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on 9 August 2017
best windows ever
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on 17 January 2013
As advertised
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on 2 October 2010
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on 3 February 2013
An extremely convincing couterfeit product. The PID and activation key worked for over two years before being identified by Microsoft as 'not for resale' version. The discs provided have hologram stickers which should be intrinsic to the disc, and the box seal has incorrect 'made in USA' wording. The reseller has been notified.
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on 3 September 2009
Well, I have been using Win7 RC on my Core 2 duo laptop for the last 4 months then I find out this week I can go to Windows Live, download a new install key and install it on my desktop. Well done Microsoft, that is VERY handy for comparison. I am very impressed with the beta. It is very stable and responsive and the start up and shut down process seems to be a lot quicker. I also find I get roughly 30 minutes longer on battery with Win7, this is probably due to the hard drive not working away constantly as it does in Vista (pre-fetch). In fact the only concern I had was 32 bit or 64 bit.Then I read in this weeks ComputerActive you get both versions in the box.Problem solved then.Er.. not quite, Amazon are selling pre-order Windows 7 Premium for £70 (ish) instead of £123 if I buy now for delivery on the release date, 22nd October. So I have done that and I will just keep it unopened until March when the RC copy (Ultimate) starts to switch off the PC every 2 hours.
This seems to be a very smooth transision from one OS to another compared to the debacle that was XP to Vista. Keep it up Microsoft.
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on 24 October 2009
This upgrade is excellent.

Just like XP was everything win 98 should have been...

Windows 7 is everthing that was hyped about Vista but better still..

I use Mac Snow Leopard, as well as Win 7. I now like using my PC again. This release is much more intuitive, and graphically excellent. It's also a lot less "fat" than Vista. My t7200, intel core 2 machine now flys along and boot time is much much better...

I even put it on my old XP lap top...it could never have coped with Vista.

Well done MS!! but jeeze it's about time!!
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on 7 September 2012
I won't bore you with all the details about this software. If you've ever used a PC then you'll most likely know what to expect. It's much more stable and user friendly than Windows Vista and easy to see why it's such a big seller.

Initially I couldn't decide whether to buy the full version or the upgrade version. I was upgrading from Vista so could have bought the upgrade pack but a friend recommended that I buy the full version just in case.

So I was very grateful for this advice when I realised that my PC didn't like Windows 7. Basically my PC was an Acer and Acer don't offer any support for drivers required for software or hardware that doesn't come already installed on your PC.

So when I tried to use my new audio interface with my Acer machine that was now running Windows 7 I realised that it wouldn't work. The device kept disconnecting. Several emails were exchanged with the devices company and it was determined that I wouldn't be able to get this to work on my upgraded Acer machine.

So I decided to build my own PC and was very grateful that I had bought a full license and not the upgrade.

Anyone thinking about what version to buy remember this.

Upgrade version - Can be installed on any pc that currently runs Windows Vista or XP.
Full version - Can be used to upgrade like the above but is mainly aimed at machines with no operating system installed. Not just for PC builds but also if you want to buy a cheap PC with no OS.
The above 2 methods can be installed on as many computers as you like as long as you only have it installed on one at a time. This means that if your computer dies and you get a new one then you can install Windows 7 on it.
Lastly there is the OEM version. Yes it's cheaper but it can only be installed on one PC ever! It links itself to that PC (registering the motherboard I believe)so if anything went wrong with this pc and you needed to replace the motherboard then you would need to buy windows again.

Definitely worth spending the extra money and buying the full version in my opinion.
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on 5 October 2009
Just love this. After using the beta for a few hours, I didn't want to go back to Vista - EVER. This will be the first OS I've paid for separately rather than coming pre installed.

It really is that good, I've yet to have it crash, is tons faster than Vista, and even XP after months of use, you get the speed and reliability of XP with a far more modern look.

Good to see ole Microsoft have to their best, making rock solid OS' just like XP and 2000 again.
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on 12 September 2013
I chosed wicow 7 Home Premium after having a window 7 Professional. Window Professional had caused me heartache since upgrading and I got so fed up with it I changed to Window 7 Home Premium full version which was straight forward and easy to upgrade all my systems, and never had one problem or issue with it as I would not change it or go back to Window Professional.

I would recommend Window 7 Home Premium from Amazon as it is the cheapest place to get it and also you actually know what your paying for after reading the reviews. Do not get ripped off as I will not shop anywhere else other than with Amazon as I enjoy the service and you know your getting genuine and top goods from Amazon as well as a fast delivery service.

I have given this item Window 7 Home Premium Full Version 5 star as if is amazing and it works on all my systems.

Now my whole family circle uses Amazon from office products to science products for their businesses and home, and I am proud to say now all of our friends are now using Amazon for both their homes and place of work small businesses.
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on 30 October 2009
This version of Windows is a great improvement. I never found Vista too bad, there were some things that drove me a little mad but this version does fix those problems. I managed to install and get my machine up and running in less than 1 hour. I only had to install a few drivers and while I was doing those it started to download others in the background, ones where it had probed the USB ports and found additional hardware.

Microsoft has learned by their errors this time around with some of the inbuilt software such as a Mail application and Messenger tools. So you don't have a Mail application that you don't use always trying to be the prime email app each time you click on a link (well it did for me in Vista). Open up IE and head to Windows Live and download the applications that you want such as Windows Live Mail. Anyone that moans that there is no built in application is being a little odd as it's free and on the web to download and if you are going to use email then you must have an Internet connection to use it!?

This version is defiantly a lot slicker. Things run quicker and respond a lot quicker. I have a large Desktop for gaming and a Laptop for normal work, the Desktop is the machine that I've loaded Windows 7 on and I am really seeing an improvement in the games that I play. Next I am going to try and update my Laptop to Windows 7, I've downloaded all the drivers from my manufactures website first and saved those, so I'm ready to go.
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