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on 18 April 2015
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on 18 August 2017
Great game, couldn't have been much better.
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on 9 January 2011
the game graphically is really nice
but the gameplay isn't always as fluid
i gave up on this game at boss 6,the problem I had here was that it wasn't doing the animation where he puts you back in his stomach, i tried beating him like 9 or 10 times but he only did this animation about twice, the 'hide behind a stone' thing is glitchy too, because it doesn't matter if i hide behind a stone after i've ran away from him he still grabbed me, it's like the graphics weren't recognizing what was on screen and i found this very fustrating, i looked at youtube to see where i was going wrong and i couldn't see anything that i wasn't doing
it's so strange how i whizzed past the first 5 bosses, which some were a little too easy, and then BOOM this one..I know it's not supposed to be this hard right after such easy bosses,and no matter how much i tried to exactly copy what i watched on youtube it seemed the animations just weren't picking up, it's obviously much easier when he does the stomach thing because then he can't hit you and i watched a person get about 3 bars of his health down whilst in there. i just kept fumbling and fumbling and seemed to based on luck and have decided not to play it anymore,it's a shame because i really was enjoying this game i wish it would have been released as a PSN game because no.1 it might have been cheaper maybe about 6.99-7.99 and no.2 next gen consoles have good physics so it might have not have been so flimsy
and i also don't like how the shops have shortages of bamboo flasks, and when you level up the enemies and bosses seem to level up with you.which i don't see the point in,why spend hours levelling up if you're gonna still be just as disadvantaged as you were before?
but i will leave this on a postitve note
really nice drawings for scenery
good gameplay when it wants to be
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on 9 January 2010
You know that awesome hardcore Wii game you've been waiting for to get your blood pumping like back in the good old days?

The Wii game that provides a level of excitement that you have yet to feel while playing your Nintendo Wii?

Well, my friends, I have discovered that game, and it's name is, "Muramasa: The Demon Blade"

Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a 2D Side Scrolling Action RPG made exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.
And although Muramasa is a 2D game, it has by far the most impressive visuals I've ever seen on Wii! And I've played Fragile & The Conduit!

So much detail is put into every little thing on the screen, and the back grounds are bursting with color!
Muramasa is not just a game, it's a work of art!

The action is fast-paced and exciting, so much so that it made my heart race in a way that it hasn't since the N64 days!
You use the Wiimote & Nunchuk, Classic Controller, or GCN Controller to move your character and pull off dazzling moves with grace, precision, & lightning speed!
No Motion Controls here, just good old-fashioned button pressing.

At first glance, Muramasa would appear to be a Button Masher, but it's actually quite the opposite...
Battles in Muramasa require a lot of strategy & precise timing, you won't get very far if all you do is mash the buttons wildly.

Muramasa has 3 modes in all...
Muso (Easy-Normal)
Shura (Hard)
And Shigurui (Super Hard) *Unlocked by beating the game on Shura, In this mode, you only have 1 HP!

There are 2 Playable characters, Kisuke (Male) & Momohime (Female) each has their own unique story, swords, & bosses!
The game requires multiple playthroughs to view everything, but don't let that turn you off! Muramasa is so insanely entertaining that you'll want to play it over many times as both characters.

Muramasa also has over 100 different blades within the game to collect, but much like the characters story, it requires multiple playthroughs to obtain them all.

Muramasa is also fully voiced in the original Japanese language, with English Subtitles. No poor-quality English Dubbing here!
There's also an option to switch off the Voices if you find them too distracting.
The game includes no cut scenes, every character you speak with in the entire game has full voiced dialogue.

Music in Muramasa consists of beautiful classic Japanese instrumentals which serves to further immerse the player into the atmosphere of the game.

The only slight draw-backs to Muramasa is that it's Single Player only, and it would've been awesome if there had've been some 2 Player Co-op thrown in.
Also, translation isn't word for word, it's basically just the gist of what the characters are saying.
Many reviewers have also complained about alot of back-tracking, but they obviously were unaware of the "Bronze Mirror" item which allows you to warp back to the last Save Point you visited.

Otherwise, Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a truly breath-taking Wii game and the most entertaining one I've ever played!
I literally couldn't stop grinning while I was playing!

Please go out and buy a copy, (rent it 1st if you have any doubts) it's clear that Vanilla Ware & Ignition put alot of work into this game, and this game deserves to sell well and let the developers know when they've done something right.

It's not everyday that you play a 3rd Party Wii game that it's clear the developer worked really hard on, and Muramasa is the 1st Wii game I've ever played with this extensive amount of effort weaved into every fiber & detail of the game from the visuals to the combat system.

Muramasa is a classic in every sense of the word, and has earned it's place as a shining example of what can be achieved on the Wii with a little effort.
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on 8 April 2010
I was looking forward to this game but got put off slightly when all the magazine previews spent a lot of time rambling on about how beautiful the graphics were. I find that when that's all that can be said about a game it's not usually any fun to actually play. When I bought it though, I was proved wrong, and it showed me a lot of great things about the game that magazines didn't tell me.

The action and gameplay is REALLY good! super smoothe and fast animation and highly reactive controls make it very easy to play. However, the game really makes use of the abilities of the charachter, which makes play refreshingly challenging at times. I say refreshingly as I've found most wii games to be a bit too easy and simplistic. This one has the nice option of an 'easy' or 'challenging' dificulty selection each time you play though, and the harder mode deffinately fulfills my thirst for a challenge.

The story and charachter design is really REALLY good and draws you deeply into the plot. This is something that I was very impressed by as again, a lot of recent wii games have been very superficial and shallow in plot. Although the graphics may be considdered a little cartoony, this game is deffinately intended for a more maturely minded audiance as the plot tackles some pretty serious issues.

That in mind, I would still recommend this game to my own young neices and nephews, as it is not needlessly graphic or violent (like madworld or similar games), and I think the growing generation of kids deserve the oppertunity to play a really good game that isn't patronisingly idealistic and shallow (Paper mario was fun, but I can't say it really drew me into the plot!).

If you're thinking about getting it, do! You'll love it!
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on 5 February 2010
I remember back in the day playing Kenseiden on the Sega Master System. Could I get a game like this, old style - but with today's better technology?

I found Muramasa (Wii). What a great buy. A work of art, beautiful graphics, good playability and fun. I didn't bother getting a control pad for it, I just used the Wii mote and found this perfectly ok. Hardcore gamers would probably insist on using a control pad though.

As I played through Muramasa it developed nicely, getting better and better. There were NO difficult time consuming puzzles to solve which pleased me (I find that too many other games have these). This game has been designed well in great detail.

There is a lot to take in, many items to pick up and extra options like the ability to forge swords. Oh - and you can cook stuff too... relax in hot springs after bashing bad guys... its all good. This game seems to have stuck to its Japanese roots which I really like - adds a bit of mystery to whats going on. Check out the real Muramasa on Wikipedia - its heavy duty. This game however is rated 12 and is not a blood bath. Might not be to everyones taste. I give it 9 out of 10. GO GET IT.
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on 31 August 2010
Wow wow wow, if like me you grew up with such great games as shinobi and many of the other great 2d action platformers you will want to own this, alrenatively if you are of a slightly youger generation and are discovering this type of game platform for the first time please take the plunge, The storyline is brilliant, the cutscenes brathtaking and the action quick and fun, there is a small exploring element to the game but nothing to taxing, all in all a great game thats easy to pick up and hard to put down and at such a great price yopu surely must treat yourself1
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on 5 February 2010
I popped this game into the Wii for five minutes whilst on a breather from super mario galaxy, and three hours later was still playing it.

This is a side-scrolling 2D adventure, with very simple gameplay - fight and kill all attackers, level up your swords (there are over 100 increasingly powerful blades to collect), and collect everything you find along the way (health, small power ups, etc, standard RPG stuff).

Besides it's wonderfully simple and compulsive gameplay, Muramasa has something very few games have - a spark of magic. It has a gently mythical atmosphere, presents a completely realised ancient Japanese world, and is stunning to look at. In fact, I just play it to get lost in it - the cell animation is astounding. The detail, the care, the love for each frame - I've never played a game which seemed to transcend technology. It feels genuinely hand-made, and you just disappear into it.

For me, a minor masterpiece.
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on 4 May 2012
This was really fun! It has been a long time since I so much enjoyed playing a videogame. This game is all about fighting thousands of enemies while trying to reach the many end bosses in the game. There is actually a story, so it's not mindless hacking and slashing. You can collect items and increase in strenght, stamina and get better weapons (swords). The game is very beautiful and atmospheric, but what I liked most was the game play. It is intuitive and FEELS good when you hit the buttons to kill enemies. No complicated combinations of buttons, but ust straight forward usage of 2 buttons. This is game play of the old days, of the NES era! A shame you can't play with a friend, although there are 2 main characters.

I do have some minor points:
*Game is short and too easy. I played it in hard mode and finished the game in 6 hours with the male character. But then you can also play with the female character (I found the bosses harder playing her), which would add another 10 hours or so. And in order to finish the game entirely, you have to beat the final boss(es) 6 times. Overall, I think there are some 20 hours of gameplay, which I think is rather short.

*When there are many enemies on the screen (around 10), the Wii cannot do all the calculations fast enough and the game slows down. The consequence is that sometimes the game does't react when you press the buttons of the Wii remote. My characters has died many times because I was unable to do a counter attact or to restore the health of the character.

*The voice-acting is in Japanese with English subtitles. The subtitles give a summary of what is said, but skip large portions of the story. Quite a lot of times, there are sudden changes in the story (e.g. change of alliance, enemies becoming friends and vice versa), but you don't have a clue why.

Apart from these minor details, I would recommend buying this game. For me it has been one of the best gameplay experiences on the Wii. Final verdict: 9/10.
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on 9 June 2010
Classic platform action means of course - 2D action and 'classic' it really is. The game is beautiful, the landscapes and monsters look hand drawn in an authentic Japanese anime style. I was amazed the game was so cheap, and I'm more amazed now I've played it and know what a good game you're getting for your money. If you miss the pre-3D scrolling platforms game this is a wonderful blast to the past, except its far prettier and more exciting than the kind of stuff that was around at the time, and I include arcade games.

You control one of two characters, a female called Momohime and a male named Kisuke, and you have to complete the game with both characters, this gives the game some replay value because each character has their own different end of level bosses (and they're awesome) and even different levels (Momohime gets to go to hell! Literally!), so maybe even 'replay' is the wrong word here, its the same basic map, but each character starts from a different end, also there are magic barriers containing even more boss fights/areas that you can't cut until you've completed the game with both characters so at the very minimum you're looking at 25 or more hours just to complete everything, though it will take you a bit longer to explore at random - for the price, that's a hell of a bargain. The game is entertaining! I could talk about the pretty music, the gorgeous landscapes even the camera tricks of perception in some areas but it all adds to the action and there's a lot of hacking and slashing to be done. Super Mario Galaxy was fun but as good as it was, part of me thought 'this is good' but without really having a lot of fun - this is different, its aimed at a slightly older audience, indeed you might have to be older to get the references such as the prostitute you stumble in to in this building complex, having said that it is suitable for children, they won't get the adult themes because they're fairly subtle and the violence is fairly magical themed with no blood or heads flying off.

The game isn't perfect, there isn't much introduction so when they refer to characters you don't know, best to just ignore it, things make more sense later on but do you care much? There is no dubbing, instead there are subtitles for you to read while the Japanese voice actors do their thing. Some elements of the game unfortunately are overly and unnecessarily complicated - being able to forge your own sword instead of, perhaps just finding more swords along the way, and cooking? I'd rather just pick up some food and get more health than have to collect cookbooks and ingredients and make something up myself as you're suggested to in this game. Having said that there are restaurants you can go in to and its worth it just to see the food disappear as you eat and the sounds of enjoyment from your character. Another problem is that until you've completed the game the first time, the only way to get to different levels is by walking back through all the scenes you've already done, sometimes monsters don't reappear but often they do but its still kind of long winded. Also for magical swords, the ones you use are pretty damn fragile - they keep breaking! You can fix them by putting them away but the need to keep switching swords doesn't seem to add much and means you can't use your favourite sword all the time but have to rely on backups. The maps aren't very helpful, even if you buy actual maps off an in-game character, you'll still have a job seeing where the bits are you haven't been to or if you're looking for a magical barrier which you weren't able to break before but now you can, still maybe they can keep that in mind for a sequel, and I do hope they'll be one.

The game seems to borrow a little from the old legend of the mystical ninja from the super nintendo. One thing that game that that had but which this lacks is a true 2 player mode and that would have been welcome. If you used to like 2d platform games it really is a no-brainer. If you're too young for that, get it anyway and see what you were missing out on. The game is gorgeous and the boss fights just get more and more exciting. Get it.

Now how about a 2D remake of bionic commando?
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