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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 8 April 2017
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on 21 June 2017
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on 16 July 2009
Following up a genre defining hit album like So Wrong, It's Right, is a colossal assignment. Fans and critics alike, care about what you put out; they scrutinize, criticize and/or idolize every riff, hook, and lyric.

Determined to surpass the bliss of their 2007 effort, Maryland pop punkers All Time Low return at the heart of summer, with their third album Nothing Personal, armed with the support of production powerhouses of Matt Squire (Boys Like Girls, Panic! At The Disco), Butch Walker (The Academy Is..., Avril Lavigne, Midtown), and David Bendeth (Paramore, Underoath, Madina Lake).

It's evident from the onset of "Weightless" that All Time Low have slightly tweaked their sound. First to be observed are the vocals. While remaining recognizable, vocalist Alex Gaskarth's voice undergoes an unusual, minor change; sounding noticeably higher. We are assured by Mr. Gaskarth himself, that his is `how he sings`, and not caused by vocal effects, which will be the inevitable allegation accompanying such a faultless vocal performance.

Furthermore, an experimental side to All Time Low is seen; with the band willing to try different structural approaches, and many songs see a departure from their previous, predominantly guitar driven sound, with many songs heavily integrating drums and synthesizers.

Nothing Personal begins as it aims to continue, with "Weightless"; a classic All Time Low song, with inviting lyrics and initially tame, yet intensifying instrumentals slowing surging towards a monumental, memorable chorus, featuring the best, most imaginative hooks the genre has to offer. Immediately after, is "Break Your Little Heart," an exuberant, self empowering revenge song, which stands out as an undoubted highlight, compiled with an inventive, quick witted introduction, followed by an irresistibly catchy chorus.

Question: Does Nothing Personal have a hit single? Answer: Yes, in the form of the suggestively titled "Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)". Composed and produced to pop perfection, the inescapable, contagious chorus looks set to propel All Time Low onto the radio. Gaskarth's songwriting abilities are reaffirmed in the upbeat "Stella";

"You're only happy when I'm wasted / I point my finger but I just can't place it, feels like like I'm falling in love alone, Stella would you take me home"

Sure, the song doesn't feature lyrical themes venturing far beyond their usual trio of GAP (Girls, Alcohol, Parties), but this is what All Time Low do so exceptionally well, better than any of their contemporaries. The album continues with "Sick Little Games," an honest relatable song which displays insecurities and fears, with regards to fame, followed by "Hello Brooklyn," a jovial `party' song, which is fatally scarred by the pointless naming of thirteen major world cities. Why?

It's around this stage that Nothing Personal becomes hit and miss. "Walls" is an exceptional song, depicting figurative `walls', which have been self imposed, preventing love. Emotion is felt here; this is obviously a very `personal' song. The album's low points start to arrive, with the repetitive and seemingly pointless "Too Much," and the intrusive and cliched "A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame)"; this is where All Time Low start to run low on ideas;

"Let's drink to feelings of temptation / you and I, we're a one night invitation"

The record concludes with "Therapy," an exquisite, optimistic ballad, reminiscent of "Remembering Sunday," which showcases Gaskarth's vocal ability.

Despite some possible minor reservations, Nothing Personal is the album most pop punk fans dreamed of. All Time Low have done it again; immaculate vocals, witty lyrics, thrilling riffs, and hooks as catchy as herpes (The band would know all about this - Nothing Personal). Looking beyond the impact on the pop punk scene, All Time Low could be pop punk's representative in the mainstream music world. They `could be a reason to stare'.
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on 6 March 2016
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on 1 May 2016
Amazing band and the record is great, but unfortunately the disk itself came scratched, and doesn't work.
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If you want a fine little band to fill the hole
that Fall Out Boy fell into when they strayed off
the safe path and lost their way in the deep, dark
woods of mediocrity then you may not need to look
further than All Time Low and their splendid new
album 'Nothing Personal'.

There is electricity and pazazz aplenty in these 12
sparkling power-pop compositions. More than a little
formulaic perhaps but when you've got something that
works (and works perfectly well) don't try to fix it.

Strong melodies; driving guitar-led arrangements;
efficient singing from Mr Gaskarth and able harmonic and
instrumental support from Messrs Barakat, Dawson and Merrick.

All the material would doubtless scrub up well
live as there is very little that can go wrong
with music of such pristine simplicity.

'Weightless' kicks things off in fine style. The staccato
opening creates just the right kind of anticipation
before the killer chorus kicks in with anthemic splendour.

'Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)' has enough
pent-up energy to power the streetlights of a small
Midlands town for at least a month (I will admit that
this hypothesis is untested).

'Stella' is nothing short of delightful and very,
very funny. Rabelaisian frat-house shenanigans.

'Walls' is another well crafted composition.
The skittering percussion and driving refrain
are one of the album's true highlights.
Mr Dawson is here, as elsewhere, a cracking little drummer.

'Party Song (The Walk Of Shame)' is another lolloping slice
of laddish mayhem. These boy's know how to party methinks!

'Therapy' brings the album to a quieter and more reflective
ending. A pretty tune, prettily performed. A little evidence
somewhat late in the day that even lads might have a softer side.

If you are going down to the woods yourself today this album
would make a wonderful gift to take to your Grandmother.

I played it to Frank (The Woodcutter) and he agrees
wholeheartedly (We reconciled our differences many moons ago).

I'll tell Granny you're coming and Frank has
promised to turn a blind eye on this occasion.

Highly Recommended.
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on 21 April 2010
I only came across All Time Low as I am a Baltimore Ravens fan and saw them band members wearing Ravens shirts on their video to 'Lost-in-Stereo'- they are all from Maryland USA and big Ravens fans of course. Intrigued I did a bit of looking around at their other vidoes on you-tube. I was so impressed I bought this album - mainly on the strength of Lost-in-Stereo and Stella.

One thing - their songs are REALLY good. Described as Pop/Punk theirs is a real sense of fun with all the songs on this album. A lot like the early Green Day, but without the West Coast angst and depression, and with a lot more beer drinking!

If you ever want to take a 'punt' on an album - this is the one!
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on 26 August 2009
Nothing Personal
The new Album from All Time Low is worthy of a place in anyone's CD collection. The songs are catchy and upbeat, the production strong. ATL have remained loyal to their pop-punk roots, but have moved forward in their musicality.

"Stella" and "Lost in Stereo" could easily become club anthems. I hope they get the radio play they deserve.

Well done boys!
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on 10 October 2015
When I received the CD I was unaware of this but have just used it for the first time and it is a fake, pirate copy. Songs overlap in the tracks, no bonus songs and cuts out half way through song 12.
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on 21 August 2011
After dowloading this album off Amazon, I was surprised by how catchy and simple the songs were. So many people have recommended All Time Low, and after my friend went to go and see them live, I thought I'd get the album.

The songs are very catchy and after listening to the album once I'd picked the best songs. "Hello Brooklyn" is probably the best, closely followed by "Sick Little Games" and "Stella"

Overall, a very good album and well worth buying. Don't think twice about getting it.
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