fun of it). It worked.

The trick seems to be to make sure that the two cables used are of good quality and continuous from transmitter to receiver. (No switches, routers etc)
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on 3 February 2015
This is a quality product. I had an older version which is still working fine. The new version gives option of plugging power supply in at either the transmit or receive end. This is useful if the TV is mounted on a wall with limited space for a power supply. It just works! The only thing that they need to do is offer this as a kit with the IR control probes and a set of HDMI leads.Otherwise perfect.
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on 16 September 2011
Great little product which does exactly what it says. I ran the cables up into loft, along length of house, through end wall into extension and down into bedroom. Total of about 30 metres. I found I DID need the power supply unlike some other users but it does work perfectly.Can now watch Sky HD (and blu-rays) in bedroom. Note that it does require 2 lengths of LAN cable (60 metres in my case) so allow for this in your budget, but to be fair LAN cable is as cheap as chips. You will also need to fit and crimp LAN cables. (I had never done this before but found it easy using a tool from screwfix and a bit of internet reading). Worked straight away and cannot praise it high enough.
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on 29 June 2011
This product does exactly what it says on the tin....however make sure you don't skimp on cat5 cables as I purchased a couple of cheapies off ebay and they were so bad that no signal was even being sent down a 15m line....so I highly recommend a duronic cat5 cable Duronic 15m Professional Gold Headed Network Cable - Black - High Speed Premium Quality Cat5e / Patch / Ethernet / Modem / Router / LAN . These cables are so good that even though this extender requires two cables a strong enough signal was being sent down a single cable when I was testing the units out?! But please don't quote me on it..... always go with recommendation of the two cables.....but it just goes to show!
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